Free Finance Apps and Their Functions for Business

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Managing finances is not an easy thing, even to manage the finances of a business, especially if your business has just started, you need tricks and good financial management so that the business’s financial situation remains stable. Because a successful business starts with good finances. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about free financial applications.

In managing finances, be it personal or business, one of the main keys is to carefully record the amount of incoming and outgoing money. These notes can help you manage your expenses if you think you’ve crossed your spending limit. With the free financial application you can manage the entry and exit with the application.

Free Finance Apps and Their Functions for Business


With the increasingly sophisticated information technology and computers, now you no longer need to bother recording finances via a laptop or financial notebook. Now you can make financial records even just via a smartphone, the only way is to install a financial application, all financial management can be done on a cellphone.

What is a Business Finance Application?

Financial application is an application program that is use to manage and manage finances for various purposes, ranging from personal needs, agencies to small to large scale businesses.

Also known as software or bookkeeping applications, financial applications are programmed to process the recording or bookkeeping of MSME or company financial transactions on a regular, automatic, faster, thorough, conducive, and real time basis. Bookkeeping usually includes capital, liabilities, profits, assets, and other expenses.

Using a bookkeeping application that has complete, thorough and easy-to-use reporting features will greatly assist business owners in taking profitable business regulations in real time.

Excel VERSUS Bookkeeping Disparity Financial App Features

Usually the use of the excel application is not specifically for bookkeeping, so that exclusive formulas are neede to be able to perform bookkeeping calculations, while the financial application already has special bookkeeping software features so that company and business bookkeeping processes can be run automatically, quickly, thoroughly and concretely and on time .

Benefits of Financial Applications for Your Business

Owning a business in modern times is not only about promoting business products or services, but also managing business finances. For this reason, there are now new discoveries in the field of finance, namely financial applications. Become a solution for managing finances in your business so that financial reports become faster, more precise and easier.

Unlike the case with manual bookkeeping which requires a lot of time, effort and accuracy and also financial staff who have to calculate it manually. But now all these obstacles can be overcome with financial applications.

With financial applications which are inventions of current technological growth, it can facilitate financial management of the business being carrie out. So that with the increasing number of financial transactions in the business, by using financial applications in the calculation process it will be faster, more thorough and thorough in the financial statements made.

Not only will your company or business benefit from this financial application, customers will also be more transparent to clear the transactions they make about the goods or services offere by your company.

The presence of new discoveries in the financial sector in the form of financial applications will help your business or business occur more regularly, so you can focus more on developing business promotions. Then what are the benefits of current financial applications for businesses?, here is a review:

1. Maintaining Your Business Assets

Another benefit of financial applications is that they can help maintain company assets. Almost all business transactions can be recorde in the financial application. All information regarding company assets can be directly accesse by business voters easily only in the integrate application.

2. Facilitate Financial Management

Even if it’s a small business or business, by using a financial application, it will directly provide additional convenience for business financial management. Through financial management like this, you as a business owner can also determine how much profit and expenses your company generates.

3. Avoiding Calculation Errors

You can probably imagine, if your business is still using manual financial management methods, while your transactions are very large, there may be a calculation error. With financial applications, you can make business reports more thoroughly, and the risk of errors like this can be minimize.

4. Can save time

Financial applications are very practical, so your financial reports can be done easily and faster. Just imagine if it is run manually, then the preparation of this financial report will take quite a long time and calculation.

In the financial application for business, you only need to input data, then the results will appear. This will also save you more time, when making financial reports. The results of financial reports using financial applications will also be more thorough.

Especially for those of you who have just starte a business, of course you will benefit from this financial application, because all financial management is enough to run through an easy and fast application, can be done anywhere at any time with just the touch of a finger. So that you can focus more on growing your business.

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Benefits of Corporate Finance Application

The following are some of the benefits of financial applications for companies, namely:

1. Create Financial Reports Quickly and Easily

Being the right solution for managing your business finances, financial applications can also help you make reports quickly and easily. It doesn’t take long to present the company’s financial statements. Financial reports can be accesse in real time anytime and anywhere.

2. Can Control Inter-Branch Company Inventory

You can easily control your business inventory in real time such as managing all business processes from one place, from invoice sales, purchases, inventory, everything is instant and automatically accessible anytime anywhere.

3. Control of Accounts Payable and Receivable

At any time you can check and manage the company’s debts and receivables and can also be accesse anytime and anywhere. Not only that, it can make it easier for you to take provisions carefully and efficiently. So that your business can occur optimally and quickly develop.

4. Easy to make Financial Invoices

By using a financial application, you don’t need a long time to create company invoices, with just one click on the application feature and in seconds you can create and manage invoices anytime and anywhere.

Journal Finance Application by Mekari is Simple and Thorough for Your Business

In the bookkeeping of the company, of course, always carry out a recording process that is carrie out periodically to collect financial information which includes assets, liabilities, costs, income and capital, including news on the prices of all transactions for services or goods. Then the last to make a financial report that contains a balance sheet, profit and loss for the span of the tax year.

One of the best financial and bookkeeping applications for Indonesian products is Jurnal by Mekari, which is a cloud-base accounting software that you can use anytime and anywhere. Has the most complete features and affordable prices for all businesses, from SMEs to large manufacturing companies. The following are the advantages of the Journal by Mekari financial application, including:

1. For Business Finance Applications

You can do all the company’s financial processes easily and quickly in the Journal’s financial bookkeeping application

2. Complete Business Bookkeeping Reports Customize for Your Business

Business journal bookkeeping application features prepare financial reports, sales, purchases, costs, customers, suppliers, stock and others; depending on the package you choose. Examples of reports that we make are: profit and loss statements, cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock and so on.

3. Make a year-end Business Report

Not only can make monthly reports, Journal financial applications can also make annual financial reports. Reports in the Journal’s financial application dashboard will give you easy access to all business reports in the Journal.

4. Financial Application Features Via Cellular

You can access the Journal finance application on your mobile device, All your info is synce across all your devices so you can always open your data wherever you are, on any device you want. However, we recommend using the Journal Desktop computer software for a more complete and intuitive Accounting operational process.

Well, those are some reviews that discuss free financial applications, hopefully the article will be a reference and thank you.

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