Let’s Know The Project Portfolio Management, and Advantages!

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Are your investments scattered in many places? Are your 401(K) plans, trading accounts, and savings accounts located at different institutions? If so, you could have received a separate update for each of the standing accounts, which can be confusing. It can also be difficult to be clear with certainty where you stand with respect to net worth . Well, for that investment portfolio management software that you can try in investing.

Some investors swear by portfolio management software to help solve the case. In some problems, such as for retail investors, dealing with this type of software is a simple process. Below we provide a synopsis of portfolio management software programs for retail investors and also more advanced investment portfolio management software programs for money managers.

Come on, Know The Project Portfolio Management, Challenges and Advantages!

Currently, many organizations have projects that are carried out, but each project chosen must be adjusted to the criteria and objectives of the organization. Managing a portfolio of projects is very helpful for organizations in categorizing projects and aligning projects with their organizational goals.

Every project that is carried out needs to be evaluated regularly to ensure that the project is running well and meets the target so that the project brings the expected results.

Portfolio management is a management process in making investment regulations and policies, matching investments with goals, allocating assets to individuals and institutions, and balancing risks on performance.

Portfolio management is about determining energy, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in debt and equity options, domestic and international, development and security, and many other trade-offs faced in an effort to maximize profits.

By choosing the right project and ensuring there is a source of strength to complete it, organizations gain competitive privileges. But with limited sources of strength and abundant project opportunities, project management organizations and offices struggle to identify projects, identify programs, select, perform and realize benefits.

Project portfolio management is so important because it helps the organization in getting news and sorting projects according to the criteria, and also determine the optimal energy source mix for delivery and schedule activities in order to best achieve the operational and financial goals of the organization, while respecting the wishes imposed by customers, strategic targets, or external concrete world factors.

MPP is very important for a project to be successful and take place well in accordance with the goals and objectives. Project portfolio management helps project leadership planning and predicting outcomes.

To plan effectively, Project Managers use project portfolio management tools such as project portfolio management software, scenario analysis tools and spreadsheets, not just other software used by project managers.

Not only that, there are techniques for measuring project portfolio management that aim to help the application process of project portfolio management. The techniques used should be carried out with the consideration and objectives of the organization. To determine the success of a project, all project managers must be serious in carrying out the project and have enlightenment in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

In the MPP, project proposals will be assesse base on tactical criteria and projects will be filtere by comparing strategic values with filtering limits. The target to be achieve through this analysis is to ensure that the selecte project portfolio reflects the tactics and all projects are adjuste to the tactics. The tactic itself reflects what the company wants to achieve in the future.

To ensure that the selecte project portfolio is adjuste to the tactics, the tactic criteria will be integrate into the project selection tool. One of the tools use in strategic analysis is AHP and type scoring. This tool can help the processes that will be carrie out.

The output of the project portfolio that has the level of suitability of the project with the desire tactical criteria, not only the project is mandatory. This project filtering will be able to eliminate projects that are not adapte to tactics.

Here are 5 Smart Tips for Managing an Investment Portfolio That You Can Do

1. Investing is All About Money Management

Through money management tactics, you will focus more on the amount of fund placement (Position sizing) and managing risk (Risk management). Well, buddy, what should be done to manage funds? Discussing money management is closely relate to risk management, or in other words establishing “Risk limits”.

All assets must be divide, not focuse on one investment instrument only. For example, from 100 percent of the funds manage for an investment portfolio, allocate 18-20 percent of the percentage for savings (it can be deposits in banks or others that have high liquidity), 30-35 percent in the form of share ownership, 30-35 Percent for other securities (Fixe income / bonds) and the rest can be place in other forms of investment such as gold, property, and so on.

2. Realizing Investment Assets

Choosing the right investment asset certainly cannot be done carelessly, there are important factors to consider, namely, age, desire time in investing and acceptable investment risk tolerance.

As an image, there are 2 investor models that need to be known, namely 1) orthodok, which is a type that tends to avoid risks and choose conducive investments (low investment returns), and 2) militant, this model dares to accept risks and will allocate each of its investment instruments with great profit potential and also has high risks.

A person’s investment tactics vary depending on their financial goals, for example, a single young person who has just pursue his career will have a more militant investment tactic, while for a head of a family with the need to meet the education costs of his children to plan a pension fund, he will tend to be more orthodox in investing.

3. Understand Cash Allocation and Portfolio When Investing

You must be aware of when it is time to prevent funds. And when you can all out spend funds to invest. This is very important to do to protect yourself from potential losses that will be face with. The implications of uncertainty in the capital market atmosphere. So it is very important to manage an investment portfolio.

For example, when JCI is expensive and soaring, the right step you can take is to hold your cash funds. This hold can be said to be an anticipatory step, if later the JCI must be correcte. On the other hand. If the JCI situation is falling. Use your cash funds to buy stocks at a low price.

4. Invest in Stocks with a Large Margin of Safety

Determining the Margin of Safety in advance before investing in stocks. Then the potential risk of you losing money will be minimize. For example, the current share price is around Rp900s, when the intrinsic value is Rp1,000. If you buy it at this time, then the safe value is only about 10 percent.

Compare that to buying shares whose intrinsic value is at a price of RP3,000. Currently trading at a price of IDR 2,000. So that the shares have a Margin of Safety of up to 50 Percent. So, buying shares with a 50 Percent Margin of Safety will be more conducive. Than stocks with a 10 Percent Margin of Safety.

If at this time you have found stocks with a large Margin of Safety. The profitable thing in the future, you will no longer be bothere by daily stock price fluctuations. Stocks with a large Margin of Safety are “Low risk. High return” investments, because they will minimize the risk of losses while increasing. The potential reward or profit obtaine

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5. Do a Portfolio Review

There are times when returns are not adjuste to what is expecte. This generally happens due to several factors such as financial circumstances, risks and others. If there is a change. Then you need to make adjustments to your investment portfolio. By reviewing your investment portfolio regularly so as not to experience a decline that makes you lose money.

Well, those are some reviews that regarding investment portfolio management software. Using software will help in solving cases in problems that I thank you.

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