Famous Financial Planners in Social Media

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In the era of social media, the profession of a financial planner in Indonesia feels like nothing new anymore. Indonesian financial influencers often share tips about finances ranging from how to save, start a business, investment, and how to quickly become successful when young.

The popularity of these financial planners also cannot be separated from the trend of strengthening the middle class in Indonesia. Middle-class groups in Indonesia who enjoy economic productivity face various financial challenges in order to be able to realize the dream of prosperous finance. Large income requires proper management in order to be optimally useful.

Well, here, we present a review of financial planners who like to share tips on managing finances on their social media. Curious about who they are? Here’s the review. Happy reading!

Famous Financial Planners in Social Media

1. Prita Ghozie, Zap Finance

Prita Ghozie’s name may be familiar to all of you. This influencer and CEO of Zap Finance often share information and investment tips through his personal Instagram account. Starting from funds to save, funds for retirement, to special funds for courtship.

In fact, he also often milled around at online events, sharing various tips about finances. Prita has an official academic degree in financial planning and a professional degree as a Certified Financial Planner Professional. She has also published a book titled Being Beautiful, Stylish, and Staying Rich which sells well in the market.

2. Aidil Akbar Madjid & Associates

Aidil Akbar Madjid is a familiar name when we discuss financial planners in Indonesia. The figure who is familiarly called Akbar is an independent financial planner and advisor who has been involved for a dozen years in the world of finance and investment.

Just like Prita Ghozie, Akbar also often shares various financial planning tips on his personal Instagram account. He even founded a financial planning service called Aidil Akbar Madjid & Associates (AAMA) based in Jakarta, you know, Moms. The service focuses on personal financial planning.

3. Senduk Sapphire

To get information about financial planners, Moms can also refer to Safir Senduk. He is a senior figure in the field of financial planning. He has even started his career since 1998 by establishing a financial consultant named Safir Senduk and Rekan.

Quoting from Merdeka, starting from the purpose of providing education about family finances and helping the community in making financial planning, this office that is often dubbed as SSR was formed.

Not only that, he also often shares financial tips that can greatly help Moms to plan family finances, education funds, and other things through his Instagram account @safirsenduk.

Those are some experts who often discuss financial planners, which can help you plan family finances. Remember to manage family finances well is very important, you know Moms, in order to avoid debt and other financial problems.

4. Jonathan End

Jonathan End’s name began to be known since he opened a paid vent session over the phone. Topics ranging from romance, career, business to finance. Through his content on Instagram, Jonathan also often gives information and about finances.

Jonathan wants to help people to be able to develop by paying attention to various aspects, one of which is finance. Oh yes, Jonathan also took advantage of his experience as a social media consultant by sharing content about social media and digital marketing.

At first, Jonathan was just a fad because his followers on the Instagram account @jonathanend many who said that his voice calmed down. So he tried to post a paid phone service newsletter via instagram story.

This post received a positive response from his followers, finally he decided to take care of his service seriously. Jonathan said that the price he set, Rp 100,000 every 5 minutes is not without reason.

During this time, Jonathan often shares tips in the world of work through his social media account. You see, almost all the callers vent about work. Like job interview tips, how to work in cool start-ups, continue to worry about marketing strategies, until someone vents about thesis!

You don’t have to hesitate if you want to vent about jonathan’s world of cooperation. This ITB Architecture graduate has really cool work experience! He worked for two years as an architect in Singapore. Furthermore, when he returned to Indonesia, he changed his profession to become a digital marketing strategist.

5. Ligwina Hananto

Through her Instagram Story and Twitter, Ligwina often shares financial tips. Not only that, along with QM Financial, Ligwina also often opens online classes on financial management, both free and paid. Ligwina is also a financial trainer at QM Financial, a financial literacy specialist.

Reporting from her Linkedin account, Friday, June 18, 2021, this woman born in Bandung, May 3, 1976 is a figure who is hungry for science. Ligwina completed her high school education at Sma Negeri 2 Bandung in 1994 and continued her studies to Tuart College Perth, Australia (1995).

Not stopping there, he then continued his education in 1996-1998 at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia, by majoring in Finance & Marketing. Furthermore, in 2003 to 2004, Ligwina had the opportunity to study at IPMI International Business School by taking the investment management concentration.

With such an educational background, it seems no surprise that he became a financial planner who helped people manage their finances wisely. Interested in studying with him?

The end of September 2003 became a historic time in the life of Ligwina Hananto. At that time, he started his business quantum magna finance (QM Financial) armed with his experience in managing finances since becoming a banker.

At that time when technology was still in the form of sms, he got a lot of rejection and ridicule from his friends who he contacted. Fortunately, her own husband, Dondi Hananto, wants to be her client who makes her spirit of building QM Financial even more burning.

6. Andika Diskartes

Through his Instagram, the man who has liked the world of investment since college is sharing about his clients’ financial experiences, ranging from business finances, family, to those who are still single.

Through his point of view as a financial advisor, Andhika dissects his clients’ problems that we can certainly learn. Andhika is also known to have established diskartes.com in 2015 as a reference for capital market investment, blockchain technology, and analysis of the Indonesian economy.

Andhika began to be interested in the world of investment when he studied at the Polytechnic College of State Accounting (STAN) in 2005. The reason is quite unique. He felt the financial statement figures and the company’s performance as cool and interesting. “It seems cool that I can be an investor,” he said.

7. Jouska

Finally, there is an Instagram account that hypes millennials, namely Jouska. The mission is to plan for financial problems as simply as possible. Therefore, the content presented on Instagram or Twitter by storytelling based on experience or true stories. The goal is to be more easily digested by Millennials and Gen Z.

Oh yes, Aakar Abyasa, CEO and Founder of Jouska will come to yotnc 2020 on July 4, 2020, at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, to share about financial literacy and the story behind Jouska’s storytelling content. Oh yes, you can also wonder about finances to Aakar on this show, you know!

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But unfortunately, after a long time without being heard from. THE CEO of PT Jouska Keuangan Indonesia Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno finally appeared with his determination as a suspect in cases of fraud. Embezzlement, capital market crimes, to money laundering. This was revealed in the Notification of Development. The results of the Investigation numbered B/75/X/RES.1.11/2021. Dittipideksus addressed to legal counsel representing 41 clients of PT Jouska, Ganjar Rinto Wardana, dated October 4.

Well, that was the financial planner who is famous on social media and often shares financial tips. For those of you who feel you need the help of a financial planner but there is no cost. You can follow their social media to get financial tips for free. Good luck!

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