Today’s Family Choice with New York Life Insurance

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New York life insurance is a product of providing for the future from the risk of a financial case caused by death. If the insured dies, the insurance funds can be used for compensation and education costs of the insured’s child in accordance with the provisions of the policy. Therefore, this New York life insurance can be used with various needs in the future such as education and compensation, so this insurance is needed by many people.

Having protection for finances is important in this day and age to alleviate the cost of treatment for the implications of unexpecte moments and illnesses. For example, the treatment of Covid-19 or accidents. But, what are the life insurance products from New York and what are the benefits for the insure’s family? Check out the full story, here.

Today’s Family Choice with New York Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance at a glance?

PT Asuransi Jiwa New York is a truste health and financial protection provider company in several countries around the world. The company, which was once shade by Mount Sewu, has change its name several times since its establishment until it was acquire by New York York. Presenting a variety of innovative products to meet customer needs.

For this reason, the insurance issue by pt asuransi in New York is very useful to support health for many people so that this insurance can be use as the main integrity in carrying out treatment.

New York itself has a vision to provide additional quality insurance services. Thanks to the commitment and dedication carrie out, and also the trust of the population. New York insurance won a prestigious award at an international event.

Among them, the best life insurance award last year and the best insurance for the life insurance category with assets of IDR 10-30 trillion. Not surprisingly, many people are intereste in having a life insurance product from New York. Check out the variety of options, below.

New York Life Insurance Products

One of the awards obtaine by PT Asuransi Jiwa New York is the Most Innovative Insurance Companies Company and Market Leaders in the same year.

Providing a variety of protection products, you will be facilitate to choose tailore to your needs. Interestingly, the cost of insurance coverage contributions paid is quite affordable every month. Broadly speaking, life insurance is divide into 2, namely whole york aka lifetime and endowment or dual use. The difference is in the benefits of the policy, along with the model and the full explanation.

1. Q Smart York New Gen Insurance

The Q Smart York New Gen insurance product is the best choice for whole york life support and cash. So, the family will not be burdene by hospital medical expenses or die. This is because future finances are already guarantee by the insurance company. The benefits provide are assistance up to the age of 100 years, affordable costs and flexible insurance coverage contributions, and can also be combine with other insurance models.

2. York Plan 100 Insurance

This type of insurance will help you make financial planning in the future to be more targete and avoid the risk of being burdene by death costs. York Plan 100 insurance is include in the insurance product that will protect the breadwinner and his family. If the breadwinner dies, the family members left behind are entitle to compensation money to provide for living needs or education costs.

3. New York Life Insurance Q York 100

Q York 100 is a life insurance product to protect customers from financial problems due to death until the age of 100. The benefits offere are a minimum sum insure of IDR 300 million, death compensation and if it is still alive until the policy era ends, the insurance money will be given 100 percent of the sum insure to the policyholder.

4. Financial Smart York

Planning finances for the future is very important. To ensure that planning continues smoothly, you need the right insurance. PT Asuransi Jiwa New York provides Financial Smart York products to meet the needs of its customers. Not only the sum insure, but you also have cash value. One of the most interesting is the affordable cost of insurance coverage contributions, it is known that per day it only needs RP2,500.

5. Q York Legacy

Awarde as the best insurance market leader, PT Asuransi Jiwa New York provides convenience for those of you who want to guarantee family finances in the future. The risk of death from critical illness and accident implications needs to be addresse by purchasing insurance products.

Q York Legacy insurance product is a financial protection that will be given to heirs, both children, wives and parents. Not only that, if until the end of the policy the insurance holder is still alive, the money deposit will be given back.

6. New Super Protector Insurance

The final insurance model is endowment aka dual-use. This means that you not only get financial assistance, but also have the benefit of cash value. New Super Protector Insurance adds the sum insure and cash value to the policyholder’s heirs. If the customer passes away, the heir will get a share of the sum insure.

What is PT Asuransi Jiwa New Financial?

PT Asuransi Jiwa New Financial is a subsidiary of New York which also provides life and health products. This insurance product can be use for individuals and company employees. The types of protection provide are also varie. Among them, Overall Fixe Stigma Insurance, Q Fund Insurance, Group Term Life Insurance to Q Protection.

Benefits of New York Insurance

Base on the Insurance Law Number 40 years, life insurance is a business that provides risk mitigation services that add payments to the policyholder, the insure or other parties when the insure dies or remains alive.

It is also explaine that other parties can get rights from the sum insure adjuste to the contents of the policy. The amount has been set on the results of fund management. At the time of choosing an insurance company, you need to carefully consider. Starting from the convenience and benefits that will be obtaine when buying a policy.

Conveniences that you will get after buying protection from New York Life Insurance such as:

  • various and innovative insurance products in order to meet the needs,
  • well-known hospitals that become relations spread across several cities and countries become more free,
  • affordable insurance coverage dues fees and the era of flexible payments,
  • minimal risk of fraud and embezzlement of funds because there are financial reports that can be seen by customers, and
  • there are many channels for filing insurance claims.

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Is New York Insurance Conducive?

Knowing customer concerns, PT Asuransi Jiwa New York provides transparent financial reports and can be seen directly through the web site. The goal is to avoid any more concerns that New York is committing fraud and embezzlement of customer funds. Each insurance coverage contribution deposite will be manage properly and can be disburse according to the time state in the agreement on the policy.

What is the new York insurance coverage fee?

The price of each insurance coverage contribution depends on the choice of product so that it cannot be equalize. However, it is estimate that the price is quite affordable. This is because PT New York wants every people and urban workers to have one of the many choices of insurance products to protect their finances in the future.

New York insurance is good or not? PT Asuransi Jiwa New York is an insurance company that has been truste by the people of the country. Holding various prestigious awards is concrete proof that the company, which was founde for 15 years, has been dedicate to providing quality products and services.

What are the benefits of New York Insurance?

The privileges of New York Life Insurance are not only reliable, namely easy to submit claims and complaints about policies, affordable fees and flexible payment periods. Relation hospitals do not only exist in the country, but are sprea abroad so that customers can undergo treatment at the best health facilities.

New York Insurance Products

Not only life support, New York also has excellent products including, Education Insurance, Protection with Investment, health, and pensioner funds. Thus the explanation of this article that discusses new york life insurance hopefully with this article is useful for all of you and thank you for reading it.

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