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One of the most time intensive aspects of investing is finding the best stocks to buy that fit in with your investment strategy. After all, between the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, there are a whopping 6,100 different stocks to choose from. With so many choices, where do you start?

The list below outlines the top stocks to buy this month.

Best Stocks to Buy in June 2022

Not all stocks are created equal, and with a massive number of retail investors flooding into the market last year, it’s been a bit of a wild ride. This year has been off to a more lackluster start.

The S&P 500 was down around 9% at the end of January and the Dow erased about 6% of its value. Big names like, Alphabet, and Apple are all down substantially too.

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Much of the declines are caused by concerns about the Federal Reserve and the interest rate hikes it said would be coming soon amid high levels of inflation, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Considering the change in the investment landscape, here are the stocks you should be paying attention to:

  • Green. There has been a major change of guard in Washington, and changes in D.C. ultimately equate to changes in the stock market. The Democratic party, led by President Joe Biden and in control of all branches of government, has been clear about its views toward climate change and changes it believes need to take place in the energy industry. As such, many companies focused on clean, renewable energy are doing very well.
  • E-Commerce. The coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in shopping online. Many consumers who would never have purchased anything online suddenly found themselves buying groceries, gifts, clothing, and even medicine over the Internet. Moreover, many liked the experience and might not go back. As a result, e-commerce has been booming and will likely continue to do so.
  • Travel. Vaccines are readily available, and more than 60% of Americans are now fully vaccinated, according to the Mayo Clinic. As more people receive their vaccines, they’ll not only be more comfortable traveling, they’ll be eager to do so after a long stay at home. As a result, the best travel stocks are likely to see a strong rebound ahead.
  • Health Care. Health care stocks are generating quite a bit of excitement. While most companies working on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics are realizing overvaluations, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in companies across the sector, which is growing at a staggering rate.
  • Undervalued Plays. Many stocks are considered to be entering into undervalued territory as a result of the significant declines felt early on this year. Stocks of many excellent, profitable companies are down 10%, 20%, or more from their recent highs thanks mainly to recent market jitters, potentially setting them up for a strong recovery.

With that in mind, here are nine of the best stocks to look into this month:

1. Amazon

The coronavirus pandemic is a horrible thing. More than 355 million people around the world have gotten sick, with more than 5.6 million people losing their lives. There’s no downplaying the seriousness of this illness.

However, even the darkest cloud özgü a silver lining.

Online retail companies have become prime beneficiaries of the crisis. For months, consumers were told to stay at home, only leaving the confines of their homes in search of absolute necessities.

While there were already growing numbers of consumers shopping online, travel restrictions and temporary lockdowns led to a tidal wave of consumers who shifted from brick-and-mortar shopping to shopping on the web.

Naturally, one of the most successful e-commerce websites in the world, seemed likely to benefit greatly from this trend — and benefit it özgü. Since June 2020, the company’s stock price özgü climbed from around $2,545 per share to nearly $2,800 per share, with its price peaking at over $3,700 per share in July of 2021.

With this kind of growth, the e-commerce pioneer has not only become one of the largest companies in the world, but one of the strongest growth stocks on the market. Since its high in July of last year, the gains have tapered off significantly, leading many to argue that a strong rebound is ahead.

While Alphabet isn’t necessarily a Investment household name, its core product, Google, definitely is. According to Statcounter, Alphabet’s Google controls nearly 92% of online search market share. If that’s not dominance, nothing is.

2. Google search

How does Google make money on searches? That’s where its other core product, online advertising, comes in. Most search results yield four or more paid ads along with organic results.

Google search isn’t the only place Alphabet makes money on ads. Through the Adwords network, the company shows ads on various websites across the Internet, paying a share of the revenue generated to the site owner and tüm ortaklık a large cut for its own profits.

According to Statista, Alphabet controls more than 31% of all online advertising by revenue and accounts for the largest online advertising network in the world.

There’s a reason Google changed its corporate name to Alphabet. At the end of the day, Google didn’t accurately depict everything the company had its hands in. The company’s core focus is search and advertising, but it owns 26 subsidiaries in industries ranging from health care to Internet service providers.

Analysts love the stock as well. According to TipRanks, all six analysts rating the stock rate it a Buy. Moreover, the average price target sits at $3,316 per share, suggesting the potential for a nearly 30% upside over the next year.

All told, Alphabet has had a stellar run over the past year. However, early 2022 declines have brought the stock to a more reasonable valuation, setting the stage for a strong rebound ahead and making GOOG one for the books.

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3. Best Stocks to Buy: Apple

Staying on the tech trend, Apple is next on the list. With a market cap of more than $2.6 trillion, the tech giant is one of the largest companies in the world, the largest company listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and like the stocks mentioned above and the majority of those mentioned below, it özgü become a household name.

As you likely know, Apple is the creator of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers, with the iPhone representing the vast majority of the company’s revenue. The stock had a strong finish to 2021, but gains tapered off throughout January, bringing the stock down to what many believe is a discount.

In big tech, there are few growth stories that are quite as strong as Apple’s, especially in the fiscal fourth quarter of 2021. Here are some key stats from the earnings report:

  • Revenue. The company generated $83.4 billion in revenue, up 29% on a year-over-year basis.
  • Net Income. Net income came in at $20.6 billion, up 47.5% year-over-year.
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS). Finally, EPS came in at $1.24, up from $0.73 per share in the same quarter one year ago.

While the numbers are impressive, the quarter proved to be a hard one for Apple. Sales missed expectations, which Apple said was the result of supply chain issues that many expect to work themselves out in the near future.

Nonetheless, the company’s revenue and earnings growth remain strong. And it’s these numbers that form the basis for the overwhelmingly positive analyst opinions on the stock. Out of 27 analysts covering AAPL stock, 22 rate it a Buy. Four rate it a Hold, and one rates it a Sell. With an average price target of $181.40 per share, representing the potential for more than 12% gains, according to TipRanks.

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