Let’s Know a Financial Consultant: Understanding, Services and Benefits

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The growth of many taxable entrepreneurs (PKP) is proof of good economic growth for a country. However, sometimes among entrepreneurs, many do not know the procedure of paying taxes, the amount of tax that must be paid so it requires consulting a financial consultant.

The increasing number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is a new face in the economic field, which indicates the economy is getting better. Unfortunately, this is not proportional to their knowledge of the calculation of the amount of tax to be paid.

Base on this, financial consultants have a large enough share to help those who are still confuse by the amount of taxation to be paid. Some of the requirements and obligations of taxable entrepreneurs must be known.

Getting to Know a Financial Consultant: Understanding, Services, and Benefits


This profession is quite promising and has a big role to contribute to the country through taxation. On the other hand, many people (taxpayers) are help by it. Therefore, the importance of this profession, to increase the level of tax revenue in the country.

Understanding Financial Consultants

Consultants are experts who are task with providing advice, and consideration to instructions to other people or bodies. While financial consultant services are experts who provide advice and steps to solve problems in the financial field. The salary of a financial consultant depends largely on the client, professionalism, and area of the workplace. The average salary of financial consultants in Indonesia starts from 6 million rupiahs.

It can be said, a financial consultant is someone who works to provide consulting services on taxation, tax calculations, and procedures to individual taxpayers or business entities.  You can consult and ask for advice regarding anything relate to your finances as well as your company’s will.

The state is greatly help by the existence of this profession because the taxpayers know the awareness of their obligation to pay taxes, which are binding and mandatory to do so. Taxes are the largest contributor to the country’s foreign exchange for the country, therefore, the state is very concern about it.

Duties and Services of Financial Consultants.

Base on the description, it can be conclud that a financial consultant is in charge of providing consulting services on taxation. These tasks include the services provide, including:

Inviting Clients to Always Comply With Taxes

With the services of financial consultants indirectly, participate in disciplining clients to be obedient in paying taxes. Non-compliant clients, usually begin with ignorance or laymanship about tax procedures. Thus, it is the duty of a consultant to inform the correct procedure.

Help Calculate a Tax Plan To Pay

Clients who include taxable entrepreneurs have tax calculation planning in their business. Including the type of tax it imposes. Therefore, a consultant is in charge of helping calculate the tax planning to be paid.

Help Check Tax Returns

Financial consultants help check tax statements that have been paid by clients. Correct procedures, as well as evaluation of the amount of tax that has been report. This is important to do, in order to minimize report errors.

Assisting Clients in the Tax Calculation Process

Some clients often feel confuse in the event of a tax check. Therefore, a consultant is in charge of helping to assist if the client gets a tax check. Including preparing the necessary documents.

Help Prepare Restitution Procedures

Restitution is an excess tax that has been paid by the taxpayer. A financial consultant will help calculate the restitution. Including, taking care of the process of returning excess payments, ranging from data preparation, and examination process, to receiving the return.

Benefits of Financial Consultants

Financial consultants are usually use by companies that need their services to take care of taxation. This is because companies have more complex financial processes and tax reporting. Thus, using the services of this consultant has benefits, among others:

Operational Cost Efficiency

Using the services of a financial consultant will be more efficient in using operational costs. Operational costs often apply to employees who take care of administration, including calculating taxation. This will certainly be more expensive because you have to spend a salary every month.

Effective in Tax Calculation

A consultant has been train to calculate taxes and perform each of his procedures. Thus, it is more effective in calculating taxes, because it can minimize the risk of tax miscalculation. Including, among them, doing mentoring.

Focus on the Company’s Business

As an entrepreneur, you should focus on the company’s business. Thus, entrepreneurs can focus more on the company’s business, because taking care of taxes has been handle by experts. Consultants who are experts in taxation are easier to complete taxation.

Taxation Problems Can Be Solved

Sometimes the payment of taxes often faces obstacles. By handing over the task to a financial consultant, who is certainly more skill in taking care of every problem to immediately find a solution. So that the problem can be found immediately a way out.

Can Determine Tax Planning Easily.

Taxes charge to taxable entrepreneurs, of course, are more complex. Including taxes impose on the production process. Therefore, it is the duty of a financial consultant to do tax planning that must be paid in the future.

Requirements to Become a Financial Consultant

To become a financial consultant, one must meet the following conditions.


The main requirement of being a consultant, whether in financial or in all fields, is to be certify. Certification is tangible evidence that demonstrates the ability and professionalism of a consultant. For financial consultants, there are two types of certificates that can be own by financial consultants, namely Certify Management Accountants CMA and Certify Internal Auditors CIA.

Skill in Communicating

Clients are more laymen than financial consultants, so consultants need to be skill in communicating. The goal is for the client to easily understand what he wants to convey. If you want to get overseas clients, then practice English language skills.

Educate According to Qualifications

Adjust the level of education to the desire qualifications of financial consultants. Not only formal schools, usually a prospective financial consultant will take some non-formal classes.

Tips for Becoming a Financial Consultant

This profession is very important for the country, including benefits for the taxpayers themselves. In addition to earning an income of course. Therefore, the following are tips that must be done in order to realize the desire to become a financial consultant. Here are some tips:

Undergoing Financial Consultant Training

A well-train financial consultant, and able to show proof of ownership of his certificate, is much more credible. Therefore, for those of you who want to run the profession, you should take training on financial consultants.

Training is divide into three levels. It would be even better to follow the three stages in the training. So that you will get more knowledge. Therefore, this first tip must do as a condition of becoming a financial consultant.

Knowing More Basics of Taxation

A consultant is credit with always providing tax understanding to clients. So that clients who do not know the tax procedures become more understanding. Therefore, a consultant has an obligation to learn more basic taxation, so as to help solve the client’s problems.

The basics of taxation include taxable goods, as well as taxpayers of business entities and individuals. Therefore, you should learn more and more in-depth. Considering the clients who come, have different tax problems.

Studying the Many Articles of Taxation

Clients that will be face by a financial consultant are certainly more diverse with different backgrounds. For this reason, a consultant must know more about the articles of taxation, in order to help clients to solve their tax problems, which of course vary in their imposition on each client.

Articles of taxation include income tax, as well as taxes concerning the process of production of goods. The variety of clients who come, with different background problems and different professions, will be different articles about it.

Learn More About the Legal Basis of Taxable Companies

As point 4, clients who use the services of financial consultants are very diverse on the legal basis of taxation varies. Therefore, if a consultant has learn the legal basis of taxation with more, then it can solve the client’s problems more.

The legal basis for taxation applies to all individual taxpayers and business entities. Learning about it is very important, especially when you are ask to do mentoring. You know the obvious power of the law if your client faces tax checks.

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Consult a Senior Consultant

A person who is just starting a profession as a financial consultant. Then you should study and consult a lot with senior financial consultants. Thus, it will get a lot of knowledge obtain. Including facing client problems directly in practice.

Telling any obstacles face when dealing with client problems to senior consultants, will be much better. Because senior consultants already have a lot of experience in dealing with every client problem in the field of taxation that he faces.

That was the article about financial consultants ranging from understanding to tips on becoming a financial consultant. Good luck!

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