Recommendations for the Best Money Manager Online App

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As a smartphone user, surely you have already felt how easy life is. On a smartphone, you can integrate various fields, both in terms of work and in terms of financial management, into your hands. Therefore, there are some of the best Money Manager Online applications that you can use to manage your finances.

Although mobile phones have expanded their use in terms of functionality, which is basically created to communicate wirelessly over long distances, through applications, mobile phones can now be used for various types of activities, including financial management. You have to use this best application in a Money Manager Online because of this.

Recommendations for the Best Money Manager Online App

Not only does it help you take notes to understand the cash flow of your expenses and income, but this financial management application can help you keep your finances stable and help you not be wasteful. Here’s a look at the review!

1. Money Enthusiast – Money Manager

This Money Lover is ideal for managing your finances, beginning with recording daily expenses.The convenience it offers will be its own support when used. Not only can you record daily expenses, you can also classify them by category, whether it’s transportation, meals, or so on.

Money Lover can also be used as a budgeting tool, recording income and analyzing the largest expenses by category. Money Lover is available for free and premium and can be downloaded through the Playstore, iTunes, and even the Windows Store.

2. Monefy – Personal Finance Manager

The second financial management application on this list is Monefy. Most of the functions of Money Lover are actually the same; it’s just that the appearance and utilization experience will definitely be different. Monefy offers simplicity of appearance with good visualization, so if you prefer to analyze your finances through visual form, Monefy is suitable as a reference.

Monefy is equipped with a widget so you can more easily manage your finances directly from the home screen. That’s why you have to classify the form of expenses or budgets. It can also be easier to sync your data to Dropbox cloud storage.

3. Realbyte Expense and Budget Manager

This money manager is quite popular in its field. With this financial management application, you can manage your finances without any more difficulties. The features it offers are complete so that you can immediately use them for basic purposes, such as recording expenses, determining a monthly spending budget, and determining the target amount that must be collected in several periods.

4. Business Friends—Application for Recording Business Finances

Slightly different, this financial management application is intended for business owners, especially those of you who are still just starting out. Well, with this Temanbisnis app, we can keep track of all our income and expenses, which can come from different places and be put into different categories.

Not only that, through this application you can also record credit or debt transactions, especially automatically calculating financial statements such as profits and losses, debts and receivables, and cash flow. For those of you who are just starting a business, you can download this application to help manage finances.

Andromoney (Expense Tracking)

Another popular financial management application is Andromoney, and if you have tried to manage finances through an application, you may have heard the name in the past, at least once. Andromoney is fairly complete as a financial management application because it possesses various features possessed by competitor applications, as mentioned above, that you can use with Andromoney.

It not only has complete features, but the appearance offered is also minimalist, so you don’t have to worry and feel complicated looking at the large numbers when using it. Andromoney is designed to facilitate utilization.

6. Wallet – Finance, Budget, and Expense Tracker

Furthermore, there is Wallet, which has an excellent feature, namely synchronization with online banking accounts from various banks. With this feature, it is possible for a wallet to record the transactions you make automatically, so that you don’t have to record them manually.

This financial management application is actually the same as the others, but if it is through Wallet, you can import transaction or account data from a CSV or Excel archive. Not only that, in this application there is also a payment planning feature in the future. Complete with reminders so you don’t forget. You can download the app for free, but it definitely can’t connect to all the features.

7. Expense and Money Manager – Fast Budget

If you want a more colorful manager application, you can choose Fast Budget. This application does put forward a look that spoils the eye, with the influence of animation and direction, and interesting icons. In this application, you can see an overview or summary of the various budgets issued by category. Meanwhile, you can adjust the expense category according to your needs, where you can add or edit existing ones.

8. 1money – Expense Tracking, Money Management, and Budgeting

It can be said that this financial management application is a combination of the simplicity of Monefy and the highly functional Money Lover. In terms of user interface design, 1Money is known to be as smart as possible, but the features offered in it are quite complex.

In terms of features, 1 Money is quite common, like other applications. And you can also get it for free on the play store. However, to be able to connect more spending categories, you have to upgrade to the paid version.

9. Money Manager Draw Puzzle Game

After developing the game, Draw Puzzle Game also developed a financial management application. The response was also quite positive, because it had already been downloaded by more than 150,000 people. In terms of design, this application emphasizes an appearance that is easy to use, simple and fun.

For those of you who are millennials, of course you will really like it. Another interesting thing is that you can synchronize expenses such as Netflix, shopping, and others. Beyond that, this app is generally the same as any other.

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10. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets 10.

If you have been using it frequently or are already very familiar with Microsoft Excel. You can download it on your smartphone and use it as your accounting book. Alternatively, you can also use Google Sheets to more easily integrate with your Google account, especially for Android users.

11. Quickbooks

Both of these apps are the most effective “all in one” sources for managing budgets and tracking existing expenses. The application also allows for you to be able to connect all the bank accounts and credit cards you have, and also all your monthly bills. So all the finances that are there will be in one place, making it easier to set up. Everything needed is already contained in this application.

Well, those are some reviews that discuss Money Manager Online with the explanation above. I hope this is useful and helpful for those who want to manage finances online.

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