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Money Management – Everyone has the ability to try to earn an establish income, but not many people can manage their finances well. So no matter how much income you get, you still can’t afford to make life and the future better. So how exactly should you treat money and manage it? Of course, you need to know how to manage finances well so that your efforts to collect money do not run out without knowing the designation.

Not only managing personal finances, later you must be able to manage family finances, even know how to manage the finances of the company where you work, or even the business you build well. It’s important everyone gets information on how to manage finances well.

Here, we present how to manage good finances even the best that you can try so that you can benefit in the future and enjoy all your hard work today responsibly.

How to Manage Finances Appropriately and Carefully


Finances Appropriately: Make Financial Planning Carefully

From the beginning you have income, then from then on you also need to make financial planning. Compiling financial management is the first strategy that many people miss because they consider financial planning only for business people or people with high incomes. Even financial planning can start from the moment you are in school.

The first thing to understand about how to manage finances by making financial planning is about habits, because there is no exact formula for how to manage or manage finances itself that applies to everyone.

Even in its application, you will definitely get your own challenges of disciplining yourself to plan finances. Make achievement targets about financial management every month and continue to evaluate until you fully understand and practice the financial plan.

The simplest thing about financial planning is to divide the account into several needs so that the money that has been set aside is clearly allotment. Suppose you have a plan to buy a new device, then you need to prepare a special fund to meet these needs and achievement targets. This will make you have your own financial post and divide it from monthly expenses.

Finances Appropriately: Set up an Emergency Fund

Setting up an emergency fund is one way of managing finances that is quite simple. This way you can get the benefits when you need bailout funds from the needs of funds that are not predicte in the future. With this emergency fund post, you will not take the ration of monthly expenses or even special savings. It’s a good idea to take advantage of this method when going to create a personal financial budget.

Financial advisors recommend having an emergency fund at least 6 times the need for monthly living. How to manage these finances must also determine the lower limit of the emergency fund and plan to replenish according to the target when you use it for impromptu affairs. By keeping the emergency fund safe, it will prevent the possibility of you taking on debt in the future which will make it difficult for you to manage your finances again.

Finances Appropriately: Get Out of the Comfort Zone of Monthly Salary

Workers who already have a monthly income from the salary earne, often depend entirely on this one financial income pipeline. Not infrequently the monthly salary is indee prepare to be spent every month with the thought that next month will get a salary with the same nominal.

In fact, you don’t know what will happen in the next month if you continue to rely on the same nominal salary. It’s good to change the mindset that the monthly salary should be spent every month because next month will get the exact same nominal.

Think of the worst possibilities such as natural disasters, accidents, or urgent family needs that do not occur this month. This method can keep you thinking far ahead in managing finances even though you already have a definite income every month.

Investment Literacy

How to manage personal finances and businesses that are quite popular today is to invest. There are many investment facilities that you can choose to save your current income and prepare for old age later. Online investment programs or other methods can be chosen as an effort to manage and manage finances that can also be for beginners properly and correctly. Of course, this step can be a way to manage money to grow.

With investment, you will indirectly have a passive income that helps increase income from your existing monthly salary. Investment choices are made when you feel you have enough savings or can divide the portion to start preparing an investment fund every month. You can invest in the stock ownership sector, mutual funds, precious metals, or property investments whose prices are increasing every year.

Did you know that insurance and investment are no less important, even complementary for optimal financial management? Have the best insurance to protect yourself and your family from various risks that may occur.

Investment in Self-Development

Do not think that financial planning is only relate to finances. The reason is, many successful and wealthy people can succee because they also invest in self-development. You can set aside your money to take a seminar class that discusses how to manage finances and investment potential.

By adding a broad insight into financial management, you will not be origin in managing income that is not clearly allotment. Broad insights will shape your mindset to treat money and income wisely, so that money management plans are not only in wishful thinking or limite to planning on paper.

Record Monthly Expenses in Detail

By recording all expenses every month, you can map out which needs can be cut, or even allocate to other sectors. This method can make you manage your personal finances in more detail. This record can continue to be evaluate so that you can stay until the end of the month without disturbing savings and investment account posts.

Most people start to save money at the end of the month because they do not record their expenses so it is too wasteful at the beginning of the month because they feel that the balance is still a lot, but have to tighten the pinggat tie at the end of the month without being able to set it aside for savings and investments. Unfortunately again, the way to owe is done with a payment scheme later to get a salary in the next month.

money management: Savings Post as a Priority

The way to manage good finances is to position savings above all else. When you receive a monthly salary, then the first thing to do is to take a few percent to save. This is the most effective way to be discipline in managing monthly income.

Then, what is the ideal savings budget? Try using a method or how to manage your finances 50 30 20. The purpose of this 50/30/20 method is to allocate income of 50 percent for basic needs, 30 percent for personal fulfillment, and another 20 percent for savings.

Trim Expenses

If you haven’t been able to raise income or increase the income pipeline, then the best way to stay healthy in managing finances is to cut expenses. It can be by starting to downsize then reevaluate if there is a spending post that can be suppresse.

Let’s say if you need expenses for a place to live. If possible, find a place to live at a cheaper price but also according to your needs and adequate location. You can also replace the lights in the house into electricity-efficient lights to reduce the expenditure of monthly electricity bills.

Money Management: Pay off Debt

It is not recommende to owe if you are in a financial condition that is still unstable or mediocre. But if it is already and urgent, then how to manage finances with debt can be planne according to the portion. Make a list of the amount of debt and installment dependents every month that must be paid.

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Change a Consumptive Lifestyle

Nowadays, it is very easy for everyone to shop online. This could be one of the triggers you can not manage your finances properly. If this style of shopping continues to be done. Then it is not impossible that you even hoard debt and spend income on unnecessary consumptive shopping.

Change this consumptive lifestyle with a more realistic spending post. Occasionally you can shop but still pay attention to the spending post. Sometimes utilizing promos. And discounts from the marketplace can save expenses as long as it is use on the right products and moments. For example, buying products for holiday needs with discounts and promo prices that match their designation.

Strive for Additional Income

Everyone can use the internet and gadgets to make money. Even just by posting content on social media, you can already earn income. Trying to get additional income can be a consideration to nourish the current financial condition.

How to manage money management in this way is believe to increase income quickly without changing existing financial planning. But pay attention to the time and effort need to earn this additional income. Do not let you be tight after having a side business and instead make the main productivity so decrease.

Everyone has their own way of managing their own finances. The various ways and tips above you can practice. And adjust to your current abilities for personal purposes or managing family finances. Hope it helps!

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