How Important Are Company Lawyer?

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All types of companies need a great company attorney for sure. Why should a specialist company lawyer? Because the duties and functions of company lawyers are more specific. And of course, very well versed in company law, business and trade, as well as employment law.

In fact, the presence of a company attorney can be a “shield” of the company from parties who want to profit in ways that are contrary to applicable business and trade laws.

How Important Are Company Lawyers? Let’s Find Out in This Explanation!

What is a company attorney?

A company attorney is an attorney who works within a company setting, usually representing a business. Company attorneys can become transactional attorneys, which means they help write contracts, avoid litigation, and otherwise do legal work behind the scenes.

Litigators can also be company lawyers; These lawyers represent the company in lawsuits, either filing a lawsuit against someone who has wronged the company or defending the company if sued.

Main Duties of Company Lawyers

To protect the company, the main duties of a company attorney include the following:

  • As a protector and legal fortress for the company against parties who want to inflict losses on the company, both material and non-material losses.
  • The spearhead of the company in the event of a lawsuit from a third party against the company.

As a company delegate in every cooperation contract agreement with other companies as a second or third party, whose task is to provide a solid legal umbrella for the company so that there will be no actions that harm the company from second or third parties in the future.

Ensure that everything that takes place in the administration of the company runs according to applicable legal provisions, so that legal problems do not arise that can interfere with the company’s performance and operations.

Take legal action against parties who intentionally or unintentionally, do actions, words, or actions that can cause harm to the company’s products, brands, or reputation.

Benefits of Having a Company Lawyer

Having an advocate or lawyer to create a business means having to obey and comply with the legal provisions that run in Indonesia. One of the forms of the company’s obedience to the law is taking care of the validity of the company’s documents.

The validity of the company is a legal document required by the company related to a business activity permit. Having an advocate or lawyer is a profession that upholds law enforcement for the needs of clients, whether individuals, groups or legal entities that use their services.

In carrying out their profession, a lawyer or advocate can be called a noble and honorable profession. Because at work, apart from being a problem solver from a person, group or legal entity who is affecte by the legal problem. Lawyers or advocates also directly fight for legal rights that should be obtaine or accepte by parties who feel aggrieved from the legal issue.

At this time, whether individuals, organizations, companies, schools, foundations, or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and others, it is very important to understand the importance of having a lawyer who provides legal services and cooperates with legal services or retainers with lawyers or advocates. .

The question is, is it important and beneficial to use legal services from a lawyer? The answer is very important, because having a good lawyer for individuals, organizations, companies, schools, foundations or small and medium business entrepreneurs and others will make protection and guarantees for all legal aspects safer when carrying out activities in the State of Indonesia.

Of course also in the form of business or other things that we will face with the law that we are not aware of can cause harm to legal subjects. The following is an explanation of the 4 roles and advantages of using Lawyer Services or having an advocate.

Obtaining Legal Protection

Although previously the business or business ran smoothly, it does not mean that in the future there will not be problems that can stop the business in the middle of the road. Various opportunities must be taken into account now so that in the future there will not be big losses and one of them is by having an advocate.

Therefore, business people must know the importance of managing and having documents regarding granting company permits according to the law. By having clear documents, the business that is being run will run safely.

Creating Individual Asset Protection

Often if there are companies that experience losses and setbacks, but shareholders are still I can still live my life as usual. Apparently, this is because the company has a legal entity or has an advocate who can protect personal assets, for example a Limite Liability Company (PT).

By having a legal entity as one side of the validity of the company, so there is no need to worry because individual assets will not be use to pay debts when the company experiences losses or declines. In contrast to companies in the form of Firms or CVs, all of their business losses can affect the individual assets of the shareholder.

Increasing Business to Be Bigger

Every company wants to grow to a bigger ratio. Getting increase profits and having many customers is the desire of all business people. Having an advocate is a must-have first step.

To expand its business and business, it requires large capital. By having the validity of the company, therefore access to obtaining debt capital is getting easier. Either debt from the bank or obtain capital from investors.

Having an Advocate Improves Business Integrity

Having an advocate and business validity also helps in increasing business integrity in the eyes of investors, customers, vendors, banks, and business partners. Because there is clear business validity, the company can be more truste and professional. When you have high integrity, the company will find it easier to get projects.

The advantages of having a company validity document are many. This company validity document is important for the company’s development. Therefore, immediately ask your business legal problems to the most truste company validity services.

Examples of Cases of Companies Deceive by Fictitious Companies

There are case examples. A company was “conne” by someone who claime to be the president director of a fictitious company who came to offer mining cooperation. Somehow the story, the company’s director who was in office at that time accepte the offer and made an agreement that the initial cost of mining operations was 20 billion.

However, after the company disburse funds of up to 12 billion rupiah, there is no sign that mining activities have taken place at the site. Surprisingly again, the director who at the time of the case had been fire.

More than 2000 company permits were revoke. Don’t let an incident like this happen to your company. His successor director then consulte the case with the law office of Bukhori Hasibuan & Associates.

After examining the clauses of the cooperation agreement between the company and the “director” of the fictitious company, there is absolutely no article that “binds” the director of the fictitious company.

There is no article that binds him if within a certain time after a certain period of payment is paid, mining activities have not starte. Surprisingly, the company that was the victim of “fraud” by the director of the fictitious company had actually consulte the clauses in the agreement with his lawyer.

The lawyer may not be able to read the contents of the agreement, or there may be other possibilities. Cases like that can be use as lessons for companies of any scale, small or large.

That at any time they could become victims of unscrupulous persons calling themselves “directors” of fictitious companies who came to offer cooperation. They need a specialist company lawyer who is really reliable and observant in examining every word and sentence in the articles of the cooperation agreement, so that in the future, it will not harm the funding company.

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The case above can be use as a lesson that, every presence of a company lawyer is absolutely necessary. The company that is the victim has actually consulte with its advocate, but perhaps the advocate was not careful with the clauses in the cooperation agreement.

So easily, the company is “cheate” up to tens of billions of rupiah, just because there is no clause that legally binds him strictly.

That’s a little explanation about company lawyers. From this review, hopefully we know how important it is to have a company lawyer. With the existence of a company lawyer, we can conclude that their presence is very helpful, especially in dealing with problems.

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