The 7 Best Financial Advisors in Singapore

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Some people often assume that those who have a lot of money are the only ones who need a financial advisor. But if you look into it, there’s a greater need for one among those who are just starting to build their savings or have no savings at all — so if you’re one of them, you’d better start looking for the best financial advisor in Singapore.

If you’re in the early stages of establishing your business or investing your savings, it’s the right time to consult with a professional financial advisor so you can make smart financial decisions. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to waste time searching for the best ones, because we’ve already done it.

Take a look at our list of the best financial advisors in Singapore to figure out which one suits your needs the most.

1.  Global Financial Consultants

Global Financial Consultants is known for providing financial products and services tailore to the clients’ desire financial goals. They offer a competitive range of solutions for education, retirement, and investments.

They can also help you keep your income protectd and secure with inclusive insurance plans. For the foreign residents, you can consult with them as they’re also experts in implementing tax-effective strategies.


  • Pension plan for seniors
  • Income protection
  • Insurance and retirement planning

Global Financial Consultants has receive a lot of positive feedback from the clients who have experience excellent financial solutions because of their well-planne strategies.

This is why they’ve become one of the best financial advisors in Singapore. Here’s a review from a client:

“Deepak Singh is a sincere and astute financial adviser. His advice on financial investment opportunities and management of my portfolio özgü been invaluable in putting my accounts in order. He is trustworthy and very knowledgeable in his field. He is consistent in his quarterly reviews, takes on the responsibility to update his clients of investment movements and is endearing and accommodating in the process. I am very satisfie with his services both as a client and friend.” Adviser

2.  Expat Advisory Group

Expat Advisory Group has gaine a lot of accolades through their decades of service, with many saying they’re one of the best financial advisors in Singapore. They’ve helpe local and international clients handle finances while living and working in Singapore.

They offer personalised and inclusive financial solutions such as multi-currency management, retirement planning, university planning, tax efficiency, and more.

To make sure that your family will have stability in the future, they also have life and health insurance as well as legacy planning, trusts, and wills.


  • Whole range of business financial solutions
  • University fee planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Multi-currency wealth management
  • Local and international services

3.  Synergy

Synergy is an award-winning financial advisory firm that’s equipped. So with expertise in creating customised solutions for every individual and corporate client.

With their personal solutions, they can help you manage your investment funds as well as health and disability insurance.

They also provide competent coverage to maintain the stability of business operations. This includes comprehensive insurance management and buy and sell funding.


  • Policies for personal and property insurance
  • Partnered with accredited investors

Clients shared that Synergy is highly detailed when it comes to corporate solutions and they even recommend the firm as the best financial advisor in Singapore for those who own a large business.

Here’s feedback from one of the clients:

“I will like to thank Jim for helping me to sort out my finances. And my portfolio, I greatly appreciate of what he is doing for me. He is not like any adviser that I had met. He will take time to understand my entire situation, give me independent advice and provide me with insight & information that is useful. I’m glad to have an adviser like him. Thanks Jim!”

4.  Providend

Providend offers a whole set of financial management solutions for busy professionals, parents, and senior retirees. Their solutions include excellent and effective plans for managing wealth, investment, and insurance.

Estate planning is also one of the main highlights of their offered services. They make sure that your years of hard work will not be put to waste and will bring absolute stability to your beneficiaries.

They’ve also been featured on various media outlets and they’re mostly praised by retirees who mentioned a well-executed plan for their family’s future.


  • Retirement and inheritance planning
  • Insurance and investment management

5.  Great Eastern Life

Being one of the longest-running firms on the island, Great Eastern Life has helped countless clients achieve healthy and secured wealth and well-being. They offer comprehensive plans to help maintain your family’s future as well as protect business and employees.

For their business solutions, they offer employee benefits plans and wellness programmes. For their personal solutions, they have flexible insurance plans for the whole family.

Clients were impressed by how the firm ensured the financial security of their family and business as well, making the firm one of the best financial advisors in Singapore.


  • Home and travel insurance
  • Employee benefits plans

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6. Singapore Financial Planners

With the abundant amount of financial advisors in. Singapore and many individuals falling prey to less-than ethical FAs. Singapore Financial Planners were founde with the aim of educating you on the importance of proper financial planning. They aim to grow their content base so that you can make an informe decision base on your needs.

They are not a financial advisory firm, but they are a platform that connects you to unbiase financial advisors that are vette by their strict selection process. These advisors are from various financial advisory firms and partner with each other so that you can get a customise financial plan built just for you.

Unlike other platforms in the market, they provide this matching service totally free-of-charge so that you can get connecte to an FA in their network.


  • The selection process is strict so there’s only a handful of FAs in the network
  • Comprehensive financial planning services
  • Highly unbiase financial advisors

Singapore Financial Planners is considere as one of the leading contenders for best financial advices, and it’s definitely because of their experience and expertise. So Check out what one of their clients had to say about their service and how it affecte their lives immensely:

“Singapore Financial Planners helpe me in my financial portfolio. thank you for being patient and understanding towards my financial woes and giving me great and useful advice. because of them, I understand what health insurance plans suit me the best and I’m looking forward to consult them about investing in the near future.”

7. Ian Pryor

Ian Pryor is one of the most sought after financial advisors in Singapore. His experience within the field is unparallele– high net worth individuals from different countries in Asia are always asking for his expertise.

He’s had clients who have been with him for over 5 years. until now, they continuously ask for his advice and support when it comes to proper account handling and financial stability. he’s known to provide advice in all areas of economics, finance, financial planning and portfolio management.

Thus the article about The 7 Best Financial Advisors in Singapore . hopefully it will be useful and thank you.

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