Let’s Protect Your Vehicle with the Best Car Insurance

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The car insurance package will keep your car protected from all causes of damage. Starting from the destruction of the implications of accidents, damage due to natural forces to damage due to crime. To accommodate all the protection you need for your favorite car, it would be better to use All Risk insurance, one of the insurance products that provides additional complete compensation ranging from minor to severe damages.

The All Risk car insurance package also covers the risk of losing the car from crimes such as theft. The type of All Risk car is also known as comprehensive insurance, being the best product owned by each insurance company.

Let’s Protect Your Vehicle with the Best Car Insurance

There is extensive protection, as well as high insurance coverage contributions, the value of All Risk insurance coverage contributions is greater than Tlo products. The amount of insurance coverage contributions refers to the provisions of the OJK concerning the Determination of Insurance Coverage Contributions or Contributions to the Property Insurance and Motor Vehicle Insurance Business Lines.

One of the best All Risk car insurance recommendations is vehicle insurance from Tugu Pratama Indonesia. But, before knowing it, it’s a good idea to first understand the important reason for having vehicle protection in the form of insurance. The importance of having insurance protection by having a car is definitely because of its convenience in helping you to carry out activities.

You can move from one location to another at any time easily using a car. Car insurance is also so, offering convenience in making compensation if you are someone who is very dependent on his mobility and privacy. Insurance provides convenience for those of you who are experiencing difficulties in the middle of the road because the car suddenly breaks down or is damaged.

The nearest relation repair shop owned by insurance will release the burden of your mind and panic handling a car that suddenly breaks down. An important reason to have car insurance can also be as a savior for your finances. For example, in the event of a car breaking down suddenly, you can also spend quite a lot of funds suddenly if the car is damaged. A car is an object that is not cheap, as well as the cost of servicing it.

So by following car insurance, your finances are maintained and do not leak for the purposes of repairing cars that visit suddenly. The amount of insurance coverage contributions incurred for insurance can also be in your pocket. So, insurance coverage contributions will not drain finances, but when the car enters the repair shop, it will not drain the savings money. Because, the insurance is ready to compensate and provide handling until it is completed.

In fact, you can also protect not only the car, your body also by providing collateral expansion in the insurance policy. The best car insurance options To be able to immediately see the comparison of all insurance, here are the 12 best car insurances in Indonesia and can be directly compared.

1.Primary Monument

PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia TBK offers assistance in the form of All Risk insurance products. The premium is also affordable at only about IDR 33 thousand per month with approximately 307 relation workshops.

2.Garda Oto

This car insurance must be very familiar, Garda Oto offers insurance claims through 4 channels. The four are Garda Mobile Otocare through the application, Garda Access 24 hours by telephone, online claims via the site, and also Strategic Service Units in various shopping centers spread throughout Indonesia. Garda Oto insurance services have additional features in the form of third party responsibilities, as well as riot expansion and also natural forces.

3. Sinar Mas

The best car insurance is finally Sinar Mas. Sinarmas insurance has a superior product called Simasnet. Through Simasnet, you can make a claim directly to an authorized repair shop if there is damage to the car. Sinar Mas added collateral assistance for combined insurance products (Comprehensive) up to the age of the car 10 years, while in TLO, collateral is given up to the age of the car 20 years.

4. Jasaraharja Putera

Jasaraharja Putera is a car insurance that presents Jp-Astor (Motor Vehicle Insurance) service products. This program provides collateral for the risks of damage and or loss of the vehicle itself. Not only that, there are also two scopes of responsibility or assistance provided by Jp-Astor, namely TLO and all risk. Then the insurance coverage contributions of both are known to be very cheap, and the Jasaraharja Putera network is widely covered, spread outside Jakarta.

5. ACA car insurance

ACA car insurance aka ACA Otomate provides additional replacement car services that keep customers productive when the car is being repaired at the repair shop. Then, there is also a Roadside Assistance facility that will help you repair damaged cars directly on site. However, this service is only valid in the Jabotabek, Bandung, Sukabumi, and Semarang areas. ACA insurance offers comprehensive or combine products.

This product provides collateral compensation or repair costs and also loss or damage to part or all of the vehicles due to fire, acts of lawlessness, falling objects, theft, robbery, collisions, collisions and also other traffic accidents. If you are intereste, you can immediately fill in your complete personal data on the formal Aca website. Later, the ACA insurance company will provide assistance to this car and will contact you, to process the purchase and application for insurance.


BRINS OTO which is a service from BRI insurance that provides additional support for cars from various risks accompanied by collateral expansion. There are two collateral models on BRINS Oto, including combined or comprehensive coverage and also overall loss Loss Only (Tlo). All of them have four packages offered, namely BRINS OTO Platinum, BRINS OTO Gold, BRINS OTO Silver and BRINS OTO Bronze.

7. Allianz Utama Indonesia

The insurance whose head office is in Kuningan, South Jakarta, is not only a local collateral, but also the world. Allianz has a Mobilku insurance product that provides three comprehensive packages that can be chosen according to your needs.

In the product, there is also a choice of Allianz Mobilku Grand packages that provide the most complete additional vehicle support solution for all damages and thefts. Allianz Mobilku ECO which offers cheaper insurance coverage fee. And Allianz Mobilku Suka-Suka which provides a choice of insurance packages that suit the wishes of customers.

8. Adira Autocillin

Adira Insurance provides additional collateral on the car in the form of comprehensive. Or collateral for all losses only with the cost of different car insurance. Insurance coverage contributions according to the type of collateral chosen.

Its features are Emergency Roadside Assistance which is ready to be on standby within 24 hours. And Autocillin Mobile Claim Application which simplifies the insurance claim process. Not only that. There is also Autocillin Mobile Service which provides guaranteed car service. Services to customers with an easy process.

9. Adira Syariah

PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika which offers sharia all risk insurance products as a good vehicle insurance option that you can choose. The premium is cheap starting from RP863,940 per year with a workshop relationship of more than 300 workshops.

10. AXA Auto Insurance

AXA Auto Insurance has an insurance product called Smartdrive that provides additional assistance for car losses. Accidents or stolen by private drivers. Not only that. Customers will also get legal responsibility from third parties. And also other benefits in accordance with the selected product.

11. Jasindo Oto Insurance

Jasindo Oto offers 2 types of giving, namely All Risk and Tlo. Insurance that already exists and has an extensive network of workshops throughout Indonesia. Free towing car fees, ease in paying insurance coverage dues. And also a car age limit of up to 15 years for Tlo insurance.

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12. BCA Insurance

BCA Insurance covers any losses and damages to motorized vehicles. Its protection includes the risk of implications of collision, theft, fire. To the time of being on board the ship for crossings under the supervision of. The Directorate General of Land Transportation. Not only that. Its services include the risk of legal liability to third parties, riots or riots, personal accidents of drivers and passengers. To the loss of natural disaster implications.

Well, those are some important reviews about car insurance packages. If you have car insurance it will be easier to make compensation if there is damage from me. Thank you for reading this article hopefully useful.

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