Asset Management Tools You Can Use for Enterprises

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If you work in asset management, you may need a grant to organize and search for your equipment and other assets. Using one or more asset management tools can help you better search and organize asset data, which can help you complete tasks faster and more effectively.

Knowing some common asset management tools can help you find the tool that best suits your business needs. In this article, we explore 17 asset management tools and list some suggestions on how to choose a tool for the company.

Asset Management Tools You Can Use for Enterprises

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is the process of finding and maintaining company assets. Assets are everything that a company has that has cash value, such as products, company accounts, and especially office buildings. There are many software programs to help with asset management, it is quite possible that you see the location, utilization, maintenance mechanism, and cost of the entire tangible and intangible assets of the company.

Benefits of Asset Management

Using asset management tools can help you organize your company’s assets, which is too likely for you to organize your news better and add to your total efficiency.

Many asset management tools are also very likely you keep maintenance records, which can help you determine when to repair your equipment and can avoid any mechanical challenges. Since one person can use this program to search for a large amount of news, they can also reduce administrative costs. Here are 17 asset management tools you can consider using for your company:

1. Assetexplorer

AssetExplorer is a site-based management program that supports both physical and virtual assets. The software offers a large selection of features inside its device, which makes it a good choice for large companies or organizations that require many tracking options. Even if you don’t have a mobile app, AssetExplorer can export asset reports in a variety of formats for your computer.

2. Invgate Assets

Invgate is an IT asset management tool focused on small or medium-sized businesses. It has an intuitive user interface and a platform that quickly gives you an understanding of unexpected scenes. There are also three different pricing plans depending on the features you crave and the size of your company.

3. Ivanti IT Asset Management

Ivanti is a program specializing in IT asset management. It offers pre-built asset reports, and also the ability to create your own custom workflows and processes. The software provides desktop and mobile dialogs and has a phone helpline for premium members.

4. Panda Assets

Asset Panda is a cloud-based platform that serves companies of various sizes. They feature a highly customizable dashboard and a mobile app with many features. The service charges a fee based on the number of assets you have, not the number of users, and can accommodate an unlimited number of people working with the software at your company.

5. Mmsoft Pulseway

Pulseway is a service that emphasizes its mobile features. With this service, you can perform all administrative tasks and manage your various assets on your smartphone or tablet, which also includes live standing updates. Pulseway also provides several cloud-based management tools for desktop computers with basic management and troubleshooting capabilities.

6. Gocodes

Gocodes provides physical QR code stickers that you can use to search and manage your company’s assets. They also have a site-based app that works for the entire operating platform of the area you can monitor and manage your physical assets. Gocodes offers five different monthly pricing options and can accommodate companies of various sizes.

7. Ninjaone

Ninjaone provides management software for managed service providers and IT departments. They are a good option for small businesses and provide a complete set of management tools for mobile and desktop. The software also contains automation options that you’re too likely to deploy, configure, and manage assets first.

8. Xassets

Xassets is a fixed asset management software system that you can access either via cloud computing or in your company area. The system offers several tools for asset management and tracking, including barcodes, network innovation, and software licensing.

Xassets is free to use for a single user, with an additional fee per new account. This makes the software a good choice for small companies that don’t have many people managing their assets.

9. Snipe-It

Snipe-It is an open source asset management application, which means that the code for such programs is open and can be easily modified. It’s very possible for you to make any changes you need to the software or apply modifications that others have made. Some of the app’s features include QR code search and email alerts for the lifetime of the license.

10 Atera

Atera is a cloud-based long-pause IT management system that integrates several features, such as remote pause monitoring and management, script libraries, IT tickets, and asset management. The program has several integrated features that help manage physical inventory assets and digital info. It has a fixed price for unlimited devices, which makes it a good choice for medium or large companies.

11. Freshservice

Freshservice is an online management program that you can use to set up your entire asset model. You can group assets according to different criteria, such as location, who created them, release creation, and asset type. This particular service comes in a variety of languages for companies that use more than just English to communicate.

12. Servicenow ITSM

Servicenow ITSM is a cloud-hosted IT asset management service for medium to large businesses. The system contains a plethora of features and apps that can help you monitor your assets and collect detailed reports on your assets. It also features tools to help you create your own custom reports and templates.

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13. Upkeep

Upkeep focuses on digital assets and has lower prices than many other options, which are likely to appeal to small companies. It is a versatile program that you can use with any operating platform or mobile device. There is also an effective source of training energy and a help center to answer any questions you are likely to have about the software.

14. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is a free asset management tool that helps you organize and search for your assets. This helps with both physical and digital items and can also be provided with inventory management and software licensing. The program also includes an internal help desk and access to third-party programs.

15. Infor EAM

Infor EAM provides asset management features, such as work orders, inventory, and budgets. You can use it in the cloud, deploy it on your company’s premises, or use a hybrid approach with a mix of both. The system also comes in different industry-specific editions so you can get specific features tailored to your company’s field.


IFS is a maintenance software program that focuses on maintaining your assets and adding to their lifecycle. It includes maintenance, repair and overhaul features that can help logistics to repair or replace equipment. Ifs also uses calendars and scheduling algorithms to create predictive maintenance tactics.

17. Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials manages your company’s assets and workflows. Suitable for all sizes of organizations, Asset Essentials can organize documents, analyze KPIs, and search for users or physical assets with Gps. There are also programs that help you document incidents and categorize safety info.

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