Getting to Know the Corporate Lawyer

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Most lay people only see lawyers as defenders, whether for right or wrong, in court. More than that, there are many types of things handled by lawyers, one of which is ensuring the legality of the cooperation carried out by certain companies. Lawyers who deal with this kind of thing are called corporate lawyers.

Getting to Know the Corporate Lawyer

Definition of Corporate Lawyer

Most of you may still be unfamiliar with the term corporate lawyer or corporate lawyer. This corporate lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the field of corporate law. Then, what is corporate law? Corporate law itself is a legal order that applies in the business world or the law that regulates company activities. In the business world, whether the scale is small to even large, there will definitely be contact with the law.

What are the business activities that cannot be separated from legal provisions? The answer is, there are many forms. For example, such as cooperation agreements between companies, company establishment, product licensing, copyright proposals, and so on. A corporate lawyer must have mastered the field of civil law in economic activities. In particular, lawyers in this field are involved in the sections of the Civil Code relating to engagement and material matters.

Well, later there will be other specializations, depending on business needs, for example for the needs of mergers, acquisitions, or investments. From the brief explanation above, it can be concluded that a company attorney is a lawyer whose job is to guarantee the legality of any business or company activity. Thus, the possibility of lawsuits related to business activities originating from colleagues, employees, even the public, will be avoided.

In House Lawyer

In dealing with legal legality in the business world, not only corporate lawyers play a role, but also in-house lawyers or internal legal advisers. Because they both handle legal interests for the company, many equate corporate lawyers with these internal legal counsel. However, there is a pretty basic difference between the two.

In-house lawyers specifically work for only one company. In this way, the company’s internal legal counsel of course fully understands the business activities carried out by the company where he works. This role is of course different from that of a corporate attorney, who may work for two or more companies at the same time. As employees of the company, in-house lawyers have the main task of designing and carrying out various forms of company procedures and policies related to applicable laws.

Well, if there is a need relate to law that according to the in-house lawyer cannot be resolve internally, then the services of a company lawyer are use to help him. From the explanation above, it can be conclude that in-house lawyers are people within the company who are taske with handling the legal needs of the company. Meanwhile, corporate lawyers, or corporate lawyers, are outside lawyers who are hire to jointly handle the legal needs of a company. It’s similar, but the two processes are not the same.

Corporate Service

For those of you who have ambitions to become a corporate lawyer in the future, of course it will be very good if you start to understand the world of work from now on. Specifically, there are many types of services that companies can obtain from a corporate attorney. As an illustration, the following is a review of the services provide by the company’s lawyers.

Formation and Operation of a Corporation

You can rely on a company attorney when you want to set up a company, then to operate it later. In this way, the company will be legally establishe. A legal company is like having a life of its own that does not depend on its owner. Even if the owner dies, this legal company will still be able to survive. At the time of establishment, a company attorney will be aske to handle documents relate to how the company will operate.

The document includes what are the obligations of the company, forms of corporate cooperation, which are legal in the eyes of the law. Advice and input will be provide by the company’s attorney regarding the preparation of the document. After the company was establishe, the company’s lawyers didn’t just lose their share. He will also participate in managing the company, of course, relate to the legality of the company’s activities.

Company Dissolution

Not only are his services neede when setting up and managing a company, the services of a company lawyer are also often use when a company is dissolve. The dissolution of a per The company itself can be cause by several things, such as shareholder resolutions, bankruptcy, the term of the company’s establishment ending, and the revocation of business licenses.

The services of a company attorney are neede during the dissolution of the company, one of which is to avoid the emergence of a lawsuit, for example from one of the shareholders, for the dissolution of the company. All documents issue specifically for the purpose of disbanding this company will also be guarantee legality until a later date.

Arrangement of Inter-Company Cooperation

With the role of corporate lawyers, for example, relate to the preparation of cooperation contracts between companies, in the field of services or goods. Lawsuits relate to the contract in the future will be avoide. Of course the contract is drawn up in accordance with applicable laws.

Preparation of Employee Employment Contract

Company lawyers will participate in drafting detaile contracts with workers or employees, contracts for company buildings, and other confidentiality agreements.

Corporate Lawyer Pay

Talking about the salary or fees receive by a company lawyer or corporate lawyer is indeed the most interesting thing. The reason is that the salary receive by this company’s lawyers is quite high.

Hence, many young people are competing to carry out a career as a corporate lawyer in the future. With certainty, it is impossible to estimate how much the company attorney pays, because it is of course adjuste to the type of business and the scale of the company that is the partner.

However, base on research conducte by Robert Walters, an executive recruitment consulting firm, it can be seen the average salary of corporate lawyers in China and Southeast Asia.

In the Salary Survey 2020 – Greater China & South East China report release by Robert Walters, you can see the difference in the pay of company lawyers base on their position. The report also details what the minimum and maximum payouts are for each of these positions. Here’s a breakdown of the average fees for the company’s attorneys.

1. Law Firm with Foreign Affiliate

It is undeniable that cooperation with foreign parties will make the payment to be receive by the company’s lawyers even higher. Just look, Partner positions can receive a minimum payout of 1.8 billion and a maximum of up to 2.4 billion in 2020.

Holders of Senior Associate positions can receive a minimum of 1.3 billion and a maximum of 1.5 billion. If the company’s attorney holds an Associate position, then the minimum payment he gets can be as much as 750 million and a maximum of up to 1.3 billion rupiah. Finally, if the position is a Junior-Mid Associate, then he can pocket a minimum of 300 million and a maximum of up to 600 million rupiah.

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2. Law Firm with Foreign Non-Affiliate

In contrast to corporate lawyers who work without having to deal with foreign firms, the nominal is certainly less, but that does not mean it is not large. If the company’s attorney holds the position of Partner, then he can pocket a minimum fee of 900 million, and a maximum payment of up to 1.8 billion rupiah.

If the position of the company lawyer or corporate lawyer is as a Senior Associate, then he can get a minimum fee of 500 million and a maximum of 1 billion. Finally, if the position is as an Associate, then he can get a minimum fee of 400 million and a maximum payment of up to 650 million rupiah.

The pay above is of course only an illustration of the amount of salary receive by a company lawyer. The amount of payment receive by the lawyers of this company is certainly proportional to the large workload as well.

Those of you who are intereste in this job, of course, must be prepare with the large workload that must be carrie out later. That was the review of the company lawyer or corporate lawyer, along with the services they provide for clients.

The heavier the workload, the greater the payment receive by this company’s lawyers, even up to billions in number. If you are intereste in becoming a lawyer, it is highly recommende that you specialize in this field.

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