Career Planning: Understanding, Benefits and Goals

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Work and career is commonplace and must be done by every individual. However, it is not uncommon to find individuals who regret their current position or work, it could be caused by poor career planning.

So what is career planning? How to create and define the goal? On this occasion, we will discuss about career planning starting from the understanding, goals, and methods. Just look at the following review!

Understanding and Information About Career Planning in General

Like the line-up of phrases, career planning consists of two words, namely planning or plan and career. There is no nee to discuss what planning is anymore, but before discussing further, we must also understand what is meant by the career itself so that the perception is the same and not biase.

Understanding career terms

The term ‘career’ refers to the various roles or statuses of a person. The word career is generally use in three senses, namely:

  • A career that refers to a sequence of promotion or elevation of the lateral region to a position or position with a higher level of responsibility in a person’s work hierarchy.
  • A career that refers to a systematic and clear pattern of progress (career path). An example of personal career planning for employees for the data processing profession, a common career planning path is to start with becoming a computer operator, then increasing to a junior programmer, increasing again to senior programmer, then analyst and programmer system analyst, senior analyst, then continue to be project leader, then system department manager and deputy director of information services.
  • A career that refers to a person’s job footprint, or the positions he has held during work. In this context, there are no exceptions, everyone must be calle having a career.

Career and Job Differences

Base on the book title Your Job Is Not Your Career!, Rene’ Suhardono said that career and work have a much different meaning. Because, work is something that we do not have, while career is what we have.

If explaine further, work is a tool or means use to achieve what we want, as well as to earn money regularly to meet daily wants and needs. This job is an opportunity given by the company so that we develop personally and professionally, so that the work is not ours, but the company’s property to achieve organizational goals.

Meanwhile, career is the ideals, ambitions, and long-term life goals that a person has by pursuing a field. Career becomes a whole process in life, while work is only one of the processes.

A person’s first step in peddling a career is passion. That way, the individual tends to have a high desire to learn, full of initiative, dare to try new things, to routinely evaluate his performance in order to continue to develop himself, such as by finding a new place to improve his career.

Meaning of Career Planning

Therefore, career planning is a form of planning made by an individual or company regarding the possibility of himself or an employee going through the process of promotion or position taking into account requirements and abilities.

Many people consider their current job or position in the office to be the result of a carefully drawn up plan. But not infrequently some others, consider their career is nothing more than the fruit of ‘fate’ that should be like that.

Indee career planning does not guarantee fully on the success of a person in his work. There are also variables or other factors that affect career planning in employees, such as superior attitudes, experience, education, and also ‘fate’ that also has a hand in this problem. However, still making a career plan is necessary for employees who want to maximize all career opportunities that can be taken.

Generally, successful people have a career plan that they then strive to realize because the career must be manage with the right design. Otherwise, employees are not use to being ready for various career opportunities that come. On the other hand, the personnel department of the company will also have difficulty in arranging personnel or internal staffing of the organization.

Goals and Benefits of Career Planning

Like the purpose of insurance and other things in life, career planning also has goals and benefits. In fact, what are the goals and why is career planning important? Career planning goals can be seen from two sides, namely career planning goals for individual workers and career planning goals on the company side.

1. Career Planning Goals and Benefits for Individuals

What is individual career planning? Individual career planning is career planning that focuses more on an individual’s career than organizational needs.

Dillard (1985) summarizes some of the benefits of career planning for individuals, base on various sources, namely:

Achieving Personal Satisfaction

In building career design, career satisfaction is a goal that must be personally include. A person will spend his life working, so each individual must choose a career that provides the highest benefits for personal satisfaction.

Gain Self-Awareness and Understanding

The goal of career designing on the side of self-development is to gain a conscious understanding of oneself. A person’s understanding of himself can achieve efficient intelligence in his life and gain knowledge of how to manage the difficulties that occur in his life. Finally, understanding and accepting oneself can allow the individual to build a foundation in understanding and accepting others.

Business Efficiency and Time Use

Another career design goal is to build efficiency in the use of time and effort. Individuals can choose career stages more systematically. The hope is that with good career design, one can minimize the trial-and-error process and make it closer to the desire goal direction.

Preparing Yourself in Obtaining a Suitable Place and Income

The goal of career designing for an individual is preparation to get a suitable place or position. Career planning goals in work need to focus on what career is best suite for the individual. As a worker, you also need to compare assets and liabilities with the requirements and demands of different types of careers. This approach will help individuals find careers and be ready to accept the career opportunities that come.

2. Career Planning Goals and Benefits for the Company

Companies also benefit enough by creating or directing their workers in career design. So, what is the purpose of the organization directing career planning programs for its employees? Here are some of the benefits of career designing on the corporate side:

Driving Employee Growth

Good career planning will encourage employees to have a spirit of work and grow and develop because they have a clear reference, which is good for the company.

Maintaining Employee Loyalty that Decreases Employee Turnover

Paying attention to the career level of each employee can give them a clear goal to continue to survive in the same company. This makes the company will have individuals who are loyal and continue to improve in quality because of the motivation they clear when working. With employee loyalty maintaine, the turn over of employees in the company can also be suppresse.

Giving Certainty

This planning can provide the certainty need by workers through information or potential paths for their careers within the company.

Ready to Regenerate

The company becomes better prepare for regeneration, because each individual already has a good mapping to fill positions that will be vacant in the future.

Preparing for Placement Abroad

For companies that are organizationally global. Making a good career design can help companies to identify and prepare for placements abroad.

Developing Employee Promotion

Career planning can also develop employees who can be promote. In this case, internal offers on employees that can be promote will be built. So that the company can easily find replacements for employee vacancies cause by retirement, employees resign, or others.

Satisfying Employee Needs So That It Can Support Potential Employees

Career planning can also provide a path for potential employees. They become bolder to step forward and improve their potential abilities due to specific career goals.

Creating Workforce Diversity

When workers are given assistance in career design. Even if they start from different backgrounds. They can learn about the organization’s expectations for the grow of workers as individuals as well as their future position to meet the development needs of the company.

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