Details of Airbnb Property Management Fees Clearly and Completely

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For many, hosting is a way to earn money while connecting with travellers from all over the world. However, how much do you charge airbnb property management fees, and how do these costs impact Hosts and guests?

With a clear understanding of airbnb property management fees and why we implement them, you can set a pricing strategy that’s reasonable for you and your space.

How much does Airbnb charge?

Most Hosts pay a flat service fee of 3% of the booking subtotal. Subtotals are nightly rates plus optional fees you charge guests, such as cleaning fees, and do not include Airbnb fees and taxes. Guests typically pay a service fee of about 14% of the booking subtotal.

So, when you charge $100 USD per night for a 3-night stay, plus $60 USD for a cleaning fee, the subtotal of your booking is $360 USD. The Host service fee, which is generally 3% of the subtotal of your booking ($10.80 USD), will be deducted from your earnings, and a service fee of 14% ($50.40 USD) will be charged to guests and included in the total price they pay. In this example:

  • You will get $349.20 USD
  • Your guest will pay $410.40 USD

Airbnb’s service fees are very competitive, and we don’t charge for payment processing. This allows Hosts to receive a larger portion of their earnings. Most Hosts pay a flat service fee of 3% of the booking subtotal.

Why does Airbnb charge a service fee?

We rely on these costs to help Airbnb operate smoothly and cover the costs of products and services that support you from renting out your space, including:

  • 24-hour customer support
  • Guest marketing through Google, social media, and more
  • Protection for you and your space
  • Education resources for Hosts
  • Check out the video above to find out more about fees.

Are guests aware of these costs?

Yes. Service fees, cleaning fees, and fees for extra guests and pets are shown to guests, along with local taxes, if applicable, and the total price they will pay.

Where can I see how much guests will pay?

Once a reservation is confirmed, the price details in the Host’s reservation details and booking confirmation email will include all applicable fees so you can clearly see:

  • Fees and taxes collected by Airbnb
  • Optional fees you charge (such as cleaning fees)
  • The total price to be paid by the guest
  • Payouts you’ll receive

This means you no longer have to search for your total price when answering questions from guests or making changes. If you know how much guests are paying, it’ll be easier to set up a strategy for pricing, refunds, cancellations, and reservation requests.

A breakdown of Airbnb’s general property management fees

Here’s a breakdown of specific property management fees to consider before renting out on Airbnb:

1. Initial setup cost

When creating an account with a company, some property management companies will charge you a registration fee. These fees may include paperwork fees, initial listings, and health checks of your Airbnb rental property.

2. Tenant placement costs

If the property management company is responsible for finding tenants for your Airbnb rental property, they will charge you a tenant (guest) placement fee. These fees can cover tenant advertising and screening costs, as well as check-in and check-out procedures. This can be a percentage of rent or fixed costs.

3. Fee of vacancy

Airbnb’s property management agreement may have a clause stating that a vacancy will be charged. This can be either an empty per-unit fee or a one-time fee paid in advance.

4. Maintenance costs

Airbnb property maintenance includes tasks such as:

  • Checks if carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are working properly
  • Make sure there are no bare wires roaming around the house
  • Fix anything that guests have broken
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is working
  • Check if the water system is working anywhere – in the kitchen, bathroom and shower
  • Ensuring the heating and air conditioning system is in good condition

As an Airbnb property owner, you need to understand the company’s maintenance process. Here are some questions you need to ask Airbnb property managers:

  • Does the company have an internal team?
  • What is their turnaround time for basic repair work?
  • What maintenance issues should they outsource?
  • Is there an emergency number that guests can call?
  • When do they need to consult you as the owner?

Asking this question will show you whether Airbnb’s property management fees charged are justified.

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5. Cleaning services

Your cleaning fee will vary depending on the size and location of your rental. While some property management companies include a cleaning fee in their flat rate, others charge it separately. When analyzing cleaning costs, here are some factors you need to consider:

  • What exactly is included in the cleaning fee?
  • How long?
  • How good is the cleaning?
  • Is there a checklist in place?
  • Can you clean up rentals between guests without losing your booking?
  • What Will You Pay for Airbnb Property Management?

Above, we have provided a general breakdown of costs. But the Airbnb property management costs you’ll incur running an Airbnb business will be affected by the following factors (among others):

  • Rental size – It’s clear that managing a larger Airbnb investment property is more demanding than managing a smaller property. As a result, the Airbnb fees charged will be higher.
  • Property type – Airbnb property management fees will vary depending on the type of property – apartments, condos, single-family homes, multi-family homes, houseboats, etc.
  • Rental location – If your property is located in a neighborhood where rents are high, Airbnb’s property management costs will also be high.
  • Property condition – If your property has a lot of maintenance issues, you’ll most likely pay more for Airbnb’s property management fees.
  • Service coverage – Airbnb’s property management fee will be determined based on the number of services offered. For example, if you only want the company to handle check-in and check-out, you’ll pay less than others who want the company to advertise the property, screen guests, collect rent, handle repairs, and keep financial records.

And that’s the explanation of the details of airbnb property management fees. Hopefully this information is useful and adds to your insight.

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