Let’s Know How to Buy an Insurance Policy Easily!

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The risk occurs unexpectedly and can lead to financial losses. For example, you have dengue fever and have to pursue hospitalization. This happens suddenly and requires medical expenses, so that an emergency fund or savings needs to be sacrificed. Therefore, a life insurance policy is needed that can help you in your finances if you have to spend money.

Of course, it would be a pity if the money we saved to buy something was actually used because of the occurrence of a risk. Therefore, we need to do risk management with a life insurance policy so that financial losses can be mitigated.

Come on, Know How to Buy an Insurance Policy Easily!

In financial planning, you can do risk management by buying insurance products. You need to pay a certain amount of insurance coverage contributions to be able to transfer the risk to the insurance company, until the risk of financial loss will be borne by the insurance company.

For example, if you buy a health insurance policy, then you can submit a claim for the cost of treatment and hospitalization to the insurance company, so as not to have to sacrifice savings or an emergency fund. Then, how to buy an insurance policy? The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the type of insurance.

After the results of the risk evaluation are obtained, you will get an illustration of the calculation of the insurance value and insurance coverage contributions that must be paid. Make sure you are also clear about the cost and illustration of the value of insurance, for example in the unit link illustration, you need to know the risk of decreasing the value of insurance. If you don’t realize it, you should ask the insurance agent who offers the product.

Then, how to buy an insurance policy?

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the insurance model. Choose an insurance product that is tailored to your needs. If you want to mitigate the risk of getting sick, then you need to buy health insurance. However, if you want to mitigate your risk of death and protect the family you support, then you can opt for life insurance. Make sure you buy an insurance product from a formal agent of an insurance company that is registered and supervised by the Ojk.

Once clear, you need to pay the insurance coverage contribution and confirm the payment of the insurance coverage contribution. In the end, the insurance company will submit an insurance policy for you to keep. If you experience the risks guaranteed in the insurance policy, then you can submit a claim to the insurance company by filling out the claim form and bringing the required documents.

Many people always think that the contents of an insurance policy are so complicated and difficult to understand that they choose not to read it in detail when buying insurance. This must be a mistake because in the insurance policy various important things regarding the service will be liste there. Then, if you choose not to read it well,

how can you understand the content correctly?

Incomprehension with the insurance policy you choose may cause problems later. In a problem like this, it could be that one day you experience losses in the use of the product. Things like this, especially often, have happene very often and should be use as a lesson for those of you who are just about to buy insurance products.

The policy is something that you must read and understand well. Because various rights and obligations will be containe in it. Do not let you experience a faile claim or other problem for the insurance you use. This incident will definitely cause losses to your finances. Below are some points that you should know from an insurance policy.

1. Learn and Understand the Contents of the Insurance Policy

Not just selling products, actually the insurance company gives you enough additional time to understand and learn the contents of the policy you bought. In this case, you will be given about 14 days to be able to find out in detail the insurance policy.

And if you feel objections to the contents of the policy, you can cancel the purchase of the insurance policy. You will not be harme by the insurance company. Because all insurance coverage contributions that have been paid will be returne without deductions.

Do not rush to take the provisions and immediately have a policy without reading and also understanding it. This can be very detrimental to you. Use this opportunity well when you can get the maximum policy benefits.

2. Data About Policyholders and Insureds

The policy is an important valid document in the insurance service you use. Always make sure that you run the initial data filling carefully and correctly. This will be very important for various affairs in the future, including when making claims to the insurance company.

Data filling errors will make it difficult for you to take care of various things relate to your insurance. Therefore, it is very important to fill it in correctly and adapt it to the data that it should be. Check again after filling in the data so that you can make sure that the data liste is correct and correct.

3. Insurance Assistance Benefits

Don’t forget to make sure that all the benefits in the insurance you buy are tailore to your wishes and needs. Don’t let you be harme by that. At the very least, take a look at some of the points below relating to those insurance benefits. The amount of sum insure that will be receive by the heir expert if at any time the insure experiences a disaster such as an accident.

  • The period of coverage that the insurance company will provide to the insure.
  • Inpatient facilities that will be obtaine, including various services in it.
  • Benefits that will be obtaine from the additional insurance services use.
  • The mechanism for submitting claims.

4. Provisions Regarding Insurance Coverage Contributions

Insurance coverage dues are also very important things for you to understand in detail. It is possible that the insurance company applies a number of provisions relate to this. Some of the points below are important things that you must pay attention to relate to insurance coverage contributions. The amount of insurance coverage dues to be paid, the term of payment, the method of payment, and various other provisions regarding the payment.

Provisions relate to late payment of insurance coverage dues. In this case, the insurance company will apply an exclusive policy that is very likely to affect the effectiveness of the insurance service you have. Reinstatement of a policy that has been lapse (Inactive) if at any time you experience arrears of insurance coverage contributions that trigger the policy cannot be use properly.

5. Exclusion Provisions

These various provisions are points that can cause a claim to be rejected by the insurance company. Some of them include:

  • In life insurance, the coverage will be declare void, if the insure dies, the implications of several things such as:
  • Death of suicide that occurre within 2 years of the policy being issue.
  • The insure die while committing a crime.
  • The insure was execute by the court
  • The insure dies from the implication of a crime or murder committe by an intereste party in the coverage.
  • In accident insurance, the policy will be declare invalid in the event of war or war emergency in the territory of Indonesia.
  • There were strikes, riots, riots, insurrections, civil wars, and also takeovers of power.
  • Military or police duties that are being carrie out by the insure, if using additional insurance coverage contributions.
  • Suicide or self-harm (Whether understood or unclear), sanctione execution by a court, the insure committing a crime, death or murder by a person with an interest in coverage.
  • Serve as a crew member, except for using additional insurance coverage contributions.
  • Perform a variety of sports activities that are at risk, if you pay additional insurance coverage dues.
  • Death implies drinks that contain alcohol, prohibite substances, toxins, gases and the like.
  • Death is an implication of suffering from a disease or infection, if that results from the mutilation of a body part of the implication of an accident.

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6. Fee Mutilation Provisions

A number of fees applie in your insurance service must be a must-understand thing from the beginning. Because this will reduce the benefits you get. Check out some of the costs that are worth paying attention to, especially when taking out unit link insurance.

  • Maintenance Costs
  • Basic Coverage Costs
  • Cost of Changing Investment Fund Allocation (Switching)
  • Monthly Administration Fee
  • Fund Management Fee (Per year)

Well, those are some explanations about life insurance policies by having these insurances can help you in finances, thank you.

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