Financial Dishonesty in Marriage Can Lead to Infighting!

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Being open in terms of finances with your partner is an obligation for those of you who are married. In fact, not all couples succeed in doing this. There are still many who still like to ‘cheat’ financially on a partner. How to know if you have secretly lied about money from a partner? Just check the following signs as quoted from several sources.

Financial Dishonesty in Marriage Can Lead to Infighting! Let’s See the Characteristics!

1. Always be closed whenever there is a financial problem

Have you never told stories ranging from late paychecks falling to bloated credit card bills? If the answer is Yes, then it is concluded that you have not been financially transparent.

Starting from a small thing, if you still cover up the financial problems of the si him, then it is the same that you cheated on him financially. Therefore, from now on, try to be open about your financial problems.

2. Hide the bad habit of managing finances

If until now you still like to hide bad habits, including always using a credit card every shopping or saving change for yourself, then, you are in the category of people who cheat their partner in financial matters.

3. Secretly save pocket money

In fact, there are still many people who do this thing. When you are still secretly saving pocket money without the knowledge of the couple, it can be said that you cheated it. Because, as a husband and wife, it is mandatory to know everything from each other, including financial affairs.

4. Always be dishonest about expenses

Still like to lie about how much you spend when shopping? What is the reason? Afraid of being scolded by him if you are extravagant? Duh, never do that thing again from now on. Talk to him honestly, who knows that he can actually get rid of your extravagant nature.

5. Not telling you if you’re shopping for an item

Usually this is done by the men. Feeling that the wife sometimes intervenes too much, not a few husbands cover up their shopping activities. For example, buying an expensive watch, or other equipment that may go unnoticed by the wife. When in fact this is not good for the continuity of the relationship between the two of you.

6. Have a special account

Some couples do sometimes choose to separate their accounts. But if you are married, it is wiser to merge accounts. If each of you still has an account without your partner’s knowledge, it’s the same as you cheating it.

7. Always be defensive when discussing finances

Usually this one thing is done by those of you who commit financial fraud against your partner. When he invites you to discuss finances, in order to cover up the lies you committed, defensive actions are taken. Never mind, don’t do that thing again from today.

Lies About Finances Threaten Marital Harmony

Whoever is marrie, he will want his marriage to be happy, lasting and full of love. A happy marriage is a marriage in which it has good communication, has an equally great and sincere love for each other and has honesty as well as impressive trust.

The existence of lies even a little bit in marriage can make a marriage vulnerable to faltering. This shakiness will even be even greater when the lies that exist in marriage are lies about finances.

Launching from one of the sites, it is important for marrie couples to be honest with each other about their finances. When both or one of them is dishonest about finances, this will certainly cause great disappointment. This will also cause distrust between each other. If this is the case, the continuation of the marriage will be threatene.

The financial condition in the family is the most supportive of the welfare of family members. The husband is responsible for making money while the wife is responsible for managing the finances. The wife is oblige to manage finances as well as possible so that there are no expenses that are not in accordance with income.

How to avoid financial lies in marriage

Marrie couples should be able to be a great team when dealing with domestic problems. One of them is relate to financial affairs which are often considere sensitive.

In order not to have misunderstandings that can cause rifts, then both parties need to be honest and open. Including for financial matters. And here’s how to avoid financial lies in marriage.

1. Every Couple Always Has Different Thoughts

Husbands and wives have different mindsets on many things. Not always the thing that is considere true or important by the husband is also considere as such by the wife. And vice versa. The fact that husbands and wives have different thoughts is the reason why the conversation about finances in couples is important.

2. Financial Management Patterns That Are Not Always the Same (Financial Dishonesty in Marriage)

Financial management can be easier if the husband or wife acts as a financial manager. A person who becomes a financial manager is in charge of channeling income to the expenditure posts that have been liste in the budget and providing his report to the spouse.

3. There Needs to Be a Merger of Income for Households

If you think about it logically, when the husband and wife both have income, then more and more financial goals can be achieve if the income is combine. Since the goal has become a common desire, then there is nothing wrong with achieving it immediately, right?

Discuss with your partner what percentage of income needs to be combine for household operations and how much can be use as personal money. The greater the portion of income distribute to households, the more optimal long-term financial goals such as savings and investments can be maximize.

4. How Financial Conditions Must Be Ensure

Talking about the financial condition of your partner is certainly very important, especially if there is a problem. Parties who act as financial managers can certainly find out in advance how the financial condition of their household is.

Thus, the report submitte to the couple is a picture of the financial condition of the household. If the financial condition remains stable, and the funds for saving or investing will increase.

So this is an indication that household finances do not face obstacles. However, if there are shortcomings here and there, it is necessary to immediately evaluate with a partner and find a solution to the problem.

5. How to Plan to Achieve Financial Goals? (Financial Dishonesty in Marriage)

Each couple certainly hopes to achieve their household financial goals, both long and short term. Examples of financial goals are, paying off loans, having permanent housing, the existence of funds to finance children’s education. In order for this goal to be achieve immediately, it is certainly necessary to discuss the strategy that must be carrie out. Strategies in achieving financial goals certainly vary.

Starting from changing lifestyles to be more economical, looking for additional sources of income, saving or investing, to applying for a loan can certainly make financial goals achieve faster.

6. Must Know What Are Expenses Outside of Household Needs

Although they already have a family to take care of, it is not uncommon for someone to still need to help their parents, relatives, or relatives who are facing problems. In some situations, the problem requires financial assistance to solve it.

If the financial condition of the household can be said to be safe, then it will not hurt to provide loans to relatives. Determine how much nominal can be lent and equalize the portion of the loan to family members. This must be done by the couple so that the potential for debate does not arise.

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7. In order for there to be no misunderstandings, it is necessary that there are no lies (Financial Dishonesty in Marriage)

It is clear that lying about anything to your partner can be a trigger for problems, including financial matters. Whatever the reason, make sure to always be open about the financial condition of the couple, especially if you are going to make large transactions.

It is true that the saying goes. Getting marrie requires careful preparation from various sectors including economic affairs that include finances. Inevitably, marriage requires many needs, which if not met can occur quarrels and even divorces.

But with this news, hopefully it will be an oasis for those of us who want to survive the problem, and provide a solution for those who are experiencing it. Hope it is useful.


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