Best Dental Health Insurance Recommendations to Try

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Maintaining healthy teeth is not enough just to brush your teeth regularly, but you must regularly see a dentist at least once every 6 months. Unfortunately, there are still many people reluctant to go to the dentist for reasons of cost. In fact, dental health is as important as other parts of the body because it affects all bodies. Although dental care costs quite a lot inside, now it can be resolved thanks to the dental insurance package.

In this article, Moneyduck will review in full related to dental insurance packages. What are the benefits? What are the models of dental health insurance? How to buy dental insurance? Moneyduck will also give you some dental insurance references. Check it out in full, yes.

Best Dental Health Insurance Recommendations to Try

What is Dental Health Insurance?

Dental health insurance should not be underestimated because this product can protect your financial risk from surgery or dental treatment. Dental insurance is a protection that causes coverage for dental care costs, ranging from basic to complex costs. The best treatment is also guaranteed if you have dental insurance.

Most dental health insurance is used as an addition (Rider) of health insurance. However, some insurance companies provide stand-alone dental insurance. Both health and dental insurance are equally important. By taking these two insurances, you will definitely get more complete health protection, right?

Benefits of Having Dental Health Insurance

For those of you who want to have dental insurance, you definitely need to weigh the benefits offered. Not only in terms of cost and regular visits are guaranteed as basic benefits, you will benefit from complex treatments to the installation of dentures. The following is Moneyduck’s description of the benefits of dental health insurance:

1. Basic Benefits

As a dental insurance customer, this basic benefit you will definitely receive. These benefits include regular visits as dental health care, fillings, scaling, and tooth extraction.

2. Complex Benefits

These benefits lead to treatment collateral when you experience dental health problems that require special care. The complex benefits of dental health insurance are dental surgery and dental implantation. Usually, it is given to customers who have an accident and have severe tooth damage.

3. Benefits of Beauty

Some people feel more confident when their teeth look nice and perfect. If you are the person, this can be achieved by having dental health insurance. The benefits of this beauty are used to beautify your teeth such as installing braces, whitening teeth, or tidying your teeth. However, beauty benefits are still rarely used and generally require additional costs from basic insurance coverage contributions which are more expensive.

4. Benefits of Dentures

Customers who want to receive the benefits of installing dentures need to get a recommendation from a doctor. This means that you can get dentures if you feel they are needed through the approval of a doctor.

Get to know Pure Dental Insurance

As discussed earlier, dental insurance is mostly just an addition (Rider) of health insurance. But, there are insurance companies that provide their own dental health insurance. What’s the difference? Let’s see more below!

1. Health + Dental Insurance

Dental health is very important to maintain like any other part of the body. Today, many insurance companies offer health assistance as well as dental care in addition. This insurance is perfect for those who have not yet registered as health insurance customers so that you don’t have to bother buying new dental insurance anymore. The premium price also tends to be cheaper because it is used as a rider.

2. Pure Insurance Policy (Stand Alone)

Without a combination of health insurance, you can still get dental health insurance with a pure insurance policy (Stand alone). That is, pure dental insurance does not require help from health insurance so you can buy it separately. This product is suitable for those who previously had health insurance, but have not been registered as a dental insurance customer.

Types of Dental Health Insurance based on Its Benefits

Not only one, dental health insurance has three different types. The disparity of the three is seen in terms of the main benefits, namely as basic care, complex care, and specifically the installation of dentures. Well, thus you can choose dental insurance tailored to your needs. The three models of dental insurance include:

1. Basic Care Dental Insurance

This insurance offers you coverage for basic dental care costs. For example, these costs include regular maintenance, scaling, filling cavities, and tooth extraction.

2. Dental Insurance Complex Care (Major Care)

Dental insurance complex care gives you more in-depth treatment, especially in overcoming dental problems. Complex treatment is widely used in accident victims or people with severe damage to the teeth where it requires dental surgery and dental implantation.

3. Denture Installation Tooth Insurance

Well, this type of dental health insurance is perfect for parents who need dentures. This is because, denture installation insurance needs to get a doctor’s recommendation to be able to make a claim. That is, this insurance is only limited to people who are in dire need.

Best Dental Insurance Options with Cheap Insurance Coverage Contributions

Quite a lot of insurance companies provide dental health insurance. However, the offer of each insurance must have different benefits and facilities. This disparity also depends on the amount of insurance coverage contributions from each insurance. Moneyduck has summarized some dental insurance recommendations for you. Check it out below!

1. Cigna Healthy Smile Insurance

The Cigna Senyum Sehat insurance product is owned by PT Asuransi Cigna. Cigna Senyum Sehat Insurance is committed to providing additional saving and practical teething. You only need to pay insurance coverage contributions starting from IDR 185,250 per month to get dental care benefits such as tartar cleaning, dental fillings, tooth extraction, accident implication dental care, bridge making, and treatment to foreign countries.

This insurance is suitable for those who are all practical because they use cashless services. Another benefit, you can get dental care assistance until the age of 65. Not only that, Cigna Senyum Sehat insurance offers other benefits, you know! The profit is in the form of a 10 percent discount on insurance coverage contributions.

For a year and discounts at dental care merchants at relational clinics. Please note, that Cigna Senyum Sehat insurance is a type of stand alone insurance. This means you don’t have to buy health insurance in tandem.

2. AXA Insurance with Excellent Health Independent

AXA Berdikari Kesehatan Prima Insurance provides complex dental care services for accident implications. This insurance can be your choice as a health insurance customer. However, for other dental care benefits such as basic care benefits and the installation of dentures are included in the addition (Rider)

The amount of insurance coverage contributions from AXA Berdikari dental insurance is very affordable for all people starting from IDR 65,000, you can get a variety of dental care benefits. AXA Berdikari Kesehatan Prima Insurance applies a guaranteed renewal until the age of 99 years. The claim process is also practical because it can be done cashlessly at relational hospitals.

3. Allianz Smarthealth Maxi Violet Insurance

The Allianz Smarthealth Maxi Violet insurance product is basically a health insurance with basic inpatient benefits, but you can get additional benefits in the form of outpatient, outpatient, and childbirth. The scope of dental benefits includes basic dental care, complex dental care, and denture installation.

If you are interested in dental insurance from Allianz, you need to take it along with additional outpatient insurance. With additional costs starting from Rp450,000 you can get help for your dental health.

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4. Danamon Dental Insurance

Dental health insurance with large coverage costs? Products from Danamon Dental are perfect for you. Danamon Dental Insurance offers dental care benefits with coverage benefits up to RP10,000,000. Insurance coverage contributions that you have to pay are quite affordable, ranging from IDR 148,000 to IDR 188,000 every month.

You will get maximum dental care until the age of 65. If you include a spouse, Danamon Dental insurance offers you a special discount when doing dental treatment.

Well, those are some reviews that discuss about dental insurance plans with you having your dental insurance easier to keep your checks that are all from me thank you.

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