Best Money Management Software (11 Apps)

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By using a personal finance application, it is hoped that you can manage your finances more easily. Because, as you know, financial management is indeed quite difficult to do. Therefore, we recommend the 11 best money management software that will help you manage your finances.

But fortunately, the provision of technology, which is increasingly sophisticated in modern times, can help you manage your income and spend money. You can also avoid financial problems if you continue to manage your finances through the application. This is the best money management software that you can use to manage your money in your daily life.

Best Money Management Software

1. Money Addict

The first personal finance app that you can use on your smartphone is Money Lover. Through this application, you can manage your income and expenses in various categories. Starting from the needs of eating, transportation, and entertainment.

Money Lover will help you to manage your personal finances with 3 main features, namely budgets, savings, and events. So, you can record the exclusive savings or budget that needs to be achieved, in addition to recording income and expenses. Moreover, you can connect this application with your bank account to make it more practical.

2. Monefy

There can be a choice of personal financial management applications that you can use. This application can help you record your daily income and expenses with a wide selection of categories. You can also create more than one account with different financial records according to your needs. Monefy also allows you to find out the percentage of expenses that can be seen by day, month, or year.

Daily Financial Records

The next personal finance application that you can try to manage your daily expenses is to record daily finances. Daily financial records allow you to calculate expenses more easily.

You can also use various categories when recording daily expenses. Not only can you calculate expenses, but daily financial records can help you record income, calculate differences, and make monthly financial reports.

My Finances,

The next application for managing personal finances is Keuanganku, easily downloaded via smartphone. Keuanganku is equipped with shareable interesting features so that it can help you record expenses, financial planning, financial consulting, learn about finances, and understand financial products.

Unlike other financial management applications, Keuanganku has a photo and location feature when you want to record transactions that have been done. You can also manage your finances based on the amount of money in your account.

Then, if you have difficulty managing your finances, you can ask for support from the existing financial consultation from the application. So, you can manage your personal finances more effectively with the help of a financial consultant who has been tested by a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certificate.

5. My Cash

UangKu is one of the applications for managing personal finances that is easy to use and very practical. With the Uangku application, you can record expenses to create savings goals. This is a personal finance application that can be used by beginners to manage their money.

You will also get suggestions and limits on the amount of money that must be spent every day so that the goals set can be achieved. This feature can certainly help you control your finances well.

Manager of Finance

Another personal finance application that you can use is Money Manager. Money Manager is an application that can not only help you to record expenses but can also be used to record expenses with debit or credit card utilization reports.

Besides being easily accessible via smartphone, you can also integrate this Money Manager application into your laptop or PC. So, you can manage your finances more practically because you can edit expense records based on days, months, or years that suit your needs.

7. Mint

Mint is one of the applications that can help you manage your personal finances. Using the Mint app, you can set up multiple accounts with their own records of income and spending.

Of course, you can record expenses using the various categories provided. Not only that, Mint can remind you to pay bills, track financial goals, and do credit scoring effectively. So, you can manage your personal finances more wisely through this one application.

Andromoney (Expense Tracking)

Recording income and expenses can now be done more easily with an application called Andromoney (Expenses Track). This application has a sharing feature that can help you record daily expenses simply but in detail. You can also record expenses in various different categories. Interestingly, you can save this expense record in the form of a report that can be downloaded via Dropbox or Google Docs.

9. Wallet

Wallets can help you record your daily expenses while connecting to your bank account. Not only can it be linked to the balance of a bank account, but wallets support many currencies and can export data in various types of archives with the cloud sync feature. Through this application, you can share your account with other users more easily and more conveniently.

10. Penny

The next personal finance app you can try using is Penny. Penny can help you find out how much money is spent, how many bills must be paid, and which bills have changed rates. You can also look at the chart to see this month’s expenses so you can compare them with the chart of last month’s expenses.

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11. Expense Tracker – Budget Planner

Another personal finance application that you can try is Budget Planner – Expense Tracker. The application, which originally had the name isavemoney, can be downloaded for free through Google Play. With Budget Planner – Expense Tracker, you can record your personal finances and make a monthly budget according to your needs. This application has a user-friendly user-experience so it is easy to operate. You can also manage your finances more easily.

There is a calculator that can help you plan your budget, record transactions, estimate budgets, and save money. For those of you who are confused about planning a budget, this application has templates that can help. Your financial life will also be more focused in the future because of the support of this application.

Those are some of the reviews in this article that discuss the best money management software with 11 programs you can use to help you with managing finances and will also make it easier for you. Therefore, this software is very useful for you, especially for companies in managing finances.

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