Want to Join the Wealth Management Program? Here’s The Way!

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Wealth management program is an investment advisory service that connects financial services to meet the needs of its clients. Through wealth management, clients or customers can start consulting with high-level financial advisors to get a financial strategy that suits their wants and needs.

The financial advice may be investment planning, legal or inheritance planning, tax accounting services, retirement planning, or managing client assets. So it can be said that a wealth management program is more than just investment advice, as it can cover all parts of a person’s financial life.

Want to Join the Wealth Management Program? Here’s The Way!

Instead of wasting time and money to hire several consultants to handle several financial aspects, through wealth management, clients can experience a holistic approach from a single financial manager who is able to coordinate all client needs both now and in the future.

However, not all consultants act for every financial problem of their clients. There are some wealth management consultants who prefer to specialize in certain areas of finance. This may be based on the expertise of the person concerned, or indeed the consultant only focuses on one area.

In fact, in certain cases, wealth management consultants may have to coordinate and receive input from outside financial experts or the client’s own agents, such as lawyers, accountants, etc. The goal, of course, is to develop an optimal and profitable financial strategy for the client.

For example, someone who hires directly from an investment firm, may have more knowledge in the area of ​​market strategy. While those who work in large banks, can focus more on areas such as trust management and credit options, property planning, or insurance options.

The position can be considered as consultative, as the main focus is on providing the guidance needed by clients who use wealth management services.

Wealth Management Business Structure

Wealth management can work as part of a small business or as part of a larger business, generally related to the financial industry. Depending on the business, wealth management may function under different roles, including financial consultant or financial advisor.

Clients may receive services from a single appointed consultant, or who have access to designated members of the wealth management team.

Wealth Management Strategy

Wealth management will begin by developing a plan that will maintain and increase the client’s wealth based on the individual’s financial situation, goals and comfort level.

Once the initial plan has been developed, the manager will meet regularly with the client to update objectives, review and rebalance the financial portfolio and investigate whether additional services are needed.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to provide financial services to clients throughout their lifetime.

Examples of Wealth Management Products in Several Banks

Banks have been competing to provide the best wealth management services for their customers. The aim is not only to provide satisfaction, but also to attract new customers to invest in their institution.

The following are some examples of wealth management products initiated by several banks. The most common and often encountered are mutual funds, bonds, savings accounts, insurance, and time deposits.

Gem Bank

Bank Permata provides wealth management services to help prioritize the financial goals of its customers. Wealth Management Solution from Permata Bank:

  • Mutual Fund
  • Government Bonds
  • Bancassurance

The products offered include:

  • Certified Relationship Manager. Permata Bank has a certified Relationship Manager who is ready to help identify your financial needs, as well as provide alternative products to meet those needs.
  • Continuous Wealth Management Education. Permata Bank is committed to providing Wealth Management education through a series of seminars, ranging from small to large scale, which are held annually.
  • Consolidated Statement, where you can monitor the progress of your portfolio in one consolidated financial report.

CIMB Niaga

Wealth management products from CIMB Niaga focus on developing and protecting the wealth of its customers, through:

  • Treasury
  • Mutual Fund
  • Back to Back Loan


Wealth management products from Citibank seek to help their customers protect their assets, and offer solutions for every wealth management goal. The products offered include:

  • Savings Account (Current Account, Regular Saving Account, MaxiSave Account)
  • Deposit (Flexible Deposit. Regular Time Deposit)
  • Investment Accounts (Bonds, Mutual Funds, Regulatory Investment Plans, Investment Backed Loans)
  • Insurance (Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Distribution)

Why are Indonesians Not Popular with Wealth Management Products?

The wealth management business in Indonesia is suspected to be growing in line with the rapid growth of the upper middle class population in recent years. However, in reality, this growth is still far from what was expected.

The problem is that many Indonesians do not fully know about this wealth management product. The growth of wealth management clients also cannot be said to be widespread, one of the reasons is because of the lack of socialization of wealth management products.

In fact, the Financial Prosecutor Authority (OJK) has carried out the socialization every year. As stated by Vera Margaret – Wealth Management and Insurance Product Head of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, Indonesian people are still very familiar with savings or time deposits, because they are seen as safe and secure bank products.

In fact, investment requires courage to take risks in the hope of getting a slightly higher return or reciprocity. The wealth management business potential in Indonesia is still very large and wide open, it’s just that public knowledge about financial consulting services is still very common.

Hopefully, in the future, the wealth management business will grow and help the Indonesian people in managing their wealth. A number of socializations and product approaches to the community seem to need to be improved so that we are not left behind in utilizing this wealth management product.

Wealth Management Program

In addition, there are several banks that offer wealth management programs. Like Bank BCA. From the heightened awareness of customers about the importance of financial management, it becomes an opportunity for BCA to strengthen its business.

For this reason, BCA requires experienced young professionals who have an interest in economic development and investment to join the Wealth Management Program with an education that lasts for 1 year.

Wealth Management Program graduates will be placed as permanent employees at BCA branch offices. They will be responsible for offering and supporting the fulfillment of total banking solutions, especially financial investment solutions to customers.

In addition, graduates of the Wealth Management Program can also play a role in providing investment education at BCA branch offices to fellow BCA employees and customers, so that they can support the achievement of branch targets for investment products.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with GPA Min. 3.00
  • Maximum age is 24 years (S1), and 26 years (S2)
  • Have an interest and passion for investment/wealth management
  • Able to speak English orally and in writing
  • Have good analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Have good intrapersonal and interpersonal skills
  • Have a high desire to learn
  • Have a desire to achieve the target optimally
  • Not yet and willing not to get married during the 1 year education period
  • Willing to undergo a bond of service for 2 years
  • In addition, there are several options for joining a wealth management program. The method is as follows.

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How to Register Wealth Management

Prepare the necessary documents, such as legal identity and other documents needed to fulfill administrative requirements. Visit the nearest bank that offers wealth management services. After filling out the registration form, the bank will verify the data and required documents. If the verification is successful, you can start a financial management plan as needed.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that wealth management is a service that allows you to manage assets and finances safely and on target according to your goals.

Wealth management is recommended for those of you who want to manage finances while improving their financial condition. Armed with wealth management services, you can get financial prosperity in the future. In order to increase your wealth, do not hesitate to start profitable investments!

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