Career Path of Financial Analyst Entry Level Jobs Who Must be Fresh Graduates Know!

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Financial analyst entry level jobs are lower-level positions that usually require less experience and responsibility. Usually, this entry-level job is filled by fresh graduates who are starting to enter the world of work. In these entry-level jobs, they often receive training from seniors or attend formal on-the-job training programs.

Although you often hear the term financial analyst entry level jobs, maybe you don’t fully understand what this job is all about. For this reason, learn more about the meaning of entry level is and what are the types of entry level jobs that are suitable for fresh graduates.

What is an Entry Level Job?

When starting a career, you may be wondering, what is the meaning of entry job level? Entry level is a job or role that requires quite a minimum of experience. Often, fresh graduates or those who are just entering the workforce for the first time, occupy entry-level positions. Some examples of entry-level positions such as associate customer service officer, administrative assistant, human resources trainee, or business operations executive.

Although entry-job level may be a lower position in the company, it leads to something more and opens the door to further career advancement. For those of you who start a job at the beginner level, usually undergo on-the-job training, get valuable job knowledge and accumulate relevant work experience.

Easy Ways for Fresh Graduates to Find Entry Level Jobs

The easiest way to find an entry level job is to start exploring as soon as you graduate and look for as much information as possible. Follow these tips:

  • Find an internship program. Paid internship programs usually provide on-the-job training. You can take advantage of an intern search tool that helps you connect with job opportunities in your area.
  • Get internship information through school or otherwise. If you are an end student, find internship opportunities before starting a career. This is a great way to try different industries and jobs. Or you can search the alumni network to find recommendations for entry-level opportunities.
  • Search for entry-level jobs online. Many search engines and job boards help you find jobs based on their level. Browse your favorite job search sites and choose entry-level or niche positions for fresh graduates.
  • Write a resume and an entry-level cover letter. Creating a resume is a good idea before applying for a job. Fill in all your relevant skills, experience, and abilities.
  • This is an effective channel that can help you find entry-level jobs. Take advantage of networking between friends, the alumni community, and more that will help you prepare for everything. Starting from finding a job to honing a resume.

Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Fresh Graduates

There are different types of entry-level jobs, ranging from those that require a bachelor’s degree or not. A job that accepts its workers on condition of work experience or no work experience at all.

There are also entry-level jobs that require specific skills or certain educational qualifications. The following is a list of various entry-level jobs that are suitable for fresh graduates and have the potential to help your career progression.

1. Business Administration/Management

  • Administrative assistants
  • Business analyst
  • Consulting analyst
  • Customer service
  • Event Planner
  • HR Coordinator
  • Management Trainee
  • Recruiting assistant
  • Training Specialist

2. Building & Transportation Trades

Architect, carpenter apprentice, electrical section intern, plumber section internship, and other related occupations.

3. Communications & Design

Do you have strong skills in writing, editing, and graphic design? One of these jobs might be for you:

  • Copywriter
  • Editorial assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Public relations assistant & specialist
  • Publicity assistant
  • Social media specialist

4. Education, Research & Non-Profit

Dedicated teachers, researchers, and social workers are always needed, In this field, examples of entry level work are:

  • Primary school teachers
  • Guidance counseling
  • Teachers of various subjects
  • Research assistant
  • Research technician
  • Assistant teacher
  • Social workers
  • Computer engineering
  • Programmer komputer
  • Database analyst
  • IT analyst
  • Web designer
  • Hardware engineering

5. Engineering

  • Chemical/electrical/environmental/mechanical/petroleum engineer
  • Civil engineering
  • Technician

6. Financial Services

There are a variety of entry-level jobs in the field of financial services for fresh graduates who like mathematics, statistical analysis, finance, and customer service.

  • Accountant
  • Actuarial analyst & assistant
  • Examiner
  • Financial analyst
  • Underwriter assistant

7. Information Technology (IT)

Looking for an entry-level job is quite an opportunity for fresh graduates in the IT field depending on their individual interests. Even some companies offer training programs for applicants even if they don’t have an academic degree.

8. Health

You can find a fulfilling career in healthcare. Here are good entry level opportunities:

  • Dental assistant
  • Diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Dietitian
  • Massage therapist
  • Pharmacy technician

9. Sales & Marketing

You can apply for one of the following positions in sales and marketing:

  • Account coordinator
  • Advertising sales assistant
  • Buyer trainee
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Public relations
  • Sales trainee

If you’re just graduating from high school or college, entry level jobs are a great first step towards entering the workforce. Entry-level is a platform for gaining work experience and knowledge. Some job vacancies require years of work experience, so fresh graduates automatically do not meet these requirements.

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Breakdown of Average Monthly Financial analyst Entry Level jobs

The banking and financial sectors are targeted by job seekers, because this industry is considered to offer high salaries. The average salary of novice employees with less than 1 year of experience (entry-level) in the banking and financial sectors as a whole reaches Rp3.67 million/month.

When viewed based on specialization, the salary earned by novice employees in the field of Computer / Information Technology (IT) in the banking and financial industry is the highest, which is IDR 5.76 million / month.

In the next position, there are employees with admin/human resources specialization with an average salary of IDR 4.25 million / month, and Accountant / Finance of IDR 3.9 million / month.

Here’s a breakdown of the average monthly salary of entry-level employees in the banking and finance industries by specialization in 2022:

  • Computer/IT: IDR 5.76 million
  • Admin/Human Resources: IDR 4.25 million
  • Accountant/Finance: IDR 3.9 million
  • Services: IDR 3.63 million
  • Sales/Marketing: IDR 3.5 million
  • Art/Media/Communication: IDR 2.4 million

The good news is, entry level can be a stepping stone for fresh graduates when they start to enter the world of work to be able to continue to develop in their careers. For companies, screening prospective new employees is crucial and must be done carefully.  How are you interested? Hope the information is useful!


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