Getting to Know the Certified Financial Planner Jobs: Job Professional Degree

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Financial planning, or being a financial planner, is a profession that has gained many enthusiasts, especially in the current millennial era. One of the reasons for the increase in demand is due to the increase in financial literacy among Indonesians. As a result, obtaining a Certified Financial Planner Jobs professional degree is critical so that it can be used as a reference in carrying out financial planning to be even better in the future.

However, to realize the dream of being a financial planner, accumulating knowledge in the field of financial management is not enough. because there are several requirements and stages that you must meet. Therefore, did you find someone with a CFP title after the last mention?

CFP Jobs is an abbreviation for “Certified Financial Planner.” This degree is a professional degree given to a financial planner. On this occasion, we’ll go over the responsibilities of a Certified Financial Planner. Come on, take a look at the explanation below:

What are the duties of a Certified Financial Planner?

If you have the desire to become a financial planner in financial forums such as banks, insurance, or independent financial planners, the Certified Financial Planner program is one that you can join to get a professional degree. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is an official degree given to someone who has studied the profession and passed the certification exam.

Well, the CFP degree has received international recognition, which is considered in more than 20 countries and is also the most famous professional financial planner certification in all corners of the world. The Financial Plan Standards Board (FPSB), which is based in Denver, United States, gives out CFP certification. The National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) also looks at CFP certification.

Based on what they know, the CFP program in Indonesia has four levels, which are:

  • CFP Level 1 is for risk management and insurance planning.
  • CFP Level 2 is for investment planning.
  • CFP Level 3 is for planning for old age or retirement and also the distribution of wealth.
  • CFP Level 4 is for financial planning practice (problem study).
  • Who is eligible to join the Certified Financial Planners Association?
  • To join the CFP program, you must have a high school diploma or a degree from a college that is recognized by the government.

Well, CFA program participants are also meant for people who work as financial consultants, accountants, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, investment advisors, insurance agents, estate planners, investors, capital market marketers and salespeople, family business practitioners, and marketers of bancassurance.

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Benefits of the Certified Financial Planner Program

A lot of material is learned if you take part in the CFP program as explained above. This lesson is certainly very useful for everyone who takes part in this CFP certification program. The following are some other benefits of joining the Certified Financial Planner program, including:

  • Participants who pass the certification will have a professional degree from the FPSB, which is considered by the National Professional Certification Agency and applies nationally and internationally.
  • Understand many aspects of financial planning, taxes, investments, and inheritance.
  • increased selling value in all areas of the workplace, as well as work competence
  • Raising credibility to become a professional financial planner
  • How to get a Certified Financial Planner degree
  • The title of Certified Financial Planner is certainly not easy to get. As we’ve already talked about, the first thing people who want to join the CFP program must do is get an official education.
  • According to different sources, the official education requirement is at least a high school diploma and at least 6 years of experience working in the financial services industry.

For those of you who have a bachelor’s degree or higher and obtained it from a university with good accreditation, the required amount of experience working in the financial services industry is 3 years. Now, in order to get a CFP professional degree, participants must meet the requirements set by FPSB Indonesia, which are 4E:

1. Education

Prospective certification participants must follow and complete the educational process of the CFP certification program. This program is put on by universities and other educational forums in collaboration with FPSB Indonesia.

2. Examination

After completing the certification education program, the next step is to take and pass the certification exam held by FPSB Indonesia. This is something that must be followed by all participants. Participants will be given the exam in the form of multiple choice.

3. Experience

A minimum of 3 years of work experience in a financial services-related industry is also a requirement to get a CFP degree.

4. Mahir Dalam People and Communication Skills

This is a way to become an absolute financial planner. If you are in this profession, then you must be proficient in communication, especially to deal with clients. Thus, you will easily understand their needs.

A good financial planner can also provide planning for each client’s financial condition and situation. Some of these include investing, planning retirement savings tactics, taxes, small and large expenses, and residential planning.

5. Ethics

Well, the last condition is that candidates with CFP degrees must first sign an agreement to comply with the CFP’s professional code of ethics. If a person with a CFP degree ever breaks the code of ethics. The appropriate action will be taken, which could include taking away their professional certificate.

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The Cost of Participating in the Certified Financial Planner Program

To be able to pass the CFP certification exam, participants usually take part in the Certified Financial Planner Jobs program held by the CFP education program provider forum.

Currently, there are 14 forums for CFP education program providers. Each forum sets a different fee for CFP education programs. The cost to join the Certified Financial Planner program ranges from 13,500,000 to 18,100,000. Some forums set a high program fee because it includes the cost of taking the CFP certification exam.

However, for some forums that provide educational programs. The exam fee and CFP certification fee are not included in the fees paid when participating in the education program. The cost of CFP 1, CFP 2, and CFP 3 exams is Rp500,000 per exam. CFP4 exams cost Rs 1,200,000 each. While the CFP certification fee is Rp 1,400,000 per year and Rp 2,800,000 for two years.

Thus, the discussion related to the work of a Certified Financial Planner, and you can try to join the program if you are interested in becoming a professional financial planner. One of the things learned in the CFP certification program is investment materials. Investment is seen as important in financial planning, both personal and corporate.

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