Benefits of Digital Asset Video Management

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A digital asset management video system can make it easier to group, search, and distribute your content by reducing asset duplication, controlling security, and streamlining workflows. Well, to make the system easier, let’s secure your media, by knowing the benefits of digital asset video that the author will share below!.

A digital asset management video system can make it easier to group, search, and distribute your content by reducing asset duplication, controlling security, and streamlining workflows.  Well, to make the system easier, let’s secure your media, by knowing the benefits of digital asset management video that the author will share below!.

What is Digital Asset Management for Video?

Before knowing more clearly about digital asset management video, let’s find out what the definition of digital asset video itself is. You need to know, digital asset video can help store, organize, manage, track, find, and deliver your video content.

It allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your video from its creation to its distribution and archiving. Sales and marketing teams typically need different types of digital content, such as product photos, logos, marketing collateral, and PDF guides that go beyond just video assets.

Compared to Video Asset Management (VAM) systems that only work with video or Media Asset Management (MAM) related to media assets, DAM works better with text-based files. Digital asset management video is the only source of truth for any type of digital content.

It provides a great way to organize all the different asset types, assign meta-data to make it easy to search, and is a resource for your stakeholders. No more struggling to keep track of different versions of each file and no more needing to use multiple tools to share or open video files.

Video Digital Asset Management software returns control to you over how you manage, publish, and analyze your Video Content Operations.

Benefits of Video Digital Asset Management

Well, now let’s see in more detail the explanation of the benefits of digital asset video itself. Let’s look at the following:

·         The source of truth is centralized for all your digital assets.

For most businesses, video is just one of many other digital assets that you manage and earn every day. A strong marketing strategy involves the use of various types of media – images, photos, branded brochures, white paper, flyers, and much more.

Even for video production companies, making videos involves utilizing various other media assets. Digital Asset video production software may be a more practical answer!

·         Hassle-free search and capture of media assets.

Digital Video Asset Management systems are usually built around databases that allow you to store and organize your files. It provides tools for tagging and meta-data management (such as titles, descriptions, and tags), helping you organize your video content as well as being discoverable by others who might be looking for it.

With duplicate management and version control features in a Digital Asset video solution, you don’t have to worry about tracking multiple different versions of a single video. You will be able to search your library easily to find the right and latest videos, ensuring that you don’t lose your videos or forget which ones, no matter how many people have access to them.

·         Share and collaborate securely with rights management.

For example, a person leaves a company or changes a role within the company (for example, from a graphic designer to a marketing manager). In this case, they may require access to only certain types of files rather than all files within the system – this makes it easier for everyone involved!

Rights management also makes it easier to share video files with people outside your organization. No more uploading your large assets to third-party file-sharing platforms for sharing, as you can do so directly from your video DAM!

·         Submit fast and optimized videos.

We all know that slow videos are very difficult to watch, and when it takes a lot of time to load or freezes halfway through, it means disaster for businesses! Studies have shown that viewers will start leaving videos after a pause of only 2 seconds.

With 6% stopping every second after. Especially when a significant pool of resources (time, effort, money, effort) is invested in producing video, they need to be delivered efficiently at every screen resolution and device.

In addition to managing video and digital assets, Digital Asset Management with Video Transcoding and Adaptive Streaming capabilities can help eliminate streaming buffering and interruption issues.

What this technology does is that it allows you to deliver high-quality videos to users with fast internet speeds and high bandwidth while considering those in other locations with slower internet speeds.

Paired with a video CDN, it stores your videos on fast servers and delivers your optimized videos when needed. Whenever your users’ internet connection slows down, adaptive bitrate streaming offers low-quality video until its signal strength increases.

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Who is Digital Asset Management for Video for?

This is for managers who need to find the right video clip quickly in order to be able to create a presentation. Marketers who need to publish ads on brand and approved, or salespeople who want to get involved and help their prospects better visualize concepts.

Digital Asset Management for video production is for producers who want to keep track of all the assets they need for shooting. It helps directors looking for inspiration from previous projects, or editors who need to find all the footage and assets they used in their last project so they can cut a single reel. This is even for aspiring filmmakers.

In the video game industry, it is the video game manufacturers who need to keep an eye on the development of various gaming segments and in museums, curators who have to sift through a lot of videos to choose the right assets.

Digital Asset Management software for video is specifically designe for businesses with large volumes of video content and require the management of other types of digital assets. Whether these videos are use for marketing purposes, internal workflows, or sales training.

It makes it easy for you to organize all the different files, versions, and formats to find them easily. Well, that was the explanation about the Benefits of digital asset video management. Hope it is useful.

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