How to Apply for Life Insurance Online that is Good and Correct

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Now buying life insurance online is really easy, you know. You can buy insurance online through the insurance marketplace that can be accessed from your smartphone. In fact, the communication is also without the need for face-to-face meetings.

In this review, we want to invite you to get to know how to buy life insurance online. There are many insurance marketplace options. To make it easier for everyone to get the best insurance, the following types of marketplaces are here to satisfy the needs of the community. Here are some of the best soul insurance service providers.

How to Apply for Life Insurance Online that is Good and Correct

1. JagaDiri

The trend of online insurance is now increasingly enlivene by the presence of JagaDiri. JagaDiri is an insurance portal of PT Central Asia Financial (CAF) officially license by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) date March 13, 2013 and a member of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI).

As for the product, don’t worry. Because JagaDiri is ready to provide protection for you in several lines such as: Health insurance, buy health insurance in JagaDiri will get dengue fever protection.

one premium for a family, including outpatient and otherwise the claim of money is refunde 25%; premiums start at 90 thousand per month (for 20-year-old Plan 300) and a money-back guarantee.

2. Lifepal

If you want an insurance that has full features, just drop the choice to Because Lifepal is more than just an ordinary insurance marketplace. Lifepal is the best insurance marketplace equippe with consulting services for its users.

So, if you are still confuse and have questions about the products found in the Lifepal marketplace, you can first consult with experts. Currently, Lifepal has collaborate with more than 40 insurance companies.

There are already 17 thousand individuals who are users of the Lifepal insurance marketplace. The insurance options are also very diverse, ranging from health insurance, cars, to life. You just have to determine as neede.

In Lifepal, you can find various references to the best insurance companies that have been officially registere in the general insurance association and sharia insurance association.

3. PasarPolis

The next insurance marketplace recommendation is PasarPolis. PasarPolis has been moving since 2015. At PasarPolis, you can find a variety of insurance products ranging from vehicle insurance to gadget screen insurance such as laptops, smartphones, and so on.

PasarPolis can also be accesse not only by users in Indonesia, but also operates in other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Get financial protection from car insurance so that you are guarantee from the high cost of service and repairs at the repair shop. Thanks to car insurance, your savings and investments remain safe.

4. Checkpremi

Cekpremi is a portal that provides a feature to compare various insurance products from a wide variety of insurance companies. The insurance provide here includes vehicle insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and property insurance.

There are already more than 30 insurance companies that partner with Cekpremi, so the products provide are diverse.

5. Qoala

Next, there is also Qoala. Just like other marketplace recommendations, Qoala also presents a feature to compare various insurance products. You can download the Qoala app on your smartphone and register an account.

From there, you can already take advantage of the features in the application. Currently, Qoala presents a variety of insurance products, including health insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance, cash compensation insurance, and smartphone insurance.

How to safely buy insurance online

The way online or offline health insurance works is generally the same. The difference is only in the service mechanism that is carrie out online via a special application or platform. If summarize, there are three main stages for those of us who want to buy or register for an insurance policy online safely.

1. Visit the insurance product site

Prospective insurance participants who are intereste in insurance products can find a truste company through online search engines. The company to be selecte can be adjuste to the wishes of the participants, including the amount of insurance premiums and other benefits that will be obtaine from coverage.

2. Complete the application documents

If you are sure of the selecte insurance company, we can complete the requeste registration documents. Because it is done online, usually the company will ask us to download the document file of the registration requirements online as well. Don’t forget to prepare a photocopy/scan of your Identity Card (KTP), a photocopy/scan of a Family Certificate, and a photocopy/scan of the Family Card.

3. Read the police carefully

This stage is the most important of the entire online insurance registration process. Before we officially become insurance participants, it would be good if we read in detail various documents containing the data of the insure and the object of coverage.

Understand the whole point carefully before agreeing to it. If there are points that are stuck or do not match the agreement at the beginning, we can ask the insurance company via the telephone number or email provide.

4. Pay premiums

Well, we are only officially declare to be customers of an insurance product if we have made insurance premium payments to the insurance product provider.

The payment value must also be in accordance with the policy we take. Payments as much as possible are made regularly without arrears. Arrears will actually make it difficult for us if one day we need to submit a claim suddenly.

How to claim health insurance

After registering and officially having the status of an insure, we have the right to submit an insurance claim to the insurance insurer according to the provisions in the agree insurance policy. There are at least two forms of insurance claims, namely reimbursement and cashless.

1. Reimbursement

Insurance customers must pay all expenses for treatment first. After that, the company will replace the bills that have been paid by the talangi customer. This method requires participants to be more careful in collecting all evidence of treatment or treatment transactions. Proof of this transaction document must then be uploade as one of the conditions for submitting an insurance claim.

2. Cashless

Insurance claims with a cashless system mean that there are no transactions using cash between customers and the hospital. This form of claim is more in demand by the public because it is considere very easy to pay off maintenance costs.

Insurance customers only need to show proof of participation in certain health insurance and the costs will be fully borne by the insurance company automatically. Prioritize health insurance with a cashless claim system.

The advantages of cashless health insurance make it easier for you when submitting a claim, you only need to provide an insurance number and can immediately get medical services at that time without the old administrative examination process.

Considerations for choosing an online health insurance

In choosing insurance, do not hesitate to dig up as much information as possible. This information will be useful to us in ascertaining various procedures, from filing, payment, to insurance claims.

If our whole procedure is well observe, then we will have no difficulty in buying and applying for insurance. Of course, a sense of security will also cover us against various risks that can befall us. Here are things to consider before buying a health insurance product.

1. Does a health insurance product cover hospitalization costs?

This part becomes important because when we are sick, we are face with having to undergo hospitalization. It is this hospitalization cost that usually makes the expenditure on treatment large.

Hospitalization will be bundled with other expenses, such as the use of medicines while in the hospital, the cost of meals, to the room rate per day. As prospective health insurance customers, we need to ensure whether hospitalization is covere or just outpatient.

Even if hospitalization is covere, we must also ensure what class of health facilities will be obtaine according to the selecte insurance policy.

2. Pure or package

There are several health insurance products offere bundle with life insurance. Typically, insurance premiums for health and life care coverage packages will be more expensive than pure health insurance.

In this case, we can make it a priority to choose the chosen form of insurance because this step concerns the amount of insurance premiums that must be paid every month or every year.

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3. Types of claims provided (Life Insurance Online)

Each health insurance company offers a number of ways for customers to make a claim for medical expenses. Some use reimbursement or cashless systems. Carefully consider this usable form of claim submission.

The sophistication of technology makes us not have to worry. Including to register insurance online safely and reliably. This makes it easier for you and doesn’t expend much effort. Good luck!

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