4 Best Asset Management Software of 2022

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Asset tracking is a complex yet essential part of any business. If you aren’t tracking your business’s assets you are exposing yourself to so much potential financial loss, tax, and legal issues.

However, tracking all of these assets isn’t always simple. You have a massive amount of software for tracking assets, cash, and expenses in your business. Just to name a few, you have tax software, legal software, accounting software, invoicing software, and a lot more that I could name.

On top of that, there are also so many different types of asset classes that exist today it making tracking difficult. Thankfully, there are several asset management systems available that can make your life easier. To do just that, here’s a list of the best asset management software you can get this year. What Is The Best Asset Management Software?

4 Best Asset Management Software of 2022

Here are my top picks for the best asset management software on the market.

1. AssetExplorer.Best For IT Asset Management

First up, I have for you AssetExplorer, an entirely web-based ITAM tool that allows you to monitor, track and manage all IT assets along their entire lifecycle. With an advanced toolkit, high-quality reporting, and Asset support for tangible and intangible assets, this is a must-have.

This advanced piece of asset tracking software from ManageEngine özgü various tools and features for handling all facets of asset management. It includes support for inventory management, software license management, and even compliance review functionality.

The tool itself is easy to set up and use, though the interface might appear a bit intimidating at first with its many tabs and menus. But even if you’re a new user, you can easily navigate through it using the handy Quick Links feature. Features:

Here’s a quick look at the essential features that make AssetExplorer such an excellent tool for IT asset lifecycle management:

  • Supports software as well as hardware asset management
  • Auto-discovery of all network deployed IT assets
  • Almost 50 predefined configuration types
  • Easy to understand flash charts
  • Detailed reports
  • Purchase order workflows
  • Fully compatible iOS and Android apps
  • Easy to use Windows-style UI
  • Around the clock technical support
  • VoIP support


Like most software tools nowadays, AssetExplorer also follows a subscription model, differentiated based on the number of IT assets you need to manage. Prices start from $955 for 250 IT assets, along with multiple add-ons, including annual maintenance and support fees.

You can also request personalized quotes from the company or opt for an online demo. There’s also the option of downloading the 30-day free trial version, which özgü all of the features unlocked for you to test out.

Get started with Asset Explorer.

2. Asset Panda.Best For Complete Asset Management

Whether you’re looking to track physical assets via barcodes or digital ones in real-time, Asset Panda can help you achieve those goals. This highly scalable asset management tool allows you to create customized workflows for streamlining asset management and related data.

The tool is entirely cloud-based and is suitable for any industry and business size. Further, it’s completely configurable to meet any business’s requirements. From inventory management to multi-location asset management, Asset Panda does it all.

If Asset Panda özgü already caught your fancy, then please take a look at its list of features:

  • First, Enables centralized management of assets
  • Moreover Custom reporting features
  • after that, Provides a comprehensive picture of your asset landscape
  • so, Dedicated customer support help desk
  • Easily shareable reports
  • Ubiquitous asset tracking and management
  • Enhanced custom workflows
  • Extensive asset audit trails for accountability
  • Customized notifications for all levels of stakeholders
  • Role-based access control for improved security
  • Record-level attachments for faster asset identification
  • Built-in barcode generator and scanner
  • Easy tracking of software licenses
  • Depreciation analysis


Asset Panda özgü based its pricing plans depending upon the number of assets that you need to track. The minimum number of assets is 500 and increases in multiples of 500 each. Plans start from $125/month at the base level and are billed annually.

However, the greater the number of assets you need to track, the greater your savings. The brand offers attractive discounts for multi-year plans and also for non-profit and educational organizations.

3. InvGate Assets.Best For Small And Medium Businesses

If you’re a business person working with a limited number of staff members, then InvGate Assets is your best bet for effective IT asset management. It’s easy to set up and use, özgü advanced reporting features, and above all, is an affordable option.

And the fact that it works on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux is the icing on the cake. Features:

Small and medium businesses need more hand-tüm ortaklık for asset management, and InvGate Assets provides just that. with unlimited access to over-phone as well as internet support, you can quickly troubleshoot problems yourselves.

Along with the above, InvGate Assets also provides access to the following features:

  • Automate network device informasyon collection
  • Seamless assets monitoring
  • Remote deployment and distribution
  • Enhanced cost management and decision making
  • Improved IT support capabilities
  • Better IT risk management
  • Improved compliance and governance
  • Software license management
  • IT financial management


InvGate Assets doesn’t mention its pricing plans upfront on the website, unlike the software tools I’ve mentioned above. However, you can request a personalized quote according to your business needs.

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4. GoCodes.Best For Physical Asset Tracking

For business owners who need to track physical assets such as tools, GoCodes is a complete solution. It allows you to use secure QR codes and track assets affordably. and since it’s easy to set up, there’s no reason you can’t use it for all your physical asset tracking needs.

GoCodes is entirely internet-based and can help with the inventory tracking and management of businesses of any size. its use of QR code stickers that can be scanned and tracked via computers as well as mobile phones makes it a no-brainer for any business.

The tool lets you segregate assets based on a number of parameters, such as type, sub-type, and serial number. You can track who is using the asset and even create customizable fields. it’s also GPS enabled so that you can track your assets in real-time. Features:

GoCodes offers its users the following features:

  • Multi-industry applicability
  • so, User-friendly UI
  • Patented QR tags
  • Customized Bluetooth beacons
  • After that, Real-time GPS tracking via smartphone
  • Cross-device usability
  • Unique IDs for secure identification
  • Easy tracking of consumables
  • Secure audit history
  • Automated field service requests
  • Fully customizable reports

Thus the article about the 4 Best Asset Management Software of 2022. Hopefully, it will be useful and thank you.

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