9 Prudential Life Insurance Products and Their Benefits

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Each individual has their own reasons why they decided to buy life insurance. Nowadays, you can easily find and choose a variety of life insurance products from various leading insurance companies. However, you should be careful in choosing them to ensure that you will actually get the desired benefits. Interested in Prudential life insurance?

When it comes to insurance, there are always a lot of interesting hats to talk about. This time, Qoala wants to share news about life insurance from Prudential so that you are more aware of what and what kind of insurance is suitable and can be the best choice.

9 Prudential Life Insurance Products and Their Benefits You Need to Try

After all, choosing insurance is not an easy problem, especially in this day and age. There are many things that you must pay attention to and consider carefully, not just about the expensive or cheap insurance coverage contributions. Let’s find out more about understanding what Prudential life insurance looks like, what are the product options, and also its advantages and disadvantages through this article.

Overview of Prudential Life Insurance

Usually, a person or organization chooses insurance including Prudential life insurance coverage contributions after they realize the insurance company’s track record in serving consumers.

PT Prudensial Life Insurance or Prudensial Indonesia is part of Prudensial plc, a leading group of financial services companies in the UK. Prudential Indonesia has been around since 1995 which means that it has been providing assistance solutions for the Indonesian people for many years.

Since the launch of the business insurance product, namely unit link in 1999, Prudential Indonesia has become the market leader for this product category in Indonesia. This insurance provider company provides a variety of products and services that can be sufficient and complement the varied financial needs of customers.

In 2007, this insurance provider established a Sharia business unit that gained the trust to be the leader of the sharia insurance market since it first existed. Prudential has a head office located in Jakarta and marketing offices spread across major cities in Indonesia. For marketing personnel themselves, there are approximately 277,000 people who have licenses in no less than 408 independent marketing offices or KPM throughout Indonesia (Until December 31, 2017).

Types and Products of Prudential Life Insurance

As a life insurance company, Prudential is clear that each individual has different needs and desires. That’s why there are so many life insurance products that potential customers can choose from. Here are the types and products of Prudential life insurance that you can choose through various considerations.

1. New Generation Prulink

The new generation Prulink is one of the right relief choices for those of you who are looking for life insurance with countless benefits. Being a life insurance product regarding investment or unit link, Prulink new generation provides additional provisions in the form of sum insured until the age of 99 years.

This insurance product will also help policyholders plan inheritance and start affordable solutions as early as possible. Through this life insurance product, Prudensial Indonesia appreciates every rupiah that customers spend for the payment of insurance coverage contributions.

Policyholders can also feel the advantages of the new generation of Prulink, including:

  • Additional investment allocation of 5 Percent of periodic insurance coverage contributions in the first 10 years and 10Percent in the next policy year.
  • Option to increase the sum insured by 5Percent each year with the insured’s age of 55 years or 10 years before the release of the insured ends.
  • A policy with a minimum sum insured of IDR 200 million will get an additional 100Persen UP basic insurance if the insured dies due to an accident before he is 70 years old.
  • Positive investment allocation from the first year.
  • Competitive additional insurance benefit options.
  • Flexibility in managing investment options that they can adjust to financial goals.

2. Prulife Cover

The product in the end is Prulife cover which is a life insurance product that provides additional assistance if the insured dies before the end of the assistance period. Or if the insured suffers from a fixed stigma before the age of 60.

Policyholders can choose the coverage period until the age of 99 with the choice of the insurance coverage contribution payment period of up to 20 years.

3. Prumy Child

If you want to prepare for the future for the child more than ever since it is still in levels, try to consider Prumy child. Yes, this product can be a choice of Prudential insurance coverage contributions of 350 thousand Prudential insurance because the minimum insurance coverage contribution per month is IDR 400 thousand.

This Prudential Life insurance product will provide additional assistance until the mother gives birth with a baby age of 20 weeks until she is 99 years old. What you have to make sure is that the entry age of the insured or the woman who has a pregnancy is 18 to 40 years old with a gestational age of 20-32 weeks.

4. Prusafe Guard

With the variety of products offered, you can choose Prusafe guard as the right choice of giving. This Prudential life insurance product offers very affordable insurance coverage contributions for maximum assistance.

Prusafe guard is a traditional 15-year life insurance product that will provide additional comprehensive assistance to customers in the form of accident or death benefits. Moreover, at the end of the 15th year, you will get back all the insurance coverage contributions that you paid on the condition that you always pay insurance coverage contributions for 10 years.

There are several advantages of this life insurance product, including the following.

  • Provide additional life-giving benefits.
  • Offers the benefit of returning insurance coverage dues.
  • Add double accident benefits.
  • Choice of packages with affordable monthly insurance coverage dues.
  • Easy application for insurance.
  • Offers the option of paying 5 to 10 years of insurance coverage dues for 15 years of assistance.

5. Pruprotector Plan

When planning a solution to the various financial risks that could occur in the future. You also consider the Pruprotector plan. This insurance product is a life insurance assistance program designed to ensure policyholders and families are financially protected. With the payment of insurance coverage contributions for 10 years, the policyholder will get an insurance provision for 20 years.

6. Prucinta

Want an insurance product based on Islamic law? You can choose Prucinta which is a Prudential sharia life insurance product with comprehensive support for 20 years of participation. Not only does it provide additional benefits for the risk of death. This product also gives additional opportunities for customers to extend their era of participation without health inspections.

With the various advantages provided as follows, then you don’t need to hesitate to buy this insurance product.

  • Insurance compensation from cash value funds of 100 percent if the participant dies in the participation era.
  • Maturity benefit in the form of cash value from the cash value if the insured is still alive until the end of the participation era and the policy is still active.
  • Overall 300 Percent of the cash value insurance benefit if the participant dies from an accident before he turns 70.
  • Distribution of underwriting surplus for all eligible policyholders of 80 Percent

7. New Generation Sharia Prulink

Present as a sharia insurance provider from 2007. Prudential offers many products and the new generation of Prulink syariah is one of them. The working principle of this insurance is the same as that of the new generation Prulink but uses sharia principles.

8. Waqf

Since February 2019, Prudential customers can enjoy waqf programs. That can be the choice of customers and prospective customers in distributing their waqf. This product complements the comprehensive framework of sharia-based insurance products and services. Customers who own prudential unit link insurance policies can benefit up to 95%. Of insurance benefits by purchasing a new sharia insurance policy.

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9. Prulife Priority Legacy (StAndard Chartered)

SCB or StAndard Chartered Bank with Prudential Indonesia launched a product called Prulife Priority Legacy (StAndard Chartered). This product can answer the needs of giving souls as well as diversifying. Wealth assets for individuals who want to plan an inheritance for their beloved family.

With a one-time advance payment, participants can get life support until the age of 99. It will also get a high coverage value and have cash value development options that can be enjoyed when needed. Customers can enjoy the benefits of this insurance product with insurance coverage contributions starting from USD 150 thousand.

Well, those are some examples of prudential life insurance with this article. Hopefully it will be useful for you and thank you.

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