List of Best Cheap Life Insurance to Try

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Cheap life insurance is here to provide additional support to customers with financial limitations but provide appropriate benefits. There are several lists of cheap life insurance that you can choose from. Moreover, insurance companies that offer cheap insurance coverage contributions are licensed and trustworthy companies.

Curious about what are the types of life insurance, characteristics, and also tips that you can do? Check out the explanation in the following article. The following cheap insurance coverage life insurance offers insurance coverage fee fees starting from IDR 100 thousand and provides great benefits for its customers. The following is a list of cheap life insurance that can be a reference material for you to have life insurance for yourself and your family.

List of Best Cheap Life Insurance to Try

1. Ciputra Life life insurance

Cost Picture Policy Of course 50 is one of the cheapest life insurance offered by Ciputra Life with insurance coverage contributions of IDR 175 thousand per month. It has a support period of 20 years and adds the benefit of returning insurance coverage contributions up to 160 percent. In a sense, if you do not make a claim until the end of the assistance period, the insurance coverage contribution will be returned in the 20th year.

The age requirement of the Insured in this purely cheap life insurance policy starts from 5 years to 60 years. The death compensation provided by this insurance is divided into two, namely the implications of accidents with a nominal compensation of IDR 100 million and due to illness with compensation of IDR 50 million.

2. Allianz life insurance

Just like other types of insurance, Allianz also provides cheap and good life insurance. By name, Allianz Smartlink New Flexi Account. The price of this best pure life insurance starts from IDR 300 thousand per month. The various benefits are the age of the insured to 70 years. Allianz life insurance also provides additional death compensation, investment benefits, and the final benefit of the policy in accordance with the insurance agreement.

3. Sinarmas Life Insurance

Sinarmas life insurance also issues cheap life insurance with a monthly life insurance cost of approximately RP120 thousand. By having a SIJI Guard 4 Life Simas policy, you can get life insurance for only 100 thousand insurance coverage.

The benefits obtained are also varied, starting from the era of assistance for 1 year and the age of the insured ranging from 0.5 to 69 years. There are death compensations which are divided into two types, namely fixed stigma compensation with the amount of Rp. 250 million and death compensation of Rp. 250 million. Interestingly, this Simas Jiwa insurance policy also provides additional cost benefits for those of you who are exposed to Covid-19 or Corona.

4. Manulife Life Insurance

Manulife life insurance includes cheap life insurance because the cost of insurance coverage contributions that must be paid is still below IDR 500 thousand. This insurance with the name Manulife Essential Assurance has insurance coverage contributions that must be paid monthly only IDR 475 thousand. Through this policy, you can already get assistance benefits up to the age of 99 years with a payment period varying between 5, 10, or 20 years.

Not only that, the age of the Insured for this type of pure life insurance starts from 18 years to 70 years. The death relief benefit of the accident implications will be covered up to IDR 600 million from the total death benefit of IDR 2.5 billion. If you do not make a claim until the end of the policy era, then the cash value and return are up to 100 percent.

5. Independent life insurance

Berdikari life insurance has a cheap and good life insurance, namely Asuransi Berdikari Support Sejahtera. The price of this life insurance starts at IDR 3.6 million per year. This means that it is only IDR 300 thousand per month. This policy offers coverage benefits that can be extended until the Insured is 100 years old. This insurance also provides additional death compensation, investment, lifetime loyalty incentives, and age coverage up to 100 years.

6. AIA Life Insurance

AIA life insurance, namely AIA Proterm Protection, provides additional assistance for the risk of death from the implications of public transportation accidents and also the benefits of overall stigma. With coverage benefits in the form of death compensation up to 100 percent UP, this policy offers insurance coverage contribution fees starting from IDR 284 thousand per month.

Not only that, for the overall fix stigma, you will benefit from coverage of 100 percent UP. The return of insurance coverage contributions will also be obtaine if during the policy period it does not submit a claim with the end of the 15th policy year.

7. BRI life insurance

BRI Life life insurance, namely Lentera is recorde as the cheapest life insurance with only starting from IDR 199 thousand per month as a premium. In this insurance, customers will get a death benefit of 100 percent of the sum insure.

Not only that, there is a 50 percent compensation if the Insure experiences critical illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, gunjal, and hepatitis. Another privilege offere by BRI life insurance is that it has more than 800 hospital relations spread throughout Indonesia.

8. Prudential life insurance

Prudential life insurance, namely Prudential Prusafe Guard has insurance coverage contribution prices starting at IDR 250 thousand per month. With the cost of insurance coverage contributions, you can get life protection for 15 years with the payment of insurance coverage contributions for up to 10 years only.

Another benefit, namely additional compensation in the event of an accident at work for customers. There is also compensation for customers suffering from special diseases. At that time, the return of the insurance coverage contribution itself will be carrie out at the end of the insurance era if there is no claim.

Characteristics of cheap and good life insurance

1. Have a large Sum Insure (Up)

Having a large sum insure can be one of the characteristics of cheap and good life insurance. Unfortunately, this type of life insurance cannot mix the need for life protection and the desire to return insurance coverage contributions.

The reason is, if you want protection with large coverage, the return of insurance coverage contributions will be forfeite. However, you can get both but with a small sum insure.

2. Affordable life insurance coverage contributions

Cheap life insurance has affordable insurance coverage contributions. You can choose pure life insurance without investment frills that make insurance coverage contributions forfeite. Not only that, but the insurance coverage contributions paid monthly also make it more affordable. In order, all the money paid for insurance needs.

3. There is life plan insurance and family health

There are several conveniences for prospective customers to have life insurance. Includes life insurance package for family members. The goal is to provide additional insurance coverage contributions that are more affordable with comprehensive benefits for customers.

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Types of life insurance in Indonesia

Life insurance in Indonesia itself is in four types. You can buy it according to your financial capabilities and insurance needs. Here are the types of insurance.

1. Term life insurance

Term life insurance is insurance with the help that you can set the period of utilization. You can arrange from 5 years to 30 years so that the heirs can get the sum insure when the customer dies.

Not only sum insure, term life insurance can have additional coverage that is very useful. Starting from the overall fixe stigma compensation, exemption of insurance coverage contributions when on exclusive conditions, to credit coverage. To get it all, customers need to buy additional insurance (Rider) with additional insurance coverage dues.

2. Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance offers maximum support throughout the customer’s life up to the limit of 100 years. Usually, this type of insurance will return the insurance coverage contribution at the end of the insurance era even though the age of the customer or insure has passe 100 years. This model of life insurance is also usually side by side with the pension fund to get a better old age.

3. Unit link life insurance

Not only the two types of life insurance above, there is also unit-linke life insurance. Where, the insurance coverage contribution paid by the customer will be divide into insurance and investment. Interestingly, some of the insurance coverage contributions that you pay for these investments can be investe in stock instruments, deposits, or bonds. Therefore, this type of insurance is a type of long-term investment.

4. Dual-purpose life insurance

Dual life insurance to aim to accumulate funds. Although the insurance coverage dues paid are large, but the sum insure is quite small. Perhaps, this is because the funds are accumulate for exclusive time preparation. For example, such as education insurance.

Well, those are some important reviews that discuss cheap life insurance with this cheap insurance will help you so much and thank you.


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