Cheap Apartment Type that is Suitable for You!

financialtreat – will explain about cheap apartment type that is suitable for you! which you will get in the following article. let’s look at this article carefully!

Apartments are the right solution for residential needs in urban areas, which in fact are increasingly limited land conditions. There, you can easily find various types or types of cheap apartments.

Now when you want to own an apartment, whether it’s buying or renting a cheap apartment, you shouldn’t just consider the location and price. Also pay attention to the type of apartment with your needs.

Cheap Apartment Type that is Suitable for You!

For example, whether you will live alone in an apartment or with a family, whether you will use the apartment for rest or get together with colleagues. Each has different specifications. In order not to make the wrong choice, first recognize the type of apartment, after which you just buy a suitable one.

1. Studio Apartment

Studio type is a type of apartment that is commonly found in Indonesia. A distinctive feature of this type is the presence of only 1 room. The room is used for residential needs. Starting from the kitchen, cabinets, beds, to the family room.

There is also an additional enclosed space used for the bathroom. The area of this apartment is generally around 30 square meters. The concept of one space in it is usually only partitioned with non-permanent partitions.

The price offered is quite affordable. That is from Rp 100 to 600 million rupiah. This type of apartment is suitable for those of you who will live alone. Also for those who like a minimalist concept, this type of apartment is the right choice.

Caring for a dwelling has also become easier. Because, without many ornaments in it, it will be easier to clean it. In addition, in terms of electricity consumption, it is also more efficient because it carries the concept of one room.

You must selectively choose furniture if you want to inhabit this type of apartment. Because if there are too many furniture, the apartment will look narrower.

2. 2 Bedroom Apartment

As the name suggests, this apartment has two bedrooms or 2 BR. One master bedroom, as well as a bedroom for children of smaller sizes. Some types of similar apartments sometimes design their units with two equally large rooms.

For young couples who are married, this type of apartment is an ideal choice. The price offered is not so expensive when compared to other types of apartments. In addition to the room, there is also a living room, kitchen, work room to the family room. The price offered will generally adjust the area of the unit and the number of rooms. For living with your family, this apartment is already pretty okay.

3. Junior 1 Bedroom Apartment

Privacy for those of you who live alone is offered in this type of apartment. This apartment can be your choice for those of you who live alone. One bedroom is separate from the main room.

In the main room, it is generally used to accommodate various home needs. Starting from the kitchen, lounge, or living room. The area of this apartment unit is usually larger than a studio apartment. This type of apartment is also okay for living with your partner. Especially if you are still newly married.

4. Convertible Apartment

When compared to studio apartments, the room offered in this type of residence is larger. Although the concept carried is the same, namely one room for all functions. However, some similar dwellings are also equipped with dividing walls.

This type of apartment is suitable for those of you who live with your partner or even those who already have children. Although the design is minimalist, with a wider room, it will certainly facilitate the space for the residents to move.

5. Loft Apartment

The concept of a loft apartment is actually almost the same as the studio type. Although both have one room, the ceiling is quite high. Such conditions make it can be used as an additional room. Apart from being a bed, the attic can also be used as an office to a place to store goods.

The nuance of relief wrapped in modern clothes is felt when you are in this apartment. In addition, the prices offered also vary greatly. Generally, the types of apartments, which are mostly located in big cities, are priced from Rp. 400 million to Rp. 1 billion.

6. Garden Apartment

This type of apartment is still very rarely found in Indonesia. Its main characteristic is located on the ground floor, it can even be from the basement of the apartment to create a view of the garden. However, there are also some apartments that allow for a garden in each unit.

For those of you who want to feel like you have a garden in an apartment, of course, this one residential option is very suitable. Because you can access the garden directly, you need to anticipate the prevention of pests on plants so that they do not enter the house, even endangering their residents.

7. Duplex/Triplex Apartment

At first glance, if you look at this apartment, it looks like a house in general. The most prominent characteristic of this type of residence is in its multi-storey area. The additional floor certainly provides an extra room that you can use at any time.

The term duplex means two floors, while triplex means three floors. Although it is still rarely found in Indonesia, there are quite a lot of enthusiasts. The function of the dwelling as well as landed houses in general is also very pronounced if you inhabit this apartment.

In addition to the above types of apartments, there are actually many other types. But the important thing is, make sure you choose according to your needs and budget.

Tips for Getting Cheap Apartment Rental Prices

1. Research on Cheap Apartment Rentals

There are many apartments and there are also many units for rent. Finding an apartment at random can actually make you lose yourself. Therefore, do a little research first. Starting from sorting what you need from an apartment, its location, semi-furnished or unfurnished, to the price range.

2. Choose a Less Strategic Location

The more strategic the location of a property, the more expensive it is. This applies to all types of properties. Location is a point that you must make the main consideration when you want to find a cheap apartment. Apartments that are located in less strategic locations must have cheaper prices.

Indeed, the thing you have to sacrifice is that accessibility is lacking. If you want to get a cheap price in a strategic location, you can actually do it too, but it takes more time because most likely the units are rare.

3. Pay Attention to Cheap Apartment Rental Facilities

The second point that you have to make an estimate is the facilities provided by the apartment. Make sure the apartment at least has standard apartment facilities or in accordance with the facilities you need.

For example, adequate parking lots, swimming pools, balconies, shopping malls, and supporting facilities that must be available

4. Apartment Type

Apartments are available in several types. There are studio type, one room, two rooms, and other types. The larger the size of the apartment, the more expensive it is. In addition, apartments for rent are usually in semi-furnished or unfurnished conditions. Semi-furnished apartments tend to be more expensive than unfurnished apartments.

5. Apartment Security

You should not take this point for granted, so you must really ensure that there is a 24-hour security system. Also make sure the apartment has its own access card and security that goes around so that the security is really maintained.

Don’t forget to ensure the installation of CCTV in important areas. Remember, security is not just for inside the building. Also make sure the outside of the building is also safe, for example a parking lot.

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6. Use the Property Search Portal

An easy way to research an apartment after detailing your list of needs is to look for them on the property portal. The property search portal will make it easier to search because there are categorization features that support it. For example, you can use filters to search according to the budget you have, based on location, and the facilities you want.

7. Cheap Apartment Rental Survey

After you get a suitable apartment, don’t immediately do a rental agreement. Who knows if the photos displayed don’t match your original condition or expectations. Ask for an agreement in advance, if you can do a survey to the location.

If there are things that are lacking, you can check it directly and ask the renting party. Also check the signal condition, sometimes there are places that are difficult to catch the signal and will trouble you.

Those are some types of apartments with cheap rental prices but still comfortable. At the same time, we also explain how to get cheap apartment rental prices. Hope this information helps and provides a solution.


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