Understanding, Duties, Authorities of Hotel Manager Jobs

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The General Manager of the hotel is the highest position that manages everything so that the platform and staff performance can take place well. This position is known to have a very busy and congested job, but don’t worry because it is definitely worth the salary or wages it receives. Therefore, hotel manager jobs are different from other employees.

Not only that, the manager is one of the positions that many hospitality students dream of. But the facts on the ground to become a manager is not easy, there are many tasks and responsibilities that must be fulfilled and also requires a lot of experience, especially in the hospitality sector. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about hotel manager jobs that you must know.

Understanding, Duties, Authorities and Salaries and Habits of Hotel Managers

Understanding Hotel General Manager

Hotel General Manager (GM) is someone who plans, organizes and manages all day-to-day hotel management operations in order to produce efficient and profitable performance for the company (managed hotel).

In elaboration, the General Manager of the Hotel is the person who is responsible for all operations and controls all quality regarding service, finance, housing, decoration, interior, food and also making habits that must be followed by all staff in adding service to guests.

Hotel General Manager Duties

A general manager of a hotel has crucial tasks related to making regulations, making decisions, assessing employee performance and managing hotel operating budgets.

The description of the specific duties of the hotel general manager is as follows:

  • Ensuring that the hotel’s K3 (Occupational Health and Safety) standards are met according to the provisions of the legislation
  • Inspecting hotel purchasing and bookkeeping activities
  • Supervise HR selection and hotel staff training
  • Carry out the determination of the making of the operational budget and the procurement of hotel goods
  • Assess and check team satisfaction
  • Supervise property maintenance, garden management and hotel security treatment
  • Supervise all forms of games and regulations concerning the law
  • Oversee bars, cafes, restaurants and conference halls
  • Researching the flow of the booking process, reception, room service and hotel services
  • Provide local tourism information around the lodging area
  • Arrange transportation management for guests or tourists who visit to stay

Authority of Hotel General Manager

Hotel General Manager as the highest position that regulates all forms of hotel policy decisions and decisions, must have several authorities including the following:

  • Authorized to provide input to each field manager to continue to improve the performance and quality of hotel services.
  • Authority to sign documents regarding hotel policies and conditions.
  • Authority to make policies and regulations regarding the direction and goals to be achieved.
  • Authority to evaluate hotel budget.
  • Looking for interactions with outside parties that can bring benefits to the company.
  • Making internal hotel decisions that do not conflict with existing decisions.
  • Coordinate with each section or division according to a predetermined work structure.

Requirements to be a General Manager of a Hotel

For those of you who are studying in the hospitality department, the following are mandatory requirements to be selected and become a Hotel Manager. Some of them are :

1. General requirements

  • Have good interpersonal skills, communication and organizational experience
  • Proficient in working with computers
  • Have a high and positive professional character
  • Highly dedicated to work
  • Detail oriented and efficient
  • Polite, friendly and innovative
  • Experienced in the hotel industry

2. Special Requirements

  • A bachelor of hospitality
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Hotel General Manager Salary in Indonesia

In Indonesia itself there are various types of hotels ranging from lower middle class to upper middle class hotels based on stars. Hotel Manager as the highest leader who plans, organizes and manages the operations of hotels, motels and homogeneous companies definitely gets a higher priority salary.

The estimated salary is between Rp. 5,000,000 up to Rp. 12,000,000 per month (Year 2022). But usually the hotel manager’s salary can increase over time and experience and it also really depends on where the company is located and the size of the hotel being manage.

What are the 6 Habits of a Successful GM? Here’s the review.

1. Can Make Rules Quickly

Successful leaders are those who can make rules quickly. The GM of the hotel is faced with his employees every day, discussions and light dialogue with staff, guests, vendors, suppliers, and especially new employees. The main purpose of each rendezvous and dialogue (within the scope of work) is to make provisions that can lead to progress for the hotel.

A successful hotelier must be able to empower employees and themselves to achieve the goals that have been planne. These successful hotel GMs are focuse on executing planning, becoming an all-time phenomenon. Herein lies the importance of the ability to make rules quickly and of course also precise.

2. Often out of the office

Upon reaching the pinnacle of a career in hospitality, a GM will receive a variety of luxurious amenities, including a large and well-equipped workspace. However, do not really feel comfortable with the workspace and all its facilities.

With more and more meetings to attend, emails to reply to, and various administrative tasks to do, it’s very easy for a GM to be “imprisone” in his own office. Spending time working in the office will make GM lose its image of how the hotel and employees are in total.

So, it is very necessary to go around looking at the condition of the hotel, assisting the front office in serving guests, directing and motivating employees, carrying out room cleaning checks, and also interacting with guests. These norms will make you understand how the atmosphere of employees, guests and hotels is better and objectively.

3. Leading Well

Employees will actually follow the leaders they trust. If you want to gain trust and make employees truly believe in your qualities (and indeed this is a very necessary thing to be a successful GM), then you must set an example directly to your subordinates.

Setting an example once or twice to subordinates may sound easy enough, but making it the norm requires a lot of consistency and dedication. Successful leaders practice what they say and really pay close attention to every job that is done.

4. Listening, Are You Surrounde with the Right People?

The purpose of this point is not the motivation relate to you having to associate with people who help your career, but rather the managerial aspect relate to whether your hotel has been carrie out by the right employees and adapte to their respective fields. To become a successful GM, then you need to master the ability to analyze and place employees according to the fields they master.

5. Motivate Your Employees

The game is in your hands how the hotel will be run by employees will depend on the terms and work patterns applie by a GM. According to a study conducted by the Dale Carnegie Training Forum, less than 20 percent of employees actually feel motivated to do their jobs.

One of the factors that can influence employee motivation is the interaction between managers and employees themselves. If you want to be a successful GM, then you must be able to make good interactions with employees and continue to motivate them to do their best in their jobs.

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6. Delegate Your Work

Don’t be a “Micro manager” who does all the work alone to achieve “Perfect” results. This attitude will not have a good impact on your hotel because then you as a top manager will lose the image of your hotel completely because you are really busy with small jobs.

Give an example or two to your subordinate managers of how to do the right job, then let them do the work according to their own duties and responsibilities. Well, those are some reviews that discuss hotel manager jobs. Hopefully this is useful and thank you.

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