How to Choose a Financial Advisor Miami to Help With Your Financial Plan

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With the advancement of technology, public enlightenment is becoming increasingly important in financial planning.Especially since the COVID pandemic, more and more people know that their way of managing finances has not been correct, especially in terms of financial security. Therefore, we will provide information about how to choose a Financial Advisor Miami. By choosing a good advisor, your finances will be maintained.

This makes most people start trying to improve their personal financial situation, family finances, or business finances. It’s just that the lack of expertise and experience in managing and planning finances is sometimes a hurdle that can cause new problems. Well, for that, let us discuss how to choose a Financial Advisor Miami who will help your finances be better maintained.

How to Choose a Financial Advisor Miami to Help With Your Financial Plan


Therefore, the community really needs an advisor who can help, guide, and teach them how to manage their finances well. Until later, you can have the ability to carry out financial planning independently and not be entirely dependent on the financial advisor.

Financial advisors have a very important role, especially so that clients can take appropriate steps in making rules about their finances. The services of a financial advisor are also very useful for those who want to get involved in the world of investment, be it stocks, mutual funds, bonds, or other types of investment products. Financial advisors can also assist their clients in finding the right type of insurance.

You certainly need to find a qualified, responsible, and trustworthy financial advisor. Then how do I choose a financial advisor? Follow these tips.

1. Ask him how he positions his client.

The first thing is to know how responsible the financial planner is in carrying out his duties. You can start by asking about how he positions each client who uses his services, i.e., does he put them above his own interests or not?

A person who has dedicated himself to being a financial planner will basically put your interests as a client ahead of his own. This will be clear when he gives advice and talks about money problems that could happen.

Financial advisors who attach importance to client needs will also be very careful when recommending financial products for their clients and actually recommend products that suit the client’s needs, not because they profit from using the product. For this one thing, you must be very careful so that you don’t get wronged!

2. View the Licenses Owned

A financial planner needs a license or certification to show that he or she is competent or has expertise in this field. In Indonesia, there is only one governing body for professional certification that the government takes into account. This is the Financial Plan Standards Board (FPSB).

FPSB itself has two main certifications, namely Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Registered Financial Planner (RCP). To get this license, a prospective financial planner needs to complete education in accordance with established standards.

3. Inquire about the types of financial planning services he provides.

Each financial planner or financial advisor, like specialist doctors with various specialties, typically possesses unique skills.For example, experts in investment matters, experts in insurance matters, or experts in planning family finances Well, this can be something you need to ask first before deciding whether you want to use the services of a financial advisor.

You can ask about the area of expertise he has, the licenses he already has, and also his credentials or other things related to the services he offers. Indeed, there are also some financial advisors who have expertise in all financial sectors.

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But surely someone who is really focused on studying one area will be superior in that field to someone who simultaneously studies many fields. You should not only ask financial advisors about their skills or specialties, but you should also know ahead of time what kind of services you need.

So if you need a financial advisor to solve your business’s financial problems, you can look for a competent financial advisor in that field. Or if you need a financial planner to manage an investment portfolio, you can look for a reliable one in that field. That way, you will definitely find it easier to determine the right financial advisor.

4. Find out the types of clients that are usually handled by the financial planner.

This one point is actually still very popular. Usually, a person who has an exclusive specialty will serve more clients who are indeed experiencing problems in the field he is good at.

For example, a planner or financial advisor who is deeply immerse in the world of insurance will certainly meet more clients who are having problems with their insurance. Or, financial planners who are in the field of education costs will usually meet more clients who are parents or young families.

In addition, there are usually financial planners who prefer to serve clients who have assets of an exclusive amount or value. They will require you to have a certain amount of wealth before offering you their services.

Well, there is really nothing wrong with this; therefore, everyone has different standards. It’s just that this helps you better recognize your ability to meet that standard. If you feel that you are not suitable for a financial planner because of the standards he has, then you should find another financial planner.

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5. Understand the flying hours

If you really want to get a truly reliable financial planner, you can also select by looking at the financial planner’s flying hours. The quality of a financial planner is definitely not only visible because he has a degree as a CFP and so on, but more so because of the work experience (aka flying hours) he has.

Like a pilot, if he already has long flying hours, then he will definitely be clearer on how to deal with the problems that occur while in the air. The same is true with a financial planner!

The more he meets clients who have a lot of time and then succeeds in helping those clients, the more likely he will be able to solve the problems you are facing because he already has more experience.

Typically, experienced financial planners have conducted numerous experiments in order to overcome various types of financial situations or problems.That way, they will have an easier time finding the right solution to your problem.

Well, those were some reviews that discussed Financial Advisor Miami; the reviews above hopefully proved useful.


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