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Project manager is one of the professions that is now being hotly discussed. No wonder many people are starting to be curious and find out how to easily become a project manager and besides that, assistant project manager jobs are also sought after.

And currently, many companies are now opening job opportunities as project managers and also assistant project manager jobs, because of their important role for business development.

Want to Be a Jobs Assistant Project Manager? Let’s Find Out The Task Here

The Project Management Institute also projects that by 2027 companies in the world will need 87.7 million individuals who play a role in project management work.

So, it can be said that the profession as a project manager will continue to be sought after by companies for the next few years. Well, if you are curious about how to become a reliable project manager, check out the following tips first!

1. Understand its duties and responsibilities

The first way you must do to pursue a career as a project manager is to find out his duties and responsibilities. Don’t let you want to try a career in this profession without knowing what exactly a project manager should do.

The project manager is responsible for leading the entire project from the process of initiation, planning, execution, control, and completion. In addition, a reliable project manager must also be able to lead all team members for the success of the project being worked on.

2. Master the required skills

The success of the project rests on the shoulders of a project manager, therefore qualified skills are needed to occupy this position. Launching Teamwork, there are several important skills that a project manager must have. Here are some of them:

  • communication
  • Leadership
  • organization
  • adaptation
  • empathy
  • work under pressure

In addition, according to Paymo, there are several other abilities that must be mastered by a project manager, for example:

  • strong understanding of business and risk management
  • good project and self management skills
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • analytical capabilities
  • budgeting

By having the various skills needed above, of course you can become a reliable project manager.

3. Learn from experts

The Project Management Institute explains that learning from an expert is the easiest way to become a professional project manager. Getting direct guidance from someone who is already an expert in the field of project management will be easier to help you improve your knowledge in the field.

There are various classes that discuss the field of project management that you can choose according to your needs. Each class is also guided directly by professionals who have been experts in their fields for many years, you know.

At the end of the session, there is also an opportunity for those of you who want to ask directly to the material giver. So, you can discuss and get new knowledge from them.

4. Build experience in the field of project management

You must do this method of becoming a project manager if you want to have a successful career in project management. Coursera explained that many project managers start their careers from non-managerial positions.

For example, an IT project manager usually works first to become an IT associate or even a business analyst who supports the IT team. Their role will develop according to their experience and skills so that they can get a position to become a project manager.Therefore, you need to build experience and skills in the field of project management.

5. Find an entry level position

Well, if you are a fresh graduate and have a career goal of becoming a project manager, there are ways you can do it. You can try applying for some entry level jobs first.

That way you will get the opportunity to improve the skills needed to become a professional project manager. There are several entry level jobs in the field of project management that you can try the opportunities for, for example:

  • project coordinator
  • operations coordinator
  • associate project manager
  • junior project manager

It never hurts to start working in an entry level position because you will gain a lot of new experience and knowledge. By working hard, you can definitely improve your career to become a project manager.

6. Get certified

Want your career to develop quickly? You can do this by getting a project manager certification. Northeastern University said that by having a project manager certification, you will be more calculated by recruiters.

You are also proven to have the relevant knowledge, abilities, and experience to become a project manager in their company. Therefore, if you want to find it easier to get a job as a project manager, then you can start by collecting the required certifications.

Here are some certifications that you can consider:

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Google Project Management: Professional Certification
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP)

By bagging a certification, of course, it will be easier for you to get a job as a project manager.

Tasks of the Assistant Project Manager

Not only being a project manager, being an assistant manager perojeck is also much loved by several rarities, especially for those who have just graduated from college. The following are some of the duties of an assistant project manager that you should know. Especially those of you who are interested in pursuing this profession:

Manage Documents

Assisting and supporting the project manager in his or her duties is the responsibility of the assistant project manager. Since the project manager is engaged in the planning, management and execution of the project, he will need the help of a capable assistant who will collaborate on many project segments.

The assistant project manager will help ensure that nothing goes wrong during the project and will correct errors if necessary. Assistant project managers can work in any business sector and are usually found in the construction, military, and technology industries.

Assistant Project Manager Job: Providing information

Researching the building code, materials and other necessary information is the task of the assistant project manager. This information is then compiled into a report and submitted to the project manager in charge.

The assistant project manager may also be responsible for conveying project requirements, procedures, deadlines, and other important details to employees working on the project through meetings, presentations, written documents, or other means of communication.

Help with Planning

During the project planning stage, the assistant project manager is responsible for assisting the project manager in drawing up the design plan, sourcing materials and calculating the cost of the projected project.

It is the duty of the assistant project manager to review all plans and designs and make sure there are no mistakes. He will recommend solutions to any problems encountered in the design and bring any concerns he has to the attention of the project manager.

Assistant Project Manager Job: Conducting Field Inspections

Together with the project manager, the assistant project manager will conduct periodic project inspections. He will assess the work performed in accordance with the procedures and policies of the company.

It differs from company to company but usually involves checking that the material is used correctly; building codes, requirements, or other regulations are complied with; and the schedule followed.

If there are any problems, it is the duty of the assistant project manager to bring them to the attention of the project manager and update the project plan, if necessary, to accommodate any changes to the project.

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Conveying Information

It is the duty of the assistant project manager to act as a liaison between upper management and staff, providing new information from the project manager to the staff. This may involve sitting in meetings with senior management and preparing notes and reports for other staff.

Holding weekly update meetings with staff to communicate information and assess progress is the responsibility of the assistant project manager. He will also listen to any concerns that may be had by the staff and convey them to the project manager.

Assistant Project Manager Job: Manage Documents

Managing and updating project documents is the responsibility of the assistant project manager. Designs, schedules, and information about suppliers and other reference materials should be kept safe and stored for easy access.

The assistant manager will make sure these documents are available when neede. Any changes to the project will be documente by the project assistant manager and filed with other project documents. Storing invoices and fees is the task of the assistant project manager, who will submit regular financial statements to the project manager.

From the explanation above, are you intereste and will continue to be a project manager or project assistant manager?

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