Getting to Know About the Definition of Passive Income Complete

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Working hard for daily needs is definitely a common thing to do. But if you have ever thought that just by sitting at home, you can easily get more income with a job, if you ask questions then you need to get to know about the Definition of Passive Income.

We will outline what the Definition of Passive Income is, we will thoroughly explore both what types of them are and how to earn income without having to work twice as hard. Let’s see the further explanation.

Definition of Passive Income

Passive income is one type of income that a person earns without him having to be active in a business that generates that income. In other words, with minimal activities you will still get passive income.

Most passive income earners still have the main job of generating other rupiah coffers. And passive income means that we will still get additional income from activities that do not take much time.

Even some people who know passive income make activities in getting it as a sideline. But in fact, getting passive income is not as easy as imagined, it still takes a lot of effort at the beginning.

This has led to many opinions, that passive income is a solution to be able to raise funds for old age. As you get older, the level of productivity will definitely decrease due to hormonal changes and other age factors, but by getting passive income at least old age you will be a little guaranteed.

Types of Passive Income

If passive income means getting minimal results from business, of course you have to understand about these types of income. This will help you get additional income according to your passion and conditions. Here are some types of passive income that you must understand:

1. Residual Income

The first type is the income you get even though you have completed the work that is suspended to you before. It can be concluded that you get this type of passive income from your previous efforts.

There are many real examples of this type of income such as an insurance agent who gets a bonus when his customer updates a policy, royalties for a work such as books, designs, or copyrights.

2. Active Leveraged Income

For the second type, that is the type of income you generate from the activity of others. Of course, you don’t necessarily get the result of the person’s activeness, but there is a big contribution where the person becomes a member or worker that you underlie.

Concrete examples of this type such as MLM business activities where we will get a commission when our downline is actively carrying out these business activities. The more active the members led, the more we will earn income.

3. Business That Is Already Running Automatically

The third type is the type that can have a success rate that can be achieved over a long period of time. Because basically you don’t know whether this business can run automatically or not.

Moreover, to build a business like this, of course, you need a large enough fund at the beginning of doing business. However, if this business can run without your eyes, you can feel passive income every month.

4. Property / Occupancy

Activities in property matters certainly get prolonged results, especially if you make the most of it. For example, by renting out a residence, you can get income during the agreed period.

To be able to feel the income of this type, you have to spend quite deeply because as you know, making a residence must cost a lot of money.

5. Paper Asset

There is also a type in the form of a piece of securities such as share ownership where you will get income from the profit of the stock value that rises when you resell, the agreed dividend distribution or the commission distribution.

What’s more in this all-digital age. Making a share purchase transaction is not difficult, it doesn’t even need a large capital. Now there are many service providers that make it easier for us to buy and sell stocks or mutual funds.

How to Get Passive income

There are many ways you can do to earn more in this day and age. Even some of this additional income can bring in rupiah coffers that are greater than your main job. Like some ways to get passive income which will be discussed below:


1. Online Shop

The development of technology always brings convenience to its users, one example of this technological development is an online shop. With this technology the user does not need to go to the market or to a store to get the goods he wants to buy.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to get passive income. Because basically an online shop makes it easier for users to open a store without having to have a physical store.

2. Create a Blog

Blogging is becoming a common activity for millennials nowadays. The ease of finding information can be easily resolved by finding the right blog. In the world of blogging there is a known advertising that is adsense that allows its users to earn passive income from the blogs he creates.

In addition, blogs can also support an affiliate system that will increase the chances of getting a large income. Therefore, many millennials pour all the unek-unek on their blogs, even professional bloggers can generate millions of rupiah in income in each period.

3. Selling Digital Products

Digital products are becoming a brilliant idea to earn additional income. Because from one digital product that you make, you can earn many times because this product can be sold more than once.

That way only by creating a digital work once can you continue to earn income from the sale of these products. The products are also as diverse as images, designs, photos, fonts, and what has recently been booming are NFT products.

4. Become a Content Creator

Various platforms have made it easier for content creators to channel hobbies, talents as well as get income. Many platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and various other platforms that have recently emerged have been able to become content creators’ income fields.

From the content created by creators, they can get rupiah coffers through the payment system from the platform in the form of adsense, as well as pay per click / pay per view. Even well-known content creators have the opportunity to become Brand Ambassadors of various products.

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5. Affiliate Program

Lately, you have been listening to affiliate programs that can generate more income just by spreading links. It is true that this program allows its users to earn income through the results of purchases made by others through links registered in the affiliate program.

Creators also take advantage of their ability to create content to insert their affiliate links. With this treatment, affiliate program participants have the opportunity to get greater conversions.

6. Investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds

To invest in the stock market or mutual funds, you must study the flow of stocks and be able to read every situation that occurs. You must be careful in assessing which stocks have the opportunity to make a profit.

However, with so many investment applications, it will make it easier for you to determine which stocks have a great opportunity. But you have to still learn to analyze yourself to get bigger results and determine the next steps.

7. Property Investment

Another type of investment that can have the opportunity to generate is investment in a property. As you know, the price of land or residence is getting higher and higher. This allows you the opportunity to get other income in property investment.

Besides you invest in real estate you can also make purchases on strategic properties. You can rent out the location to get other income.

8. Join a Mistress in Embrace a Friend

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Thus this review about the Definition of Passive Income. This information is important if you have ever thought that just by sitting at home, you can easily get more income from a job. So that you can realize a bright future, see well the explanation above.

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