Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Assistant Manager

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Sales Assistant Manager is someone who has the task of planning and implementing sales strategies, helping organize sales teams, analyzing sales, providing motivation, supervising, preparing budgets, and providing training to the sales team.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of being an Assistant Sales Manager are as follows:

  • Responsible for planning and implementing a sales strategy
  • Help coordinate between sales teams
  • Perform a sales analysis
  • Fully responsible for controlling the sales team
  • Help lead, direct and motivate the sales team so that they can achieve the sales targets desired by the company
  • Supervise the performance of the sales team under his subordinates
  • Help handle any complaints provided by consumers
  • Create and compile a budget for the benefit of the smooth work of the sales team by considering the needs that are priorities
  • Lead the sales team in making sales
  • Strive to achieve sales targets to be achieved by the company
  • Promote using various types of marketing methods
  • Providing training and support to the sales team so that their performance becomes better, this will help the company to achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently
  • Conduct direct meetings with clients to establish long-term relationships that can meet the needs of the company
  • Recruiting employees for sales and monitoring their performance
  • Perform data management

Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Assistant Manager

Requirements Taken

  • Have good communication skills so that every direction given can be addressed properly to the sales team
  • Have a leadership spirit, and be able to provide motivation so that the sales team can work vigorously, so that the work done will provide better results
  • Have the ability to make effective and efficient marketing planning
  • Have the ability to use Microsoft Office at least Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Having the ability to use English will be preferred
  • Have at least 3 years experience as a salesperson

5 Most Important Assistant Manager Tasks

Maybe you can already guess a little bit what the assistant manager’s desk job is to help the manager. But, is that all? Of course not, there are several other important tasks that are the responsibility of the assistant manager. Here is the explanation.

1. Ensure the Company’s Operations Run Well

The first task of the assistant manager is to ensure that the company’s operations under the manager’s responsibility run well. This operational management will be given to the assistant manager with the direction of the manager.

2. Develop Plans and Strategies with the Manager

The next task of the assistant manager is to develop company plans and strategies with the manager. For example, managers in marketing positions are required to develop marketing plans and strategies to increase the scale of the company.

3. Support Manager Performance

The scope of a manager’s job includes managing employees, finance, operations and others, This many tasks make large companies often have several managers. When the company is small, the assistant manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Recruit new employees
  • Building a comfortable work environment
  • Create an employee performance development strategy
  • Monitor and evaluate employee work
  • Planning operational activities
  • Supervision of the company’s financial system
  • Monitor the budgeting of each department, operational costs and human and natural resources
  • Communicate well with employees and clients

4. Build Good Communication

Assistant managers are intermediaries of communication between employees and superiors. This position is responsible for ensuring employees remain comfortable in the office environment by listening and communicating what they feel and want. Therefore, an assistant manager must be outgoing, friendly, and able to communicate well with superiors and subordinates.

5. Help the Manager If Unable to Attend

The last task of the assistant manager is to be a substitute or deputy manager when unable to attend certain activities, such as meetings or meetings with clients. However, the assistant manager must still get approval from the manager if necessary to make a decision.

Must-have Assistant Manager skills

In order for you to become a reliable assistant manager, you must understand what skills are needed to become an assistant or deputy manager. Here are some skills that will help you carry out the duties of assistant manager:

1. Leadership Skills

An assistant manager is sometimes required to replace the position of a manager. Therefore, leadership skills are needed. You must be able to lead the employees under you well, maintain relationships between employees and superiors. If you have leadership skills, you can carry out the duties of assistant manager well.

2. Communication

Being an assistant manager requires you to interact with many people. Starting from communication between employees, between divisions and departments, to superiors. Of course this requires good communication skills so that you can smoothly carry out tasks.

3. Problem Solving

The position of assistant manager is no less important than the manager. If there is a problem or thing that requires you to make a decision, you must be able to do it. That’s why problem solving skills are so important and help your work.  With good problem solving skills, the decision making you make will be minimal from mistakes.

4. Mastery of Certain Software

In certain companies, the position of assistant manager is also in charge of making reports and conducting analysis. Well, for that you also need to have the ability to master certain software needed to complete the task. Some software that you must master such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

5. Time Management

With so many tasks and responsibilities to do, an assistant manager must have good time management. This is so that you can divide tasks and do them on time.

What is the Assistant Manager Salary and What is the Career Path?

With the duties and responsibilities carried, the assistant manager’s salary is in the range of Rp5,500,000 to Rp12,000,000. In addition to salary, of course there are several other benefits such as BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

Of course, the amount of salary and benefits obtained depends on company policy.  It can be said, being an assistant manager is an “exercise” for you to become a manager. In some companies, this position is often the representative of a manager.

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Tips to Qualify to Become an Assistant Manager

Hayo crank! Do you really want to be an assistant manager? If so, try to follow some quick tips to qualify to become an assistant manager.

  • During the interview, make sure you look good, polite, and authoritative.
  • Answer the interview in good and correct language.
  • Try to stay calm during the interview process.

One of the most decisive things for you to become an assistant manager is choosing a job application platform. Make sure you apply through a trusted platform, which offers a large selection of assistant manager vacancies and other positions that you can apply for quickly, easily, and for free. Good luck and good luck!

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