Financial Problems in Marriage You Should Avoid!

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Money is indeed a very sensitive issue in many ways, and marriage is no exception. It is precisely when we get married that we need to coin a word related to finances. But without realizing it, there are many triggers for financial-related quarrels. As reported by Investopedia, these are the financial problems in marriage that are most often the destroyer of marriage.

Financial Problems in Marriage You Should Avoid!

1. Mine, yours, and ours

When a married couple can’t separate which ones are private and common property, things will be easy to get worse. Who pays what becomes a thing worth talking about clearly. Monthly bills, children’s education money or emergency money. All need to be separated, including private money to buy your own necessities and pleasure.

2. Debt

Financial problems will be even more complicated when marrying someone who has debts. If you have decided to commit, it means that you are ready with someone and their strengths and disadvantages, including accepting the conditions that need to pay off debts. Decide how to pay it off while still meeting your daily needs.

3. Personality

Everyone has their own personality and way of using money. Is the husband the type of extravagant or is the wife the type who is very stingy? When going through a marriage, the triggers of this quarrel about money must be discussed so that it can equalize views on how to manage finances.

4. Who is in power

Another trigger for quarrels about money is the dominance of who holds the money or who makes more money. Often the sense of insecure, inferiority and so on makes one party feel small, and the other party feels that they have more rights to some things. For example, a husband who works and a wife who is only at home, the husband is vulnerable to devolving all the housework to the wife because he feels that he has worked hard.

5. Children

Having children or not in marriage greatly affects financial stability. The more children the more it costs. Think well about how many children you want to have to adjust to your financial condition to avoid an unhappy marriage because you think about the burden of children.

6. Financing the family

So the sandwich generation that has to pay for younger siblings, or the family at home is also very likely to trigger a domestic quarrel. If it is not discussed in the first place and reaches an agreement that one of the parties will indeed have to bear his family, don’t be surprised if the marriage will always face sharp twists and turns.

Avoiding Disagreements With Spouses Financial Problems

We have prepared how to avoid disagreements with spouses with financial problems, here is the explanation.

1. Recognize the personality differences between you and your partner

Usually, personality differences in marriage cause some unexpected problems, including problems with overcoming finances. People’s mindsets regarding money tend to vary. However, that is not the real root of the money and marriage problem.

2. Hear your partner’s opinion on how to manage finances

All problems that occur with your partner actually become a mistake and have a bad impact, if left alone. Communication becomes one of the most important elements in solving problems.

In responding to disagreements regarding financial issues, try to hear your partner’s opinion first. Lower the sense of selfishness or vigilantism.

3. Feel free to express your personal opinion

After hearing the opinions of your partner, then you can try to respond and express opinions from the personal side about future financial plans. Ask your partner to try to listen and appreciate your opinion, exactly what you want to do for him.

4. Do not just judge the partner and make your own decisions

Financial problems are indeed a serious matter that needs to be resolved as well as possible. However, if you want to get one way out immediately, that doesn’t mean you can judge your partner without listening to his opinions or plans.

5. Finding a middle ground is the best way when there is a difference of opinion

Keep in mind that making a decision in times of anger or annoyance, is not the right time. Especially regarding the issue of different views on money which will certainly have an impact on your home life in the future.

Take the wise way by inviting your partner to be together, especially when the atmosphere calms down. Try brainstorming to find the best middle ground of both opinions. If the settlement process is carried out in twos, it will usually give birth to unexpected new ideas that can be taken to solve the problem.

6. Take a decision that is agreed by both parties

Lowering selfishness and winning attitudes itself does need to be applied, in order to solve any problem in a relationship. The problems resolved by both parties are always the best move, rather than being solved by only one party.

Choose a decision that has been approved by you and your partner. That way, there will be a bright spot in the midst of financial problems that hit.

7. Make lifestyle choices together

In addition to mutual agreement, you also need to be aware of the lifestyle choices that need to be determined together. The lifestyle that is carried out should be in line with the income of you and your partner.

Imagine, if you or your partner adopted a lavish lifestyle like most people on Instagram that are almost perfectly categorized. But unfortunately, the nominal in the account does not support.

This will actually cause problems, right? Therefore, adopt a lifestyle that is in line with income, not choosing the desired lifestyle.

How to solve financial problems in the household

Money is one of the biggest reasons that cause quarrels in the household. Not infrequently marriages that are lost because of financial problems. Financial problems are also not an easy thing to explain. But don’t worry, these are some tips for overcoming financial problems in the household, here are some tips for dealing with financial problems in the household.

1. Open

The first thing to do to avoid finances is to be open. Whether a couple is both looking for money or just one of them is making money, there should be nothing to hide about spending. Always discuss all decisions related to finances, such as expenses, income, savings, and others.

2. Make a deal

Before spending your money, it is worthwhile to make mutually agreed rules. For example, determining what percentage should be saved, how much budget is used to pay bills, and others.

3. Set long-term goals

In terms of finances, you must also be careful and wise in looking at the future. Determine some things in the future that require a lot of money. Suppose the cost of a child’s education, vacation and others. This will help you save money and not be overwhelmed when the time comes.

4. Saving

You don’t have to save much in the bank, but provide small savings at home that you can fill in every week. It may sound trivial, but the money raised can be very useful when needed.

5. Joint savings

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you will use your joint or personal savings. But before deciding, it’s a good idea to be aware of the risks and influences. It’s a good idea to also discuss with your partner this issue, because it is also adjusted to the nature of the couple.

6. Track expenses

Before dividing money, it’s a good idea to start tracking your daily expenses. This is very useful if done from the beginning of the marriage, because you can guess how much the household expenses are each month. It also helps you know if you are too extravagant or frugal.

7. Create a realistic budget

Make sure your budget is realistic and well done. Don’t make too little budget so that you have to save so much and can’t enjoy life. Also, don’t set a budget that is too loose to make your life extravagant.

8. Set aside ‘money fun’

Leave a little money for entertainment or fun. Don’t do much so as not to be too extravagant. You can use the money to have dinner together, watch a movie, or buy something for the family. Let’s just say that this money is a reward for the hard work of you and your partner.

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9. Financial meetings

Have a meeting or meetings with your partner to talk about financial issues. This can be done every week or month. Although the name is a meeting, but do it with a happy atmosphere. and don’t take it too seriously.

10. Work together to manage finances

Make sure you and your partner work together to manage your finances. Don’t be too domineering or even passive when it comes to expenses or financial arrangements. It may be awkward at first, but if you get used to it, you will get the benefits of managing finances as a team with your partner.

Well, do not be afraid to face financial problems in the household anymore. That’s a little explanation about the causes and how to overcome financial problems. Hope it helps, yes!

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