3 Best Life Insurance in Indonesia That You Can Use

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Life insurance is a provision that can overcome the risks that can occur in the implications of family members who have died. From this understanding of life insurance, the support provided is actually not only that, and an example is the existence of coverage for the inability of family members to make a living, the implications of experiencing physical stigma, both in part and in whole. Therefore, the best term life insurance that can be used.

Well, for that, there is the best and most trusted term life insurance product that certainly offers sum insured with competitive insurance coverage contributions. Especially when it is very possible, there is a benefit of returning coverage contributions. It’s just that, you have to be aware of how this insurance works.

3 Best Life Insurance in Indonesia That You Can Use

Life insurance will provide compensation or sum insured (Up) to the heir expert (Family) if the customer remains in its entirety or dies. By having an insurance product, the family does not experience difficulties if the customer is unable to work or dies.

Because of the large number of life products on the market, you must be smart in choosing the best and most trusted life insurance. In general, there are different types of life insurance. The most common types of life insurance are four, namely term/active life during the exclusive period (Term life), whole life (Whole life), dual-purpose life, and unit-linked life. The explanation is as follows:

  • Term life is a product that is active during the exclusive period
  • Whole life is a type of life insurance product that is active for the life of the policyholder
  • Dual-purpose life insurance is a life product with additional savings benefits
  • Unit link life insurance is a life product with additional investment benefits

In Indonesia itself, there are more than 5 types of whole life insurance products that you can choose from, including sharia life product models for those of you who want to have assistance tailored to Islamic law, ranging from Manulife to BNI Life Insurance. In order not to be curious, here are 3 examples of the best and most trusted life products from it’s companies that Qoala has summarized and you can consider.

1. Manulife

This Canadian company already operates in Indonesia. Manulife’s long experience in the Indonesian insurance world made him record stable finances with the ability to pay debts four times.

Manulife has a variety of the best life insurance products, one of which is the Term Saving Protection type. This product is an example of term life insurance with a 100 percent return of insurance coverage contributions if there is no claim at the end of the insurance era. Term life insurance itself is the provision of insurance that adds insurance collateral to the insurance policyholder (the insured party) for an exclusive period of time.

If there is a risk of death during the term of the current term life insurance contract, the insurer covers the payment of the amount of the sum insured value stated in the policy / agreement. The premium payment period can also be chosen according to your needs, starting from monthly, quarterly, or year for the term of the insurance contract policy. Term life insurance products are suitable for both prospective policyholders who want to protect their children’s future and prospective policyholders who are just pursuing a career or just starting a business.

Not only that, customers will also get life assistance for 12 or 15 years with the benefit of disbursement of twice the sum insured if the insured dies from the implications of an accident.

The price range of Manulife life insurance products is:

  • Manulife Essential Assurance starting from IDR 475 thousand per month
  • Prolife Plus from $1.13 per day
  • Term Saving Protection: N/A
  • Absolute Proliving: N/A
  • Proactive Plus: starts from Rp14,568 per day
  • Protection Life Compensation: starting from IDR 300 thousand per month
  • Manulife Persona Guard: starting from IDR 150 thousand per month

How to Buy Manulife Insurance Online

Now Manulife life insurance can be purchased online so you can buy it through the web site. Here’s how you can try:

  • First, visit Manulife’s formal website at manulife.co.id
  • Choose life protection then choose a product that is tailored to your needs
  • Fill in your personal data on the product page
  • In the end, Manulife will contact you directly to explain further.

Requirements for Applying for Manulife Term Saving Protection

What are the important conditions that you should know before applying for a Manulife Term Saving Protection product purchase?

  • Fill out the completed registration form and signed by the prospective policyholder and prospective insured
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the prospective policyholder (if different from the prospective insured) and the prospective insured
  • Proof of transfer of insurance coverage contribution payments equipped with a policy number
  • Include other documents when needed

2. AXA Is Independent

The next best life insurance in Indonesia is AXA Berdikari, a joint venture between AXA Group and Bank Berdikari which was established. This brand has 1,900 agents throughout Indonesia, making it easier for customers to reach in various places.

AXA Berdikari has a purely reliable life insurance product, namely AXA Berdikari Secure Plan. This product offers a 10-year grant and adds a 110 percent refund of it coverage dues if there is no insurance claim. Not only that, customers also only need to pay it coverage contributions for the first 5 years. The cost of AXA Berdikari Secure Plan insurance coverage starts from IDR 150 thousand for Plan A to IDR 1.5 million for Plan H.

How to Buy AXA Insurance Independent Online

Now AXA Berdikari life insurance can be purchased online so you can buy it via the web. Here’s how you can try:

  • First, visit the formal website of AXA Berdikari
  • Select the “Our Insurance” menu in the top menu
  • Select “Protect” The Soul then select a product that is tailored to your needs
  • Fill in your personal data on the product page
  • Furthermore, AXA Berdikari will directly contact you to explain further

Terms and Conditions of AXA Independent Life Insurance

The following is a list of terms and conditions of AXA Berdikari life insurance.

  • Policyholders must be 18 years old to 60 years old at the time of entry
  • The insured’s age is from 15 days to 75 years
  • Users must have a savings account or independent current account if they want to take out insurance money

3. Cigna

The next best and most trusted life insurance product, there is Cigna which is a multinational it brand already operating in Indonesia. The company focuses on providing life and health insurance for individuals and families.

One of Cigna’s flagship products is the Cigna Family Eazilife, a flagship product that can cover seven family members in one policy with a return of insurance coverage contributions at the end of the it era. Not only that, customers can also get a sum insured of up to IDR 500 million with a 10-year era of giving. Not only life protection, Cigna Family Eazilife also bears the risk of critical illness.

Usually, the amount of Cigna insurance coverage depends on the product taken and also the age and history of the policyholder. The following is a list of prices for Cigna’s best health insurance coverage contributions:

  • Cigna Family Eazilife: N/A
  • Cigna Exclusive Protection: from Rp6.000s/Day
  • Cigna Exclusive Protection Plus: from Rp7.000s/Day
  • Life Protection Optima: N/A
  • Cigna Second Life: starts from IDR 219,831/Month (Female), IDR 300,268/Month (Male)
  • Cigna Life Protection: from IDR 15 thousand/month or IDR 162 thousand/year
  • Cigna Eazifuture: starts from Rp203.000/Month

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How to Buy Cigna insurance

Cigna Life Insurance can also be obtained online in a way that is almost similar to purchasing it online in general. You can follow the method below:

  • First, visit Cigna’s formal web site
  • You can select “Protection” in the top column then select “Life Insurance”
  • Finally there are various product variants that you can choose from
  • After selecting the type of insurance product you want, you can fill in your proof of yourself in the right column in the form of a mention, email, cellphone number, etc., including the type of insurance option
  • Next select “Contact Direct” to have the insurer contact you

Terms and Conditions Cigna Family Eazilife

The following is a list of terms and conditions that you need to listen to to have a Cigna Family Eazilife product.

  • The giving period can be extended to the age of 75 for the main participant, spouse and also parents, and up to the age of 23 for the child.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance, no health questions and medical check-ups

Well, those are some interesting reviews that discuss the best term life insurance by having you can use it when you are less able to make payments from me thank you.


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