A Smart Collection of Passive Income Ideas

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Having Passive income or passive income can be one that the person is financially independent. Even so, there are still many people who do not have this. That’s why we’re going to share a collection of Smart Passive Income Ideas. Take a good look at this review.

Smart Passive Income Ideas can be a reference for you to increase your additional income. But if you still think getting passive income is a difficult thing. Well, try reading this review so that you can find an assessment that suits you.

A Smart Collection of Passive Income Ideas

This set of ideas can make a knowledge, especially for those of you who want to increase income. There are many different ways you can do to earn an income and don’t have to work hard which is outrageous.

Well we have summarized from various sources about passive income, as well as easy ways to get passive income that we will present in this review. Here are some business ideas that you can try.

How to Earn Passive Income with Smart Ideas

• Investing in gold

For a long time gold has become one of the most loved investment instruments by the people of Indonesia. The easy way to invest and minimal risk is the reason gold is an option.

As we know, the price of gold continues to increase every time. In fact, according to some sources, this increase can reach 10% annually. Quite tempting, isn’t it, well, for those of you who dare not take high risks, gold can be used as an option as a source of passive income

• Put savings into deposits

Furthermore, there are deposits which are also minimally risky investment products. If you are not very interested in investing in gold, deposits may be another option. You can start by depositing your savings funds with a bank that offers high interest rates. Today many banks offer interest ranging from 4-6%.

Well, if you have savings that are still saved, it’s a good idea to just deposit it. However, before that you need to make sure that you will not be using such savings funds in the near future.


• Investing in stocks

Another way you can do to get passive income is to invest in stocks. This one investment instrument is also one of the prima donnas for most people who want to have passive income.

Stocks have a fairly high risk, but also provide a return that is proportional to the risk. Therefore, it’s a good idea before buying shares of a company, know the profile and financial condition of the company first.

• Property investment

For those of you who have quite a lot of funds, investing in property can be the right step to start. As we know, property prices experience a significant increase every year. This can be used as a promising source of passive income.

For example, if you have one property that is spacious and close to a factory or campus. You can use it to make boarding houses that will definitely be sought after by employees or students. That way, you can get passive income every month.

• Affiliate marketing

What is an affiliate? For some of you, you may already understand enough about the meaning of affiliate marketing. However, for those of you who have just heard the term, there is no need to worry because we will discuss it this time.

Affiliate marketing is a business activity that has existed for a long time. It’s just that this time it was wrapped in a different term. Affiliate is a realtor or intermediary business. Where later you will offer products from a certain brand to potential customers.

When a purchase transaction occurs, you will get a commission from the brand because it has helped the sale. The commissions obtained also vary. Usually according to a predetermined agreement.

• Get Started with Creating a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable ways to earn passive income from the internet that you will find. With dropshipping, you can find trending products in the market that you can then sell online to customers around the world.

You can sell products on various dropshipping niches ranging from fashion, home décor to beauty. The great thing in dropshipping is that you build your own business and control how much you charge for products.

In fact, of all the passive income ideas on the list, dropshipping is the idea where you have the most control over your earnings.

• Sell Your Items

Want to follow Marie Kondo’s advice and start tidying up your house? Well, you might want to turn that mess into cold, hard cash.

You can keep those items for a chance of ending up in a chainwriter or you can sell them in Bukalapak to help you generate passive income.

You may have to look extra to find the item in question, but you may find that you have some items that are worth a lot of money.

So, if you don’t know where to start in terms of passive income, your wardrobe is the best option for you to explore more deeply. We all have piles of boxes filled with things that haven’t been thought of for years.

• Selling Courses

Selling online courses is one of the best passive income ideas without capital in 2021. We’re still seeing huge sales growth for course builders.

Whether you decide to sell the course on your own website or on any other platform, you’ll find customers who want to learn your own tips and tricks.

• Become a Celebgram or Influencer

If you like Instagram as much as you normally do, you might want to turn scrolling time into posting time to help you earn passive income from the internet.

• Create a Print on Demand Online Store

Print on demand is a business where you can customize or print your own products based on customer interest. With e-commerce, this idea has become one of the most popular ways to generate passive income business these days, it makes sense to give a greeting to print on demand.

Print on demand allows you to sell custom images on products such as t-shirts, clothes, mugs, canvases, phone cases, bags and more. The best thing about this idea is that you can create your own branded products.

• Creating Apps

We may put this example of passive income in sixth place, but you may notice a trend: Making goods tends to lead to passive income.  If you’re a developer or programmer, you might want to try creating an app as a passive income stream.

• Buy Property

Depending on where you buy and when, real estate can be a way to earn passive income. By buying a pre-construction condo, you may find some lower-cost properties that will increase in value at the time they are finally built, allowing you to sell the property once it is completed for a profit.

• Rent on AirBnB

If you follow step number eight, you can choose to register your condo or house for rent on AirBnB.The interesting thing is that you don’t actually need to buy a new property to get AirBnB passive income. You can also rent a room in your current house or apartment if you have a spare room.

• Build Your Own Site

Building your own website can be a reliable source of passive income. Some people create marketing agencies and outsource jobs to freelancers. While others, like some of the entrepreneurs on this list, create online courses to share knowledge and educate others. You can also sell products both digitally and physically online.

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• Company Shares

Your full-time job can also be a stream of passive income. No, it’s not your working hours. However, your company’s stock or retirement plan that suits the company can help you get a decent passive income.

• Sell Digital Products

If you want to create your own products instead of selling other people’s products, you can create digital products. Digital products can include everything from e-books, online courses, PDFs, custom graphic designs, stock photos, or other digital items.

Thus a review of Smart Passive Income Ideas can be a reference for you to increase your additional income. With the information above you no longer need to work so hard, right?

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