Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas & Strategies That Work!

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Marketing ideas – if you’re a financial advisor, you can’t get enough of them. As a pazarlama consultant and coach who works specifically with advisors, I enjoy seeing that passion that advisors bring to the business. However, I’ve noticed that most advisors don’t know how to market themselves.

I don’t blame them… marketing wasn’t really taught to me either. I had to self-teach a lot of things, and the rest was by trial-and-error. I understand that as a financial advisor, it’s easier to work “in” your business than working “on” your business and marketing.

Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas & Strategies That Work!

Thanks, Michael Gerber! Because I am the guy who helps financial advisors and financial planners get more clients, it is my personal responsibility to make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the marketplace.

I hope that you can take these financial advisor marketing ideas and implement them in your own life. I love sharing different marketing tips and strategies I’ve heard from financial advisors over the years. In this massive 6,000+ word post, I want to share with you some ideas that you can take and implement into your financial advisory practice.

But First, Understand That Strategy Is King

Before you act on any of these marketing ideas, understand this: Strategy is everything. In an episode of my Financial Advisor Marketing podcast, I shared why strategy is more critical to your marketing efforts than the tactics themselves.

If that shocks you, think of tactics as tools. Like a hammer is useless to tighten a lug nut, tactics don’t mean anything until you put them into the right context or strategy.

That’s why financial advisors who don’t succeed are often those who focus too much on tactics, religiously follow them and apply them to every situation. If you care more about the trendiest email pazarlama tactic than the big-picture strategy, you’re headed down the wrong path. (Unfortunately, so is your bottom line.)

Don’t get me wrong. No tactic is bad or good. For any to be truly effective, they need to be combined with a strategy — one you customize to reach your target market.

This is where you can get creative.

To create a winning strategy, see your tactics as chess pieces and the strategy as how you move them across the board. You don’t beat your opponent by playing one chess piece and pushing all the others off the board, right?

Rather than swap out a tactic to try a new one, incorporate new efforts into your overall strategy, and make it even more powerful. You never want to cut something that works (or keep something that doesn’t), so build on it with new tactics to strengthen your reach.

You can always pick and choose tactics later, but it’s a recipe for disaster to focus on them without a strategy. Because before you deploy any tactic, you have to make sure you use it correctly.

Once you find a prospecting strategy you enjoy that aligns with your business model, don’t let go of it. To ensure it remains effective, here’s the question to ask yourself about your tactics: Does this activity move the needle forward?

If yes, do it. If not, don’t. It’s that simple.

1. Set Goals.

This may not fit into your typical mold of marketing advice, but it’s incredibly important. (That’s why I created Goal Setting for Financial Advisors). If you don’t have a target, nothing else matters. I can’t stress this enough. Setting goals makes all the other financial advisor pazarlama ideas fall into place. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to work so hard for so little?

While others don’t work as hard, yet seem to have everything? These are people who seem like they have the “magic touch”. The difference is goals. Some people (a very small percentage) actually have goals, while others don’t. People who have goals succeed because they know where they’re going. Sounds too simple, but it’s true.

However, here’s something most people don’t think about when it comes to setting goals: you must have a foundation first.

I love setting goals. Goals are awesome. It excites me when financial advisors write to me and tell me how they’re focused on crossing the million-dollar mark or that they have a goal of changing one hundred lives.

However, goals are just wishes if there are no plans and systems backing them.

For example, I could set a goal to write a 50,000-word novel… OR I could set up a system that enables me to write 500 words per day.

See the difference? One influences action while the other is likely to remain wishful thinking.

The system serves as my foundation. Once I have that foundation, I can get into the habit of writing every day… and that habit will automatically push me towards my goal.

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2. Know Your Target Market.

You should be able to describe your perfect client to me so I can visualize him or her with absolute clarity. You need to know demographics (age, gender, locale, profession) as well as psychographics Adviser (how do they think?).

Don’t lie to yourself and say that you market to everybody. If you do this, you will fail. Remember that the “riches are in the niches”, and if you specialize enough, knowing your ülkü client will become that much easier. Take me, for example: I’m not a pazarlama coach for everyone under the sun.

I work exclusively with financial advisors, so my target market is easier to define. Many financial advisors focus on entrepreneurs, divorcees, retirees, widows and company executives. You could go even further and be THE financial advisor for dentists or THE financial advisor for plumbers. Don’t believe that if you “cast a wide net”, you’ll get more business. In reality, the opposite is true. As you go narrow, you will get more clients.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “women” is a niche market. Or “small business owners”. Or “retirees”. These aren’t specific enough.

Getting specific with your niche is the way to “level up” your entire marketing machine.

It’s like driving a Ferrari while everyone else is putt-putting along in a Volvo.

If no one’s told you this yet, let me be the first: You’ll go broke trying to give people what they need, but it’s easier to get rich if you give them what they want.

Realistically, most people may need your financial advising services, but that doesn’t mean they want them. The most profitable strategy is to target potential clients who demonstrate their interests and the content they value by interacting with it.

For instance, when you share an article about budgeting, income investing, or annuities, the people who comment or DM you to say they plan to implement your advice are potential clients who show you they value financial planning.

If they share your content or engage with it consistently, consider that a signal of their possible interest in your services. Whatever your specialty, use social media to engage your audience with content that explains how to solve problems associated with your niche — the more specific you can be, the better. Thus the article about Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas & Strategies That Work!. Hopefully it will be useful and thank you.

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