Life Insurance Quotes That Stir the Heart and Add To The Spirit!

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Before discussing the quote about life insurance, let’s first know what life insurance is. Life insurance is a form of insurance business that provides services in overcoming risks that are closely related to a person’s life.

Insurance aimed at covering people against unexpected financial losses caused by the death of a person within a certain period of time. There are types and quotes about life insurance that the public should know.

Life Insurance Quotes That Stir the Heart and Add To The Spirit!

There are four types of life insurance that can be purchased according to your needs. Among them are term life insurance, whole life insurance, unit link life insurance, and dual-purpose life insurance. Here’s the explanation!

Types of Insurance in Indonesia

Especially in Indonesia, there are four types of life insurance that you can buy according to your needs, namely:

1. Term life insurance

Term life insurance products are the basic form of life insurance. The protection provided can be arranged according to the desired period of time, which is from 5 to 30 years for the heirs to get the sum insured when the customer has passed away.

A good term life insurance is one that offers extensive coverage with competitive premiums. In addition to the sum insured, term life insurance also has additional coverage which is very useful.

Starting from permanent disability compensation, premium exemption, to credit coverage. To get it, we need to buy additional insurance (rider) with an additional premium fee.

2. Whole life insurance

In contrast to term, this type of whole life insurance offers maximum protection throughout the customer’s life, with the highest age limit of up to 100 years. Generally, this policy promises a premium return at the end of the insurance period.

So, even if our age passes 100 years, the premiums will not be forfeited all. Interestingly, whole life insurance is usually sidelined with a Pension Fund. So, customers can prepare for old age well.

3. Unit link life insurance

In addition, there is also unit-linked life insurance for customers who at the same time want to invest. Later, the premiums paid to insurance companies are not all used to pay insurance costs, but are partially invested into various assets, such as stocks, deposits, or bonds. Of course, this is a long-term investment.

4. Dwiguna life insurance

This insurance is not very familiar. Dual-purpose insurance (endowment insurance) is a life insurance product with additional savings benefits. Part of the customer’s premium will go to the savings post, while the rest is for protection benefits.

At the end of the policy period, the heirs will get a cash value in the form of savings and sum insured. This product is suitable for people who have a long-term financial plan, such as raising an education fund, pension fund, or wedding fund.

How to Calculate Life Insurance Premiums?

With so many factors that affect premiums, the amount of premiums we have to pay will also vary. It depends on the type of insurance, the factors that influence it, and the terms of the company that differ from one another.

This means that the formula for calculating the amount of premium for each individual is not usually uniformed. In fact, usually every company has its own premium calculator.

But for the calculation of life insurance premiums as a whole, it is quite easy. That is by multiplying the premium rate that we have to pay by the amount of dependents. Here is the formula for how to calculate life insurance premiums:

Individual life insurance usually has a cheaper premium rate compared to group life insurance because the group life insurance premium rate will be multiplied by the number of dependents in one policy.

Of course, each insurance company has a different formula and other references. Do not hesitate to consult this matter to the insurance agent or insurance company directly in order to get more accurate information.

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides cost coverage when the policyholder experiences a health problem (illness and/or accident). Meanwhile, life insurance is insurance that covers financial losses if the customer dies.

Is life insurance important?

At its core, life insurance is designed to provide a substitute for income after we die. This can be important if we have a partner or dependent who has relied on us for many years.

Why does everyone need insurance?

One of the importance of insurance in the short term is to protect your movable assets in case of damage or loss. … In addition to being important in the short term, insurance is also important for your assets in the long run. Insurance can protect you from costs such as accidents, death, and health.

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Life Insurance Quote

Here are some aphorisms for those of you who want to know some inspirational quotes below:

  • Do not take for granted the possibility of road hazards. As the saying goes, prepare an umbrella before the rain, prepare life insurance before the danger comes.
  • Maybe some of us think that insurance is just spreading money for nothing, But when unexpected things happen only then do we realize that what we think is “spreading money” is helpful in time.
  • Insurance is a form of our love for something we have, therefore do not feel burdened to have it.
  • Are we aware that insurance, is something that will be useful in the future? Don’t be a sorry person later when a problem arises when we need it.
  • Let’s protect your soul, the vehicle that serves as your soul. Protect him by providing him with insurance, because without it, you will feel that your work is unproductive!
  • Regret always comes too late, before regret comes protect your four-wheeled soul from all sorts of dangers lurking.
  • The soul is a witness to our lives. We work hard bathed in sweat, racking our brains day and night until we live it. It doesn’t stop there, the soul also takes us to all the corners we want to go to from the day we buy it until it is damaged unused. So shouldn’t we protect him before the day he’s not used again arrives.
  • Soul is like a sword that we hold to take us around the world, While insurance is like a shield that protects it. Having life insurance does not mean that tomorrow you will have a big accident, but when the inevitable fate arrives you are ready to face it.
  • The desire to protect is rooted in a sense of affection. A sense of affection arises from comfort and happiness. Protect your comfort and happiness with life insurance. Feeling safe and comfortable when driving is the main thing. You can only get this if you have life insurance.
  • Insuring a loved one is like putting an umbrella over the head of a loved one just as the rain falls on the earth.
  • Humans tend to blame others when something bad happens. The power outage was the president’s fault, the landslide was the fault of the people who were being harassed. The accident was the wrong parking boy, But have we ever reflected that sometimes something happens because of ourselves? Before that happens protect your precious soul from the risk of a lot of loss.
  • Borrowing money is like wrapping around the neck with a rope, the more we get tighter and suffocated. Before it happens because of a big loss due to damage to your life, immediately realize how important it is to provide protection with insurance.
  • Getting life insurance in this day and age is easy, The difficult thing is to have an awareness of how important this protection is to personal life.
  • A wise man is not a person who considers the risk of danger will not lurk in him, But a wise man is a person who knows his needs and protects his life with insurance according to those needs.
  • Often we think of life insurance as just the umpteenth tertiary need that does not need to be met. And this thought tends to change too late, that is, when you suffer a great loss due to the destruction of your personal soul.
  • Dear parents are devoted to her, love the child love her like she is a jewel, Honey, yes, just insure it!
  • Many people stroked their chests because they had insured their souls before being used by neighbors and hit a mango tree.
  • It is said that love is blind, but actually the blind one is you who have not realized that providing the best protection for the assets you have is of great importance!
  • Road accidents are not something to be expected, But a destiny that cannot be avoided but can be minimized with insurance.
  • Having life insurance is like investing money in something that will help us in the future.

In fact, life insurance is an important thing. Then don’t let you realize too late. And those quotes hopefully add to your passion for building the future with insurance.


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