Definition & Types of Investment, Benefits and Examples

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In today’s digital age, Indonesians’ interest in investment has increased. This shows the development of a number of new investors in the stock market and also mutual funds. For this reason, ark investing is present in helping investors. And also the growth of enlightenment to be literate in investment knowledge.

Thus many still do not understand what investment is and how to do it? The term investment is often used for the mention of the large investment model, in fact ark investing is an activity that can be found daily on a small scale.

Definition of Investment, Along with Types, Benefits and Examples

For example, saving or buying products with long-term benefits. According to some economists, busy investment is strongly recommended to manage limited sources of power because it focuses on developing the value of assets, not just settling. Are you interested in making an investment? Don’t rush to take the rules, see the explanation of what investment is to examples and types in the article here!

A brief explanation related to investment is an investment activity to be withdrawn in the future with a greater value. In short, through investment, one expects the value of an asset to increase over time.

The investment assets can be in the form of energy, time, gold, stocks, mutual funds and so on. The definition of what is investment is also mentioned in the KBBI as investing money or capital in a company or project for the purpose of making a profit.

Investment Returns The purpose of investing is to generate income. It should be understood that the profit obtained from investments can be in the form of interest, dividends, royalties or rent. Not only that, there are several other benefits of investing, including:

1. Guaranteed Availability of Standard Materials

The first benefit of the investment is as a guarantee on the business of the production of standard materials related to its business. Thus, the agency can ensure the availability of standard materials necessary for the operation of the main enterprise.

2. Sufficient Availability of Needs in the Future

The next advantage is for the sake of preparing for unexpected needs in the future. The value of assets that tend to rise will be a vehicle for tracking profits that can be disbursed at any time or exchanged for other energy sources when needed.

3. Learn to Live Frugally

Routinely making investments, will bring out the enthusiasm in yourself so that you can save for the future. Thus, investors can be better trained to allocate their income to long-term assets rather than falling into consumptive and spontaneous actions. This encourages an economical and debt-free lifestyle.

4. Become the Controller of a Company

The biggest benefit of investing is the value that can be in the form of investment in a company. The existence of partial ownership of equity makes the will of investors taken into account in taking regulations on the company. In some circumstances, a person invests to maintain or create good interactions between companies.

Various Types of Investments

In investing, one must understand the goals that will differentiate the types into long-term, medium-term, and short-term investments. The difference in time period is definitely also different tactics and investment instruments.

1. Short-Term Investment

The first type of investment is short-term that runs between less than one year to three years only.

2. Medium-Term Investment

Medium-term investment is when a person has financial goals between 3 to 10 years, then this can be called a medium-term investment.

3. Investment

Long-Term This investment occurs when the saving process is above 10 years, so this investment has been included in the long-term investment category. The purposes of the investment can be in the form of children’s education costs, the cost of organizing a child’s wedding party, purchasing assets to posterity, and pension funds. Investment Product As for investment products, it is an asset model that is the object of investment.

Here are some popular investment instruments in Indonesia, including:

1. Mutual funds

This type of investment is the most in demand. Potential new investors are strongly encouraged to be clear what mutual fund investment is. The reason is, this product only requires a small amount of capital, starting from IDR 100,000, with an automatic management platform under the investment manager.

2. Stocks

Shares become one of the proofs of ownership of a company. Then what about the risks? Don’t worry, stocks are one of the investment instruments with low risk. Although it seems expensive, it does not require a large amount of capital to invest in stocks. Not only that, but new investors can also study how to manage stocks from professionals to compile tactics to increase profits and avoid losses.

3. Gold

In the end, it is gold that has a stable increase value every year, in order to become an alternative type of conducive investment. Not only that, gold can also be the right choice for those of you who are more coveting physical investment products with intrinsic value. That gold investment is made in the form of bars, not jewelry.

This is because the purity of gold is an important point for determining its value. You can buy types of pure gold bars in stores or through trusted applications. Example of Investing in a market transaction and buying one gram of gold bars for IDR 350,000 per gram. After being stored for 10 years, the price of gold rose to Rp550,000 per gram.

And decided to sell the gold with a profit of IDR 200,000. Until its peak in 2022, the money saved for the investment has a difference in the selling and buying price of the investment is the calculation of profit over a period of 10 years.

Investment Benefits

You are already aware of the meaning of investment. You are also clear about the two types of investment, namely short-term investment and long-term investment. In the following description, you can understand the benefits of running an investment.

Getting Financial Freedom (Types of Investment)

Financial freedom is a situation when you have passive income that can meet your needs and lifestyle. You can get passive income from the return on investment. You don’t need to work or pursue a career to be able to live comfortably.

If you have an investment with enough returns to meet your needs, you don’t need to rely on work anymore to earn income. Is that possible? Of course, it is possible if you carry out the investment from now on. After investing you also need to listen to various things as described in this article to get financial freedom.

Increase Wealth and Asset Value

The benefits and also the purpose of the next investment is to increase the wealth and value of the assets you have. The interest rates offered by the investment can increase the wealth you currently have. Especially if you run a long-term investment. You can feel the effect of compounding.

Simply put, the effect of compounding or rolling interest is the ability of your investment assets to generate sustainable profits. This term is also known as flowering flower. This influence can increase the value of your assets in the investment that is being made.

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Protecting the Financial Situation from Inflation (Types of Investment)

Not only the two benefits above, but another investment benefit is protecting yourself from inflation. What is inflation, its causes, and what effect it has on your financial situation has been discussed in this article. Historically, Indonesia’s average inflation reached 8.2Percent per year.

If you only save at the bank, the money you save for a long time will run out because the bank can only give an additional return of 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent per year. This amount is definitely less than the inflation rate.

Therefore, you need to invest and fight inflation. This is so that the assets you own are not eroded by inflation. If you invest in a business capital loan in Population Capital, for example, you can get a return of 15 Percent to 25 Percent per year. Surely you can make a profit without having to lose money because of inflation.

By making an investment, you can collect money that can be used to buy new vehicles, private residences, or realize dreams for Umrah. You can’t realize these needs if you only rely on savings and even your monthly income.

Thus the article on the ark of investing is ( understanding, examples, types and benefits) that you can learn for future economic purposes from me and thank you.

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