Explanation of Property Management Answering Service

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MAP Communications property management answering service is all about efficient call handling, accurate messaging, and of course, friendly service. Whether you are looking for an apartment answering service to handle calls from tenants, or you are an agent who needs answering services for a real estate office, we have your back. We’ve spent decades providing 24/7 answering service for property managers and we know how to handle the types of calls you receive.

Visit a competitive property management office and you’ll see one thing: the phone doesn’t stop ringing. From maintenance workers calling to report projects to tenants requesting lease renewals, phones are always used at rental offices.

Add in a dozen or so potential calls the office might receive on average every day from people asking about property availability in the community, and you’ll understand why so many property managers feel tied to their phones. And what about tenant calls that come in after hours? Someone has to answer that too!

Explanation of Property Management Answering Service

Fortunately, there is an option for overburdened leasing offices that need administrative support. MAP Communications offers a wide range of useful services designed with property managers in mind.

With property management answering service, you can ensure that someone is available to answer every call your office receives, regardless of the time of day, day or week. This means no more missed maintenance calls, no more lost opportunities to fill vacancies, and no more frustrated tenants sent to voicemails.

MAP’s 24-hour property management call center service allows property managers and other real estate professionals to focus on what matters most to their business. By freeing office staff from their phone duties, MAP allows entire teams to open up their communication channels and get back to what matters most.

Instead of fighting fires, your office can work from a place of proactive collaboration. In turn, calls are handled by a professional team of MAP patients who want to help tenants, clients, and potential customers in any way possible.

Missed Calls Ended Thanks to Your Property Management Call Center Partner

The world of property management is known for its uncertainty. We get it. An emergency occurred. There are some other industries where someone else’s heating goes out or a waterway malfunction causes you to get out of bed.

Prepare for the unexpected with the MAP property management answering service. By offering 24-hour support, MAP can help address your tenant’s issues before they get out of hand.

Urgent matters can be forwarded to your on-call maintenance team, while trained and highly experienced agents are on standby to filter out less important calls as they retrieve detailed messages for you to follow up at a more convenient time.

Regardless of what calls our virtual receptionist receives, you can rest easy knowing your tenant’s concerns will be handled with professionalism. Leasing agents must wear many different hats in their work and be able to appreciate the skills and knowledge brought by subject matter experts.

That’s why property managers call plumbers to repair broken pipes rather than roll up their own sleeves. Consider MAP’s property management call center service an invaluable addition to your expert equipment. Our team is highly trained for the specific needs of our clients, and our customizable scripts allow you to control the messages you send to callers.

Working Together with a 24-Hour Answering Service for Property Managers Means You Get Full Administrative Support, On Standby

When it comes to keeping vacancies to a minimum, it all starts with making sure your current tenants are happy with their rentals. In addition to maintaining reasonable rental terms, renewals rely heavily on the tenant’s overall satisfaction with their interactions with the property management staff.

No one likes to wait, listening to elevator music while office staff prioritize potential tenants. Take care of your current tenants with a highly responsive property management answering service that answers calls quickly whenever the phone rings.

Of course, incoming calls from potential tenants are just as important. When you have a vacancy to fill, a missed call could mean missing out on an opportunity to close with a great new tenant.

With the MAP direct answering service for property managers, you won’t miss out on other questions from potential applicants. Our team can answer questions about your business, the application process and anything else you’d like to tell callers.

Staying in touch with maintenance employees and contractors is also very important for property managers. MAP can help management oversee projects around the property and ensure a free line of communication for any questions or problems that come from workers.

Even if a property manager takes time off, the MAP team will be there to receive messages from maintenance workers and contractors and forward them as needed.

Advantages of Property Management Answering Services

Being responsive all the time is what makes or breaks a property management company. With VoiceNation, you can make sure someone answers every call and helps your tenant in times of need. We patch calls through you or your team members, capture leads, and receive messages at any time of the day or night.

How the Maintenance Answering Service Works

Whether you run an apartment complex, condominium, aged living facility, rental office, commercial property, or HOA, VoiceNation will answer your phone when you need us. This may be around the clock, or just outside of working hours, during weekends and holidays. Our professional operators are specially trained to be the main answering service for property management companies.

Benefits of Property Management Call Answering Services

Choosing the direct answering service of the apartment community comes with various benefits. For starters, the lost call becomes a thing of the past. When you get an emergency call in the middle of the night from a tenant or a request to view the property from a prospect, you’ll get fast and accurate routing.

Plus, our 24-hour property management call answering service is seamless, so your clients will never know they’re talking to an off-site operator. VoiceNation operators are the best in the business. We provide specialized training of the property management industry and provide continuous professional development, so that they are always learning and developing.

Our amazing training, paired with our proprietary software, ensures we can answer every call in 10 seconds or less. If we don’t make good customer connections for you and your business, let us know, and this month is free.

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Property Management Answering Service Features

All of our packages — all-encompassing and contain everything your property management company might need, such as:

  • Coverage on holidays, nights, and weekends
  • Tin capture
  • Bilingual support
  • Online dashboard with detailed reporting
  • Patch calls for you or your team members
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Instant messaging via email, SMS, and/or voice mail
  • Dedicated VoiceNation account manager

And that’s a little explanation of property management answering service. Hopefully, the information will be useful. And good luck!

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