7 Solutions to Financial Problem in the Household

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Money is often one of the sources of quarrels for married couples. Moreover, it is not uncommon for households built over the years to collapse, just because of money problem. In fact, if you look for a middle ground, it is not impossible to find solutions to financial problem in the household. Therefore, it is important how to overcome financial problem in the family that are often questioned.

It is undeniable that financial cases will always appear at any time, especially for married couples. The height of the ego coupled with the increasing needs of life is often the initial trigger in financial cases. Not only that, here’s how to overcome financial problem in the family.

7 Solutions to Financial Problem in the Household

1. Different Lifestyles

Everyone must have a different lifestyle. Some are accustomed to the wealth around them, but there are also those who always adopt a simple lifestyle due to economic demands. This can sound ordinary when you are not yet approaching the world of marriage. But when you already have a partner, then lifestyle becomes one of the triggers for problems, especially for financial matters.

Therefore, it is important for you and your husband to compromise first whether there is a proper solution between the two of you. So that this does not constantly interfere with the interaction of the already built household.

2. Not Fixed on Financial Planning

Getting solutions to financial problem in the household can be said to be difficult if you and your partner both raise your ego and are not solid about a financial plan made. In fact, by staying on financial planning, you and your partner become more aware of each other’s contribution to the family’s monthly budget. Not only that, with careful planning, you can also prepare long-term investment needs.

3. Unbalanced Income

The nominal disparity of income owned is usually also a trigger for household financial conflicts. How not, if the husband has a higher income than the wife or vice versa, it must be a burden in itself.

If it is allowed to drag on, it is not ruled out that when the confrontation occurs this is deliberately alluded to by one of the parties. In fact, unless you think about it again, both the husband and wife’s income is for family purposes, which should be a shared responsibility as well.

It’s a good idea to talk about this one-on-one and as much as possible find a middle point so that the issue of income is no longer one of the triggers for cases in the residential area. Financial Case Solutions in The Place of Residence Believe that in a household financial conflict that occurs, there will always be a solution.

It’s just a matter of how you and your husband respond to the problem with a cool head. Remember, always put common interests ahead of personal interests. If you manage to get rid of each other’s egos, then try to apply

7 solutions of financial cases in the household

1. Creating Good Teamwork in Managing Finances

What are the benefits of always arguing about each partner’s income? It’s better to work together to manage the right finances so that you remain compact and transparent in terms of money. This financial case solution in the household is not only suitable for couples who have been married for a long time, but for you, the newlywed.

That way, you and your partner can understand the flow in and out of more directed money. If it is also very possible, try to start a long-term investment to prepare a fund for children’s education and life in old age later.

2. Be Open About Expenses

In order to avoid financial cases within the stairwells, another solution that needs to be implemente is to communicate the expense case. Because in the absence of open communication between spouses, it is possible that the financial case that occurs will not reach the word peace. Start talking well about whatever it is that concerns money, especially relate to expenses. Don’t keep it protracte if you don’t want to cause new problems.

In the event of an inevitable conflict, another solution to the financial case in the household that must be trie is to discuss all the best provisions not only for you but also your partner.

3. Make Financial Planning

As life partners, you and your husband must have a financial plan base on the joint provisions made. The goal is to keep the family’s financial life healthy even though they will be hit by cases relate to money.

This financial planning can be made in the form of realistic monthly bylaws that suit your financial atmosphere. The budget itself can be in the form of the amount of money allocate to each expenditure post, such as bill payments, investments, children’s education, and also unexpecte costs including emergency funds.

4. Have Long-Term Financial Goals Together

The next solution to financial cases in the household that you must implement is to have a common financial goal in the long term. Because in the future, family expenses will certainly increase, for example, for the cost of children’s education to have a bachelor’s degree.

Because as we understand, the more here the cost of education is getting more expensive. Not to mention, if later your baby wants to take a study program such as medicine, where the entrance fee can reach RP500 million.

Therefore, create a financial goal that knows between you and your partner and take advantage of the income you have now not only for today, but also for the next few months to years.

5. Dare to Invest

Nowadays investments are not only recognize certainly for those who are berduit. The reason is, now there are many affordable online investment products for beginners. So, the risk of losing money is very minimal. Investing is not just about saving money.

But if you and your partner are reliable and clear about the provisions of the game, it is not impossible that the family’s finances in the next five years will remain stable and may even increase. Some investment options that can be trie such as mutual funds, peer to peer lending, gold, and stocks.

6. Win-Win Solution

When a quarrel occurs with money implications, the solution to financial cases in the household that are also usually successfully carrie out by couples is by means of a win-win solution. That is, you and your husband must make a mutual agreement regarding the flow of income and family expenses, so that no one feels cheate anymore because of unfair decisions.

This method can be do if you want to determine sudden expenses, saving, or especially when planning a family vacation budget. Uphold the commitments made together so that money is no longer the main case within the household ark.

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7. Set The Expenditure Post With The Formula 50-30-20

The solution to financial problem in the household is to manage expenditure items. You can do this if you follow the 50-30-20 formula couple with careful financial planning.

The formula is generally base on the priority scale of needs as well as by predicting various unexpecte expenses. The meaning of the number 50 in this expenditure post is the amount of living expenses derive from the family’s fixe income.

For example, the overall income of you and your spouse is currently IDR 20 million, then the maximum expenditure of living expenses is IDR 10 million which is divide from 50 percent of the total income. Then for 30 are installment posts and bills such as electricity, water, internet, and others that should not be mixe in the post of living expenses.

At the end of the day, saving or investing is 20 percent of the total income to better support the future. On this issue, you must be able to commit to always setting aside money even in large quantities. Because of course, over time the savings you have will become a hill.

Those are the seven ways to overcome financial problem in the family. As explaine in the previous point, one of the smart solutions to keep finances maintaine is to make an investment. Well, you can apply for this investment product through Cekaja which has proven to be conducive and reliable. Come on, apply now for a better family future, thank you for your attention.


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