Pet Insurance: The Importance of Insurance For Your Beloved Pet

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Pet Insurance packages are not really familiar to our ears. But as it turns out, insuring animals is important, you know! Caring for animals, both pets and farm animals is not easy, but it is very exciting. But keep in mind, not only food, we also have to take care of other needs such as a house, a container to poop, to the mood of the animal.

All of that will be more complete if it is added with our beloved pet insurance package. Although not as popular as other types of insurance, this insurance has been circulating in Indonesia for quite a long time. This insurance for pets is worth considering because more and more people are fond of keeping adorable and cute animals.

The Importance of Insurance For Your Beloved Pet

What is animal insurance?

Pet insurance is the provision of pets for exclusive risks. These risks vary from the fixed stigma or implications of accidents, to death.

In fact, animal insurance is a derivative of a property insurance product that is modified according to the needs of pet owners.

Benefits of animal insurance

Just like other types of insurance, pet insurance gives peace of mind to pet owners. Especially if we already consider pets as part of the family, of course we don’t want bad things to happen to our pets. Here are the benefits you get by insuring a pet:

1. Pet health care

Just like insurance in general, insuring animals means reducing the burden of pet health care costs if they are sick or have an accident.

2. Help on pet theft

No one yearns for his pet to be stolen. But if that happens, pet owners will get compensation when their pet is stolen.

3. Insured costs of pet death

Similar to other insurance, pet insurance also covers the cost of burial of pets who died of illness or had an accident.

4. Insuring medical costs for the owner’s injuries caused by pets

Not only are pets protected, but owners also get help if injured their pets. Thus, pet insurance also facilitates the medical costs that occur in humans.

5. Help property damaged by pets

No matter how tame our pets are, it doesn’t mean we can avoid their conduite. Pets still have an instinct to be wild and active. For example, damaging things in the house.

6. The Importance Of Pet Insurance For Your Beloved Pet

Pet insurance added a reimbursement facility for items damaged by pets.

7. Animal management fees in dormitories and animal care

Some pet insurance will cover the cost of caring for pets left to travel by the employer. This insurance can also cover the cost of treating animals deposited in a daycare.

Types of animals that can be insured

This insurance is only for pets, whether it is a pet at home or for raising livestock. Common pets are cats, rabbits, dogs, fish and decorative birds. When it comes to farm animals, so far, the ones that have been heavily insured are cows. But there are several other pets that can get insurance:

  1. Turtle
  2. Reptiles such as snakes, lizards and iguanas
  3. Small birds such as lovebirds, parquet, and cockatiels
  4. Exotic middle-sized mammals such as pygmy goats or kune-kune pig

Specifically for exotic animals, a permit from the Natural Resources Conservation Agency is required stating that the animal was legally obtained.

Animal insurance policy

The definition and utilization of pet insurance is not the same as life / health insurance for humans. Although some forms of protection are the same, pet insurance is a derivative of property insurance. There are 2 types of policies on special insurance products for pets:

1. Non lifetime / not for life

This first type of insurance will protect the pet on an exclusive state and period of time. The policy used will only cover all things experienced by the pet at that time only, not valid for life. Usually this insurance is used by animal keepers who aim to breed animals for resale or offer adoption to others.

2. Lifetime

This policy applies to protect animals in a living/living atmosphere until death. With this insurance product, the cost of burial of dead pets can be facilitated.

Insurance companies that have animal insurance

It is necessary to realize that there are not many insurance companies that offer insurance products for pets. But don’t worry, some of the biggest names of insurance companies already have pet insurance, you know! Here are some pet insurance products in Indonesia:

1.Simas Pet Insurance

Simas Pet Insurance is a pet gift issued by the Sinar Mas Insurance company. Pets that can get this insurance product are dogs and cats. The risks covered are the risk of death, the risk of violent theft, and also the risk of legal liability to third parties.

Simas Pet Insurance has 6 fee packages with coverage values of all per package that vary. Starting from a maximum of IDR 500,000 to a maximum of IDR 50,000. 000. The age of the animal guaranteed by Simas Pet Insurance for the new policy is a minimum of 0 months to 15 years. As for extending the insurance policy, it is at least aged from 4 years to 8 years.

2. Jagain.Com

This insurance is offered to pets such as dogs and cats from the risk of accidental death, lost stolen, and compensation to third parties. The insured pet must have a certificate.

3.AXA Independent

AXA Berdikari apparently issued insurance for pets, you know! Pets that can get this insurance are dogs and cats on the condition that they have a formal certificate.

This product is an aid to the risk of death, a fixed stigma of all the implications of the accident, and the additional cost of animal care as a direct implication of the delay in the scheduled arrival from the insured’s aircraft to the insured’s domicile.

AXA Berdikari offers four insurance plans with a minimum coverage value of IDR 5,000,000 and a maximum of IDR 25,000,000. Insurable pets ranging in age from 30 days to a maximum of 10 years (9 years for the first time insured).

4. Pet Insurance Policy House

The end insurance is a house that also cooperates with Adira Insurance. This insurance for pets has three insurance packages that can be selected according to your needs. The amount of premiums varies, ranging from IDR 425 thousand per year to IDR 1,250,000 per year.

The cost of the policy provided is:

  • Compensation for pet deaths caused by accidents
  • Funeral and cremation compensation for animals caused by accidents
  • Santutan advertising fees and rewards if a pet is lost accompanied by violence
  • Medical and surgical expenses on pets caused by accidents
  • Compensation for hospitalization costs, especially for pets being hospitalized at the clinic
  • Third-party legal liability caused by pets

The age of the insured pet is at least 6 months and a maximum of 8 years. Insured pets must have a certificate or formal identification.

5. Cattle Livestock Insurance from Jasindo

Not only pets get insurance, you know! Farm animals can apparently be insured. This insurance is issued by Jasindo under the product name Cattle Business Insurance (Auts).

This insurance provides additional protection for cattle farmers for the risk of livestock such as the risk of cow death due to disease, accidents, loss of theft implications, and death of childbearing implications.

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The Importance Of Pet Insurance For Your Beloved Pet

The criteria for cows that are protected are mother cows or heifers with a minimum age of one year and have self-evidentism such as eartags, burn stamps, and livestock cards. The insurance assistance period is one year and starts directly when the insurance coverage contribution has been paid.

The filing of a livestock insurance claim is almost the same as for a domesticated animal. For claims of illness and death, do not forget to contact the veterinarian or technical officer concerned. In case of loss, the livestock owner is obliged to report the loss of livestock to the nearest police station.

When the claim documents needed are photocopies of cattle insurance policies, loss information and cow death certificates signed by officials of the livestock and animal health offices in the local area.

Well, those are some important reviews with regard to pet insurance packages and thank you.

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