How to Get More Property Management Leads

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Property management leads can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. Where do you focus your efforts? How should you split your budget if you have money to spend?

What are the best short-term and long-term property management marketing strategies, and which ones can you hire or delegate to team members? Below, we discuss each method of acquisition property management leads that property managers can use to attract high-quality clients.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced property manager with a team behind you, you’ll find something that can help get started or complement your existing lead generation efforts.

How to Get More Property Management Leads

There are many things we can cover, but some lead generation methods are more time and energy intensive than others. And others require a certain level of financial investment to make work, or other resources. So, in this section we will discuss the perfect beginner and starting methods that you can pick up and use right now even without much budget.

1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing refers to both organic and paid marketing, but for this point we will focus mainly on attracting property owners organically to you. Posting on social media can be done in just a few minutes per day and the content can vary greatly.

The main thing here is to focus on the platform that you feel has the best initial results. After trying Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, if you get the best results from TikTok, keep posting there.

2. References

This has the potential to be a great source of prospects, since it does not refer to only one single source. There are three main types of references you can collect:

Client Referrals

The first is the client’s referral. These are referrals that you receive from long-time or current clients who are happy with your services and, as a result, refer other owners or companies to you.

Family and friends referrals

Another powerful form of referral, which comes from family and friends comes mainly with the way they hear about what you do and you reach out. Let them know how you help property owners and if they know or ever meet someone in need to offer your services.  It may not be often, but what you get will be the highest converting lead you can get.

Real estate agent reference

The Real estate agent referrals differ from the first two types of referrals in that they are formal business arrangements. Real estate agents and property managers work in the same general field. In fact, sometimes their work overlaps because larger property management firms often manage their entire client portfolio, even buying and selling.

But if you’re just starting out, one potential source of prospects is to establish a relationship with a local real estate agent. Let them know that you will refer your client’s property sale to them, or simply offer them a referral fee, while in return they agree to provide you with referrals from their investor clients who need property management.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. That makes it a great place to go for property managers looking for property investors they can contact as well as places where investors and property owners are looking for property management.

So, not only do you have to set up a LinkedIn profile and be ready to impress, you also have to strategize to reach 1-to-1 investors. Now is a great time to publish content to LinkedIn as well, as it offers a huge reach with very little ad spend.

4. Send direct mail

Direct mail is now simple and somewhat old-fashioned, but it remains effective and is a relatively easy strategy to hire or hire others to deal with. By requesting access to your city or county’s appraiser database, you can reference different mailing addresses and properties, indicating that the person owns but does not live on the property. Once you’ve created your list, it’s time to design and print the marketing materials you’ll use and submit them.

5. Cold call local property owners and investors

It’s not a very pleasant thing to do. But if the phrase makes you flinch at the thought of being yelled at from the phone, don’t worry.  Not only is it much easier to make cold calls when contacting other professionals (who will usually treat you with professionalism in return), but you can easily hire an assistant to handle list collection and calls for you.

And it’s not the best lead generation method on this list, but it can be a useful complement to the overall lead generation strategy.  Better yet, combine it with what we talked about in the previous point– meaning calling them after they’ve supposed to receive your direct mail– and suddenly the cold call feels warm.

6. Start and join a Facebook group

This is another effective lead generation strategy. However, this one is a bit longer because it requires patience. There are many real estate and property related communities on Facebook and possibly several in your area.

However, the good ones usually do not allow self-promotion. Instead, you should help as much as possible to attract organic attention over time.  So:

  • Answer questions
  • Join the discussion
  • And generally only active

Another reason for this is that most groups will allow occasional promotions if you are an active member who contributes regularly to the group.  Though the main benefit will come in making a name for yourself in the group and becoming a known figure in property management.

So, the next time someone needs a service, you may be reminded right away. All you need to do is make sure your Facebook profile clearly shows what you’re doing and how you can help.

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7. Take part and join local clubs and meetups

The latter is a broad-branched topic that covers several things, but it all revolves around the idea of being active in your local community with investors. It includes:

  • Visiting meetings is found on specialized sites that provide it
  • Schedule your own meetings with local real estate and property professionals
  • Join local property investor clubs and other groups of property professionals

And those are 7 ways to generate more property management leads. Try to practice it, so that you get a lot of benefits.

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