Benefits of Financial Planning Business for Small Businesses

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Compiling plans for anything, including financial planning, will make the things you want to do more organized. Planning itself is needed for anyone who wants to be faster and more effective in achieving goals. Therefore, we will provide a little information related to the financial planning business for businesses that want to achieve their goals by carrying out financial planning.

Financial planning is a strategy to achieve life goals. Careful and accurate financial management is essential to improving our lives today and in the future. Well, for that, this article will discuss the financial planning business for businesses that want to achieve their goals.

Benefits of Business Financial Planning for Small Businesses

The benefits of financial planning can be felt in the “direction and meaning” of one’s financial provisions. Through financial management, one can find out how each financial provision is made to impact other areas of his total financial condition.

By considering each financial rule as a component of a whole, one can consider the short-term and long-term impact on one’s life goals.He can more easily adapt to the vicissitudes of life and feel more conducive because his goals are on the right track.

A person’s financial planning will be influence by the conditions (live event) he is experiencing, resulting in more specific financial planning.Financial planning is also a continuous process that is moving forward. It may need to be adjuste at some point.

The following are some of the conditions or events that can change a person’s financial planning:

  • Marital status (unmarried or  marrie)
  • Employment conditions (whether or not you have a permanent job)
  • His age is increasing.)
  • Family circumstances (number of dependent family members)
  • State of the national economy (ease of finding a job and income)
  • Level of education (education affects income) as well as
  • Situational health (affects the cost and viability of income).

Changes to one or more of the above conditions can affect the financial plans that a person or family has already made. Often, someone’s financial planning has to be reconstitute (it is moving forward).

Not only use to achieve personal goals, financial planning can also be use by those of you who have a business. A comprehensive business financial plan is a must-have for any business.With financial planning, you can strategize so that your business can grow more than before.

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Benefits of Financial Planning

Allocating Finances

The benefits that can be obtaine from financial planning are that you can allocate your personal and business finances better. Making a list of financial planning will allocate the finances owne per business to finance all interests that can have benefits in the line per business.

Similarly, for personal needs, financial planning can assist you in developing a list of priorities.This kind of financial planning will also control any budget posts that are not very important or can be delaye in nature. so that business and personal financial stability is maintaine.

 Increased Productivity

Financial planning can be a bridge to increasing productivity. The trick is to plan financing for an unspoile line of productivity that is preced by impermeability or an agreement with each party that has authority in the business sphere.

With the advancement of productivity for business, in the future, this planning will be successful to be able to advance the business to a superior position and make more advances than before. Indirectly, with business financial planning, you can build a better business future.


Good financial planning, then, should include your personal life, risk choices, and future goals. It is use to choose the right investment that suits your needs, goals, and personality. Financial planning will help you be able to plan and create better financial assets for the future.

Getting Long-Term Goals

Most people have long-term goals in their lives. For example, by buying a house, buying a car, paying for children’s education, and holding weddings for children when they grow up.

It is undeniable that these goals are indee very important to achieve. Financial planning assists you in developing careful plans to achieve your goals in a specific time frame by planning for all risks that can be taken to achieve the best results with long-term goals.

Making Financial Planning

With the various benefits that can be obtaine with financial planning, it is very important for you to understand how to make effective and accurate financial planning so that the company’s future is better organize than before.

Record Net Income Every Month

To begin creating a personal financial plan, record all nominal income receive. By recording income, you can calculate the net income receive every month.

Definitely, this income has been deducte from fixe payments such as taxes, insurance, and so on. The calculation of net salary is done to minimize allocation errors that lead to you failing to save. Recording the net salary count is also useful for knowing how healthy your financial situation is.

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Apply the 3-Post Method

American financial expert Elizabeth Warren, who is also the author of the book All Your Worth, popularize the method of saving efficiently. That method advises you to divide your salary into three parts with different portions:

  • 50% of your income is spent on basic necessities (debt, installment bills, electricity, monthly groceries, and so on).
  • 20 percent for long-term savings (investment, insurance, or saving).
  • 30 percent for lifestyle (shopping, leisure, and entertainment).
  • Use two different accounts.

To make it easier for you to save, you should separate the accounts you use daily from the ones use to save. For savings accounts, ATM cards are not carrie on a daily basis to withstand sudden withdrawals that make savings useful.

Knowing that financial planning has many benefits for the person and business that you are running, it would be nice if you save money for savings. For those of you who need a special account to help with financial planning, you can choose GOAL Savers from CIMB Niaga.

Goal Savers makes it easy for you to save for the long term by allowing you to make regular daily, weekly, or monthly deposits to achieve your goals. You can access and monitor your Goal Savers savings easily through OCTO Clicks and OCTO Mobile.

Well, that’s this article that discusses the financial planning business for companies. With the discussion above, hopefully, it will be useful and can be applie in a company. Thank you very much for already reading this article.

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