7 Ways to Solve Financial Problems That You Should Try

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Are you having financial problems? Feeling stressed and worried? Yes, indeed, problems in this finance can be experienced by anyone without exception. Not infrequently makes anyone who is confused about how to deal with financial problems. This financial problem should not be admittedly trivial, because it will have a serious influence on those who experience it.

Many things have resulted in this atmosphere appearing. Not only because you are not smart in managing finances, it can be because of unexpected needs, and the lack of income received compared to the funds spent. If you feel that your financial situation is unstable, you must be sensitive and try to find solutions in overcoming financial problems.

Know, 7 Ways to Solve Financial Problems That You Should Try

1. Analyze the source of the problem

The main way you can do this should be to analyze where the source of the financial problem arises from. Because of every problem, of course, there is an underlying source. Try flashbacking back sometimes back where finances started to falter.

Has the income in this time decreased? As a result of what? The impact of the reduction in honor during the pandemic and what else are you currently unemployed? This atmosphere is usually the main factor in the economy becoming unstable.

Second, did you have an accident in the past or need medical expenses that are not small in number? If so, is it enough savings at that time or even you have to borrow until the funds that can be allocated to other posts are reduced because you pay the debt for medical expenses?

Third, are you currently starting to live an independent life without relying on your parents? Living independently and starting pseudo from scratch is not easy. If you rely on a credit card to survive, naturally the financial situation will not be okay. You feel that there is something reliable so you can’t avoid the lifestyle.

Fourth. Having a baby is indeed a very coveted thing for the family. But, have you prepared the cost before arriving after delivery, the cost of additional needs for the baby? Especially when income is reduced. Has it adjusted to a reduced budget and income but increased expenses?

Fifth, pensions can be the cause of the start of economic instability. Currently, maybe you have a lot of assets from the work collected. The income received is routine every month. But when retiring, you no longer get income every month, you can only rely on savings, assets owned, or possible pension funds received if any.

Actually, there are many other sources of problems. You can explore according to the current circumstances and problems faced. Look carefully at the existing situation, focus on future improvements, don’t just blame situations that don’t end up sounding a solution.

2. Make a record of expenses and income

Taking these notes is an important tactic that must be applied. By making notes or budgets, you can estimate the income you have and the expenses you will spend. Also provide posts for emergency funds that can be used for the long term.

This note will be very functional because it serves as a guideline for seeing how financial fluctuations are. You can compare between the month and the previous month, whether there are more funds that can be saved or not, so you can be more careful in taking a rule. If you have a business, expense and income records can also be done easily efficiently through a bookkeeping application.

Allocate the most urgent needs, so that when needed you already have funds to be used. Suppress the lifestyle as simple as possible, live accordingly and leave prestige if you want to get out of this slumped economic situation right away.

3. Looking for additional income

If you are still experiencing a lack of funds, look for other jobs that can provide additional income. Not only the main job, but odd jobs also have a big role in adding finances. If you really need it, never choose a job. Engage in and pursue other jobs that are also adjusted to abilities.

Nowadays, many are looking for freelance services that you can do anywhere without disturbing the main job, or you can do that job like selling after you go home doing your main job.

If from the office aske for overtime, accept it while you can do it. Usually the office will add overtime pay which is at least enough for you to make additional income. Consider overtime pay rp 50.000,/hour. You overtime for only 2 hours, is it enough not to buy food or additional electricity costs?

The additional income you get should not be use to fulfill desires that are not very important. While it can be restraine, hold it. Commit to what you have determine to fix the economic difficulties you are currently facing.

4. Prepare an emergency fund and savings account

The importance of emergency funds and savings has a big influence on financial stability, one of which is to be an impromptu solution if neede. You can use these funds if unexpecte things happen such as medical funds, natural forces, and others. Well, this emergency fund and savings can also be use for the long term.

If between your income and expenses there are more funds, start setting aside money even if it is small. No matter how much funds are set aside, if they are collecte later, it will still be useful to overcome impromptu needs. At a minimum, it will not interfere with the funds that have been allocate to other posts.

Not only savings and emergency funds, you can also start small investments. But before starting an investment, you must pay attention to whether the investment can provide additional collateral for financial improvement or even make conditions worse. Choose a profitable investment instrument.

5. Selling or Pawning Assets

This method can be an alternative if you need cash quickly. The valuable assets you have can be use by selling or being use as collateral at a pawnshop. You can choose an impromptu aternative initiative that is fairly conducive, because this will not interfere with other funds that you have allocate for other activities.

The assets that you can use can be gold, land or house certificates, electronic items, or moreover vehicle papers. There is no need to be embarrasse, doubtful, or affectionate to release valuable assets. Compare to having to deal with loan sharks, it’s better to give up assets and start collecting them again after the savings are collecte again.

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6. Take advantage of government protection

Since the pandemic, the government has launche support aime at the population to help the economy of its citizens. The provisions that have been there so far are in the form of basic food assistance, direct cash protection, internet quotas for students/ students, protection for MSMEs, support for electricity subsidies, pre-employment cards, to tax exemptions.

There is nothing wrong with this help you take advantage of. Like msme protection, you can register by starting a small business at home as a registration requirement. You can use electricity subsidy support to reduce electricity costs that you usually allocate.

Registering to provide basic necessities to the local environment can also relieve you from buying the cost of basic necessities such as oil, rice, sugar, etc. You can also use the cash support provided to meet other needs. By utilizing this protection, you can save a little more and divert the cost to other needs.

7. Collecting receivables

Keep in mind, did you first lend money to someone? If it is in the past, then this thing can be a savior. You can meet the person you use to give a loan to, explain your atmosphere that you are currently in need of money back. If it cannot be fully restore, at least part of it is also enough to help finances.

Don’t have a bad taste when you charge it, because you are entitle to what you have lent. Grante you can’t expect to fully return, but there’s nothing wrong with trying, right?

Well, that’s a review of financial problems from these few steps you can apply to deal with financial problems, you can also use the Earne Wage Access feature from Mekari Flex to help you if there are sudden expenses, because with this feature you can access your salary early. This can minimize the economic difficulties that will be face. You will be calm because you have so much financial planning from me, thank you.

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