Safe Tips for Choosing Insurance Online (Insurtech)

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Insurtech or insurance technology is a collaboration between insurance products and technology to help people access insurance protection more quickly, easily and affordably. The trend of digitalization makes consumer behavior in buying a product change. Consumers prefer to shop online because it is considere more practical and efficient.

Not only buying consumer goods products, the purchase of financial products, one of which is insurance, is also done online. Technology is now an alternative for people in living their daily lives, especially during this pandemic, both in terms of accessing products, and insurance services to the claims process which is currently almost entirely done digitally.

In the insurance world, technology-base insurance service systems are better known as insurance technology (insurtech). With Insurtech, customers will be facilitate starting from the process of choosing insurance products, administration to the claims process, all can be done more easily, effectively and not complicate.

Choosing Insurance Online: Advantages and Disadvantages of Insurtech

Before entering into the discussion about tips on choosing online insurance, it’s a good idea to know first the advantages and disadvantages of online insurance (insurtech) when compare to conventional insurance. Here’s the explanation.

Advantages of Choosing Insurance Online

Digital insurance has advantages and benefits over similar conventional products, including:

1. Easier and more practical

Digital technology does provide convenience because all access can be done using a device. Likewise with digital insurance that every process can be done with a mobile phone, as long as it is connecte to the internet. Because you don’t have to go to the office, digital insurance transactions can be done from anywhere while doing various other activities.

2. Easier to compare policies

Many insurance providers also provide digital products, so you also have more options. Each digital insurance provider certainly has a variety of offers for their policies. Through the existing application, you can choose and compare which policy is the best and according to your needs and financial budget.

3. Fast and secure process

Digital insurance also has the advantage of a faster and safer process in one click. It can be faster because the system in the application has been set up for various transactions and can record it automatically. As for security, make sure the digital insurance provider you choose is registere with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), yes.

4. Lots of promos

Usually, digital insurance provides more attractive promos than conventional insurance. Customers can get discounte premium and cashback discounts, the amount of which varies from each digital insurance provider.

5. The claims process is easier

Another advantage of digital insurance is that the claims process is easier for customers to do. Not only that, digital insurance claims are also rarely rejecte alias it is certainly liquid according to the amount state in the policy. Plus, you can make a claim anytime anywhere without considering whether or not the insurance provider’s office is open.

Disadvantages of Choosing Insurance Online

There are advantages, of course there are also disadvantages. Here are the disadvantages of digital insurance:

1. Depending on the digital system

Digital insurance relies too heavily on technology, which does not escape the disruption of systems or internet connections. If an error occurs on the system, transactions can be difficult and cannot even be done. so, of course, customers will be confuse about making transactions. If you experience it, you better delay until the service provider confirms that the system has been repaire.

2. Rampant digital insurance without permission

In the digital realm, financial products such as insurance become vulnerable to misuse by irresponsible parties. This is because digital insurance applications are easy to create and distribute online. Therefore, before installing the application, you must first check what digital insurance is registere with OJK.

Safe Tips on Choosing Insurance Online

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this digital insurance, if you are sure you want to improve digital insurance, here we present tips in choosing safe digital insurance. Here’s the explanation.

1. Choose Insurance that provides optimal benefits

You can choose insurance with comprehensive protection and has optimal benefits. The benefits of insurance can not only be fell by you, but also your family when there are health risks and unexpecte events.

As for health insurance coverage that offers complete protection coverage, including death benefits, accident benefits, critical illness benefits, hospitalization benefits and investment benefits.

These five types of benefits are important to provide protection against potential risks that affect your health, life, and financial condition. For example, in the worst case, a person dies due to suffering from an illness, the insurance will provide benefits for the cost of compensation for the family left behind. That is, this cost can provide hope to continue family life when the policyholder dies.

In addition, insurance benefits can also include complete protection such as providing health care cost support to ensure customers or policyholders achieve maximum recovery when they have an accident or are diagnose with a certain disease.

2. Buy on insurance product comparison sites or brokers

In addition to the insurance company’s website, you can also buy health insurance on insurance product comparison sites or insurance brokers online. The positive point of buying on a site like this is that we can compare and choose the best insurance products from various insurance companies before deciding to buy them.

So if you are not sure what health insurance you want to buy, you should first visit this comparison site or online broker. There can be compare first a number of products, ranging from the benefits provide, the coverage ceiling, premiums, to the way the claim.

If you have establishe the choice, you can directly buy health insurance on the site. But the way you buy it will be different. If the insurance product you choose has collaborate with the comparison site or broker you use, then you can directly buy there. But if the insurance company of your choice does not cooperate, then you will be directe to the official website of the insurance company to continue the online purchase process.

3. Buy on Online Platform

Buying health insurance can also be do on Online Platforms such as e-commerce or marketplaces. So not only selling daily necessities products, financial products such as health insurance can also be find there.

Just like buying goods online, buying insurance in e-commerce is the same way. You just have to choose the health insurance product you want, follow the instructions for filling in the data and purchases on the site. E-commerce in Indonesia that provides health insurance products one of them is Traveloka.

4. Easy to use in its utilization

The next way when choosing insurance, make sure you get ease of benefits. Beforehand, make sure you will consult with an insurance company agent. Consider the ease of claims given to customers, as well as what health facilities partners are covere by insurance companies.

It is important to know it in detail so that you get benefits that match expectations. Try to choose benefits with comprehensive protection, so there is no need to worry about the overall cost in case of a disaster. Do not forget, choose insurance with optimal benefits that provide guarantees that are in accordance with financial capabilities.

Do not choose insurance that will actually make it difficult for you when going to make a claim, because it will definitely add difficulties in the midst of difficulties.

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5. Look back at the cost of premiums and policies

If you have determine an insurance plan base on your needs, don’t forget to look back at the cost of premiums. Everyone has different incomes and different monthly needs. Choose the cost of premiums according to your financial ability. Make sure the appropriate premium can provide extensive protection and in accordance with your needs. Do not let you choose a premium that is beyond your ability. It is not the convenience you will get, but other difficulties.

After that, pay attention to the policy or contract that you will agree with the insurance company. A policy is an agreement between the customer and the insurance company that applies in writing. The policy regulates what applies to the insurance services that have been selecte. When everything is right and ready, it’s time for you to sign up for insurance.

That was the discussion about safe tips for choosing Digital Insurance (Insurtech). So, feel free to have insurance that can help protect your health, life, and finances. Do the five ways above in choosing the health insurance that is best for you and your family.

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