Definition and Advantages of the Best Private Insurance

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One of the pleasures to be grateful for is healthy favors. With healthy favors a person can enjoy the day, work, and also seek sustenance. On the other hand, if you are sick, no matter how much property you have, you will run out for medical expenses. Therefore, maintaining health needs to be done as a preventive measure to inhibit the arrival of disease. Therefore, it is necessary to have a private insurance package with the existence of insurance that can help in the payment.

Despite this, the risk of getting sick in the future remains. However you strive to maintain health, it is not impossible that diseases will come their way. To minimize this atmosphere, having a health insurance package is the best way. Health insurance can cover a variety of health risks that stop by without being predicted. You can transfer health risks to the insurance company so that the financial situation remains conducive.

Definition and Advantages of the Best Private Insurance

A private insurance plan is an insurance model managed by an enterprise or private entity. Insurance coverage premiums are paid entirely by customers with the amount adjusted to the benefits taken. Examples of private insurance packages or types of private insurance, include private health insurance, life insurance, car insurance or vehicle insurance, unit link insurance.

Examples of other private insurance, namely education insurance, property insurance or property insurance, business insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, marine insurance, and also credit insurance. In Indonesia, there is not only private insurance, there is also government insurance.

Government insurance is a type of government-run insurance. Currently, the new government insurance covers health insurance. Known as BPJS Kesehatan. Insurance coverage premiums paid are subsidized by the government, so that they become cheaper.

Private insurance ownership is not mandatory. It is based on the needs and financial situation of a person. If it is felt that the benefits of BPJS Kesehatan do not cover the health risks of oneself and one’s family, and can also pay insurance coverage premiums every month or every year, then you can apply for private health insurance as a complement.

Based on the decision, all Indonesian citizens (WNI) must be registered as participants of BPJS Kesehatan. Register yourself and family members on one Family Card (Kk). Disparities between BPJS and private insurance or BPJS Kesehatan with private health insurance, including:

1. The amount of insurance coverage premium

Insurance coverage premiums are premiums that must be paid by the policyholder within an exclusive period in order to get insurance benefits. Insurance coverage premiums can be paid on a monthly, quarter, semester, and year basis.

In private insurance, the amount of insurance coverage premium is determined by the insurance company and agreed upon by the policyholder. The premium value of this insurance coverage is usually already stated in the policy document.

Many factors affect the size of the insurance coverage premium. These factors include the age of the insurance insured, insurance coverage, lifestyle or medical records of the insured, gender, and the insured’s employment sector. The more complete the benefits of insurance support, the more expensive the premium. Including the risk scale of the insured. If the insured has a higher risk, the premium is automatically more expensive.

2. Insurance benefits

The benefits of cheap or expensive private health insurance coverage generally include, hospitalization (room, doctor’s visit, surgery, medicine), outpatient, childbirth, glasses, dental, general check-up, to death compensation. Meanwhile, the benefits of BPJS Kesehatan range from prevention services to treatment during disease healing. From the first level of the health center to the hospital.

The services covered by BPJS Kesehatan for drugs, medical devices, hospitalization, medical consultations, medical rehabilitation, specialist consultations, as well as immunizations and birth control, there are also many diseases covered by BPJS, such as cancer, stroke, heart, bronchitisi, leukemia, tumors, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, and many others. Although it is quite complete, there are still benefits that are not covered by BPJS Kesehatan and can actually be financed by private insurance.

3. Sum insured

The amount of sum insured that will be received by the customer is usually determined by a private insurance company based on the insurance coverage premium paid. For example, for inpatient rooms, the sum insured is millions per year. Furthermore, for medicines, it is millions or hundreds of thousands per year. Even with the consultation of a specialist doctor, and also other benefits there are their respective ceilings.

Meanwhile, BPJS Kesehatan has no limit on the sum insured. The service facilities that participants get are in accordance with insurance coverage premiums or Class 1, 2, or 3. For example, students from Class 1 get an inpatient room with a capacity of 2-4 people. Meanwhile, Class 2 participants have a capacity of 3-5 people in sick residences.

4. How to make a claim or pay bills

In private insurance, there are two hospital bill payment platforms or claim processes, namely cashless and reimbursement. Cashless health insurance is a type of health insurance that makes it easier for customers to pay hospital bills. Customers do not need to pay the cost of treatment from personal money first.

The fee will be paid by the insurance company as long as the policy is still active. Customers only need to show or submit an insurance card to the hospital. The cost is because it will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Meanwhile, reimbursement health insurance is a payment platform by bailing it out first. Then the payment receipt is taken to the insurance office to ask for a replacement or reimbursement of the money that has been spent by the customer. For government insurance participants, usually the claim process or how to pay bills will be taken care of by BPJS Kesehatan. In this case it is called cashless.

5. The place of residence of the sick relationship

The best private insurance must have a large and extensive network of relational hospitals. Both at home and abroad. The number of hospitals that work with private insurance companies needs to be considered by customers before purchasing health insurance.

When BPJS Kesehatan had a relationship between health facilities (Faskes) that received government insurance. Health facility one, consisting of puskesmas, clinics, and general practitioners. Health facilities two, specialist doctors or specialist dentists. And advanced health facilities, namely general hospitals or special hospitals.

So, unless you want to give birth for free with BPJS Kesehatan, for example, you have to go to the health center first for childbirth. If there is a case in the process of giving birth, or it concerns the safety of the mother and also the baby, and must be rushed to the hospital, then the health center will give a referral letter.

Advantages of Having the Best Private Insurance

The best private insurance or the best private health insurance in Indonesia is quite a lot. You have to carefully choose it. Because, having the best private insurance will benefit customers. Here are the advantages of encapsulating the best private insurance:

1. No need for a referral letter

To get the benefits of BPJS Kesehatan, participants must go through a tiered health facility platform for a referral letter. But not with private insurance. Free, come directly to the hospital of choice that you think is good. The important thing is that the hospital has an insurance relationship that you hold.

2. Can double claim

The advantage of having private insurance is that it can provide additional double claim benefits. Even though they have BPJS Kesehatan or other private insurance, private insurance companies will still accept customer claims. Customers can make double claims even if they only have legalized receipts. While the original receipt will be used to submit a claim to another insurance company.

3. Can be used abroad

If BPJS Kesehatan, it only applies to health facilities in the country. While private insurance can be used in overseas hospitals that cooperate with insurance companies. If you are on vacation and suffering from illness, private insurers will still cover medical expenses abroad.

4. More complete and fast service

Having private insurance gives the advantage of getting a more complete and fast service. Avoid long lines. Even if you have to line up, you still get adequate facilities, such as a comfortable waiting room.

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5. Can buy additional insurance

If the assistance wants to be more complete, customers can buy additional insurance (Rider). Additional insurance is insurance that provides additional benefits beyond the benefits on the selected basic product.

For example, you have purchased health insurance without critical illness protection benefits. In this case, you can buy additional insurance that specifically covers dozens of critical illnesses with 100 percent compensation for dependents.

Well, those are some reviews about private insurance packages that you can use when you are sick and the many advantages of using this insurance and thank you for your attention.

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