10 Beyond Finance App you Can Choose From

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As a smartphone user, of course you have experienced how easy life is. On a smartphone, you can integrate various fields, both in terms of work and in terms of beyond finance app into your hands. Although mobile phones have expanded their use in terms of functionality.

Which is basically created for wireless communication over long distances, through the beyond finance app now mobile phones can be used for various types of activities, including beyond finance.

In addition to helping you take notes to find out the cash flow of your expenses and income, this beyond finance app can help you keep your finances stable and help you not waste, you know! Check out the 10 beyond finance app that you can choose from below.

10 Beyond Finance Apps you Can Choose From

There are many beyond finance apps to help you manage your finances wisely. Below, the author presents the beyond finance app below:

1.       Mint

Mint is a beyond finance app being loved by millennials. The reason is, the Mint application offers an all-in-one feature so that all financial activities can be carried out using only one account. After registering for the Mint application, Mint will synchronize data from all your financial accounts, both personal accounts, loans, investments to credit cards.

So that every time a financial transaction activity occurs, Mint immediately detects and tracks your financial calculations on the spot. Mint will also present financial statements in the form of graphs and charts to make it easier for users to read, check, and analyze their financial condition.

In addition, the superior service of the Mint financial management application is the warning of bill payments before they are due.

2.       Personal Capital

The best beyond finance app no less popular in the world is Personal Capital. There are two million users who entrust their personal financial management with the Personal Capital application. The superior feature of Personal Capital is that you can do monthly financial calculations, investment funds, tax amounts, pension funds, to debt details. Not only that, you can consult with professional experts related to finance via email, chat, telephone, and web conference.

3.       You Need A Budget

If you need a beyond finance app to reduce expenses and encourage a frugal lifestyle, then You Need A Budget is the answer. You Need A Budget or YNAB for short is an online financial application no less popular in the world.

Many users find it helpful for YNAB to control finances and get out of debt shackles. Because this application applies rules to include the amount of income, allocation of expenses, and financial age.

Although YNAB is directly connected to a bank account so it can monitor your financial activities, unfortunately the YNAB application only provides free access for 34 days. For the rest, you have to subscribe to be able to enjoy various services for a long time.

4.       Pocketguard

Pocketguard is a beyond finance app designed using algorithms to track your income, expenses, and savings goals. This online financial application also gives you information regarding expenses on a daily basis. To control your financial spending, Pocketguard provides a spending limit according to your financial condition. Wow, isn’t it interesting?

5.       Zeta

Many personal finance apps are easy to find on the market, but there are still few financial apps for couples. Well, you don’t need to be confused now, because Zeta is here as a special financial management application for couples.

Zeta is an online financial application designed for various types of couples, ranging from living together, getting married, getting engaged, to new families. You can connect your personal and partner accounts through Zeta. So that fellow couples are able to plan their finances together for the future.

6.       Business Friends

Surely you don’t want the company’s finances to fall apart. Business Friends comes as an online financial application specially designed for business people. You can do financial records, starting from income, expenses, profit / loss calculations, accounts receivable, to company investments.

In addition, Teman Bisnis has a special business finance plan according to the Indonesian MSME Financial Accounting Standards (SAK EMKM). So that those of you who do not have accounting knowledge can apply financial statements according to SAK EMKM standards.

You can also print receipts and transaction invoices as proof of transactions to customers. Not only that, you will be assisted by Business Friends in evaluating and analyzing business financial statements.


Another financial regulatory app is Andromoney. With a minimalist appearance, it makes users more comfortable in utilizing its various features. Andromoney is designed for personal financial managers.

You can enter income and expenses and arrange a custom budget. The entire calculation will be displayed with a graph to make it easier for users to read and analyze. You can also view financial details through Dropbox or Google Docs.

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Money Manager

With the flagship slogan “Expense Tracker and Free Budgeting App”, Money Manager is a personal financial recording solution without ads. So that users can make the most of the Money Manager personal finance application without distractions.

Even though the application is made from abroad, Money Manager provides Indonesian features so that you can easily operate it. In addition, the memory capacity required to download this application is very small, so there will not be much memory of your phone.

Money Lover

Finsify company publishes the financial management application Money Lover with excellent features in the form of bill records to debts. Not only that, but the app also offers travel modes for those of you who want to take a vacation.

Managing your finances in Money Lover can also be linked to debit and credit cards. So, you can manage your finances by paying bills on time.

ONe Mobile

Financial institutions certainly also provide services that record funds through the beyond finance app. One of them is ONe Mobile, an online financial application from OCBC NISP. One Mobile not only helps you record expenses and income, but you can do various banking financial transactions, ranging from transfers, investments, credits, bill payments, and online account opening. Well, that was a little talk about the beyond finance app. Hope it is useful.

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