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The financial industry continued to bounce back after a period of decline during the Great Recession that lasted from 2007 to 2010. Jobs for financial professionals, including accountants and auditors, credit officers, and financial analysts, are expected to grow 8 to 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, it’s important to know about the online finance degree programs that we’ll talk about in this article.

“We feel that American households and businesses are more cautious than ever about their profits and consequently seek skilled professionals to achieve their respective financial goals,” Kevin Knapp, chief financial officer for CareerBuilder, told U.S. News.

What do students learn in an online finance bachelor’s degree program? The curriculum usually consists of courses in economics, accounting, financial analysis, investment, risk assessment, business management, and law and ethics. This time, we will discuss¬†online finance degree programs. As a result, carefully read the article’s discussion.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Online finance degree programs?

Like other bachelor’s degree options, most standard online finance degree programs are designed to be completed in about four years of full-time enrollment. In schools that follow a semester-based calendar, most finance degree programs include about 120 to 128 credits.

How Much Does an Online Bachelor’s in Finance Cost?

The total cost of a finance degree online program will depend on several factors. One important consideration is state residency, as a large number of colleges and universities will offer lower tuition fees to students living in the same country as the main campus of the school. However, other schools rate online tuition at a flat rate regardless of where the student lives in the state. In addition, online students may face technology fees that their physical counterparts do not have to pay.

Students in the state and out of state are expected to pay at least $200 to $600 per credit for an online finance undergraduate program. The total tuition generally ranges from $24,000 to $70,000.

How to Choose an Accredited Online Finance Degree Program

Accreditation status is one of the most important considerations for prospective students. Colleges and universities in the U.S. receive accreditation from institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education: The accreditation process involves an extensive review of the school’s educational programs and student services.

School accreditation impacts course credit transfers as well as student eligibility for federal financial aid, so students should ensure the school offering the program has earned national or regional accreditation.

Online Courses

The curriculum of finance degree online programs is built on the main courses and basic and top-level electives. Basic courses often cover financial accounting, statistics, microeconomic and macroeconomic principles, business law, and ethics. The top-level core courses study specific areas of finance such as cost accounting, taxation principles, risk and insurance management, and financial statement analysis.

Elective courses usually involve studies such as working capital management, real estate finance, and personal financial planning. Some undergraduate finance online programs allow students to complete a concentration by focusing their studies on career-related areas of finance, such as financial planning, real estate, or wealth management. Concentrations usually include a fixed list of related courses to be completed.

Some online finance degree programs may require students to complete a capstone experience towards the end of their studies. The cornerstone experience for finance students often takes the form of a final research project.

where students utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained to overcome real-world problems in finance. Students can also have internships or practicums, where they receive training directly from experienced professionals.

Association of Professionals in Finance

Students and graduates who complete an online finance bachelor’s degree program can benefit from membership in a professional organization. These organizations offer resources to members, including training and professional development, access to industry journals and publications, invitations to networking events, and job prospects. The three leading organizations for financial professionals are outlined below.

Association of Financial Professionals: AFP hosts one of the largest international conferences for financial professionals. More than 6,500 people attend each year. The association also has two professional certifications: a certified treasury professional and a certified corporate financial planning and analysis professional.

American Finance Association: AFA publishes the Journal of Finance six times per year. Students can receive three years of online-only access for free or get print and online memberships for $12 per year.

Institute of Management Accountants: The IMA was founded in 1919 and has grown to represent more than 85,000 members in 140 countries and more than 300 branches. IMA offers two credentials: certification in competitive strategy and analysis and certification as a management accountant.

  • Course examples
  • Financial regulations and ethics
  • Financial management
  • International finance
  • Job and Salary Outlook

According to PayScale, an online salary database, those with a bachelor’s degree in finance earn an average annual salary of $53,300 for the first five years of employment and $93,200 after 10 years of employment. The average annual income is even higher for employees with a bachelor’s degree in finance and real estate or finance and economics.

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What Can You Do with a Finance Degree?

Because finance plays such an important role in so many industries, students graduating from finance degree online programs are eligible for a variety of positions. These include roles in corporate management, manufacturing, credit intermediation, and the federal government :

  • Budget analyst: Budget analysts monitor and evaluate an organization’s finances and compile their findings into budget reports to help executives allocate funds and resources. According to the BLS, about 43 percent of budget analysts work in federal, state, or local governments.
  • Compliance officer: Compliance is a specialized branch of finance that handles various laws and regulations governing financial transactions. Compliance officers are responsible for ensuring organizations meet these guidelines. They can work directly for the organization or provide third-party oversight.
  • Financial analysts: Financial analysts consult with individuals and organizations on investment management. They study patterns and trends in the market and provide advice on stocks, bonds, and other types of investments.
  • Financial manager: The financial manager oversees the finance division in the organization. Their day-to-day responsibilities include writing financial statements, studying forecasts and budget reports, working with executives to help them make good financial decisions, and supervising low-level financial personnel.
  • Personal financial advisor: This advisor works directly with individuals to optimize their finances, assets, property, and personal investments. They also provide consultation on retirement and housing planning, college savings, mortgages, and taxes.
  • Securities and commodities sales agent: This agent essentially acts as an intermediary connecting buyers and sellers transacting in the financial markets. They also sell securities, facilitate trading, and provide consulting to companies looking for investors.

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