Financial Advisor Marketing Strategy For 3X Leads

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If you’re a financial advisor then you know nothing is more important than getting a steady stream of qualified annuity leads. Not any old lead, but qualified leads for financial advisors that convert to sales. Higher converting leads means more sales and profit for you. There’s the 20th Century method of prospecting and then there’s the 21st Century of çağdaş prospecting. Let them find you rather than the other way around.

Financial Advisor Marketing Strategy For 3X Leads

Why resort to cold calling when you can have quaified leads call you? When prospects call you they are more intentional with finding a better financial solution. There’s more intent which means they convert better. And best of all its an easier sell.

After some 20+ years of digital pazarlama, I can’t remember making a cold call. I always found a way of generating leads using the Internet. So can you. And it’s not hard. You don’t need to be a “nerd” techie to generate leads online. I’m going to show you exactly in 5 easy steps on how to become a digital financial advisor pazarlama maven.

It’s an easy formula, visibility + traffic = inbound prospects

There are only a handful of ways to get traffic to your website. And only one method that will work for local business. You could do paid advertising, but that’s expensive. You could do search engine optimization but that is also expensive and a long term strategy that could take a year or more to generate a positive ROI.

But there is a pazarlama solution that provides qualified financial leads that is not only cost-effective (free) but that provides the most viable result especially if your business is located in a physical location in a local geographic region.

The solution is local search engine optimization. It’s different from regular SEO in that your not competing on a global scale, but rather, on a local basis, which is perfect for any financial consultant, insurance broker or agent.

Local search for pazarlama purposes is also compliant with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Marketing Strategy: Why is Local SEO Important for marketing and generating leads?

  • Mobile search for local businesses surpasses desktop search.
  • 88% of all consumer local searches result in either calling or visiting the local business.
  • Close to 50% of all searches are for local information.

This telltale information begs the question, why aren’t you adapting your financial or insurance business for local search to garner more clients? Surely your competitors will. And if they aren’t, then you can get a competitive advantage and gain more visibility from potential clients who are searching for financial advice on their smartphone.

This article will reveal a simple cure that guarantees a steady flow of leads with a simple 5-step pazarlama plan. If you’re looking for a solution to getting leads then this article is for you.

Effective financial advisor pazarlama means your website presence and visibility needs to be optimized for generating annuity leads, insurance leads and the like. Solid online pazarlama tactics that target potential clients is crucial, yet many don’t know how to implement an effective plan. Optimization sounds like a scary and difficult tactic. Rest assured if some advisors are optimizing their online marketing so can you.

Marketing Strategy: Can you see your business listed here in front of your customers to see?

While 78% of advisors are satisfied with using financial pazarlama organizations (FMO) or independent marketing organization (IMO) which act as intermediaries providing pazarlama services on a broader scale that focus on more generic pazarlama initiatives for the insurance and financial verticals. Creating your own local pazarlama initiative with local search complements any FMO or IMO promotions.

Understanding 3 Types of Traffic For Financial  Advisor Marketing

There are basically 3 Google traffic generation types that advisors must understand. Knowing which of the 3 types is suitable for your agency business will help to find the right prospects. The 3 types of traffic sources follow:

Optimal Financial Adviser Lead Prospecting with “Google My Business”

The first search result type, you probably have seen online, the so-called “3 pack” pictured above. Google generates these results grouped together in list form below Google maps on the search results page. These are for local businesses. This type of search result in Google is called “Google my business.” You need a Google account to be able to optimize your business in the local search results.

How To Distinguish amongst the 3 Different Types of Search Results

If you’re doing your own digital pazarlama and promoting your financial advisor business, it’s important to be able to recognize the 3 various types of search results. When looking at search results for your keyword phrase, you will want to count those advisors that appear in Google search with the same type and format of search result – namely the 3-pack listing with Google Map. See the image below for distinguishing features.

In addition to the 3 search result types, a special case called the rich snippet needs some clarification. Essentially rich snippets appear usually above the organic listings and below Google ads which makes rich snippets a highly desirable feature because it generates a lot of traffic.

But even more important, is that rich snippets answer searchers questions and that is why it is an excellent pazarlama tool for financial and insurance advisors.

Getting Clicks To Your Web Page With Google Food (Rich Snippet)

When you enter the conversation in searchers head by providing a unique answer, a rich snippet automatically generates a greater click-through-rate, meaning searchers are more likely to click on a rich snippet than other search results.  Google actively searches websites for rich snippets that answer searchers queries.

Best of all, rich snippets are easy to create on your internet page. If you know some HTML then you can create a rich snippet. If you don’t and you have a WordPress site, you can easily add a plugin that creates a rich snippet. Actually, a rich snippet is no more than a headline, a table, and an image bundled together. It’s often referred to “Google food” because Google just loves them.

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Creating Your Marketing Profile To Grow Qualified Financial Leads


  • Create your Google account if you don’t have one. It’s free!
  • Search for “Google my business” in Google and log into your account. When attempting to add your business, Google will either send a code to your cellphone or send a postcard with a special code. Google wants to ensure you have a legitimate business. Once you receive the card which may take a week, log into your account and enter the code on the card. If you receive a text message simply enter it in the appropriate box.
  • Now you’re set to start promoting and optimizing your business. Secret tip – when filling out the information form online, use the keyword phrase you want to rank for in the business name area along with your business name. For example, “Chicago financial advisor – XYZ Agency”.
  • Add your keyword to your website page in the title tag, and several times in the content body.
  • Create several external links in business directories that “point” to your web page.


Thus the article about Financial Advisor Marketing Strategy For 3X Leads. Hopefully it will be useful and thank you.

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